Department of Epidemiology


Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Predictive value of vulnerable plaques in the carotid arteries for risk of coronary heart disease and stroke
Collaboration Risk factors for falling incidents in elderly people
Collaboration Genetic epidemiology of multiplex MS families
Collaboration Elderly persons and benzodiazepine use in Rotterdam: what is the problem?
Collaboration Studies on diagnosis and treatment of venous leg ulceration
Secretariat The role of brain connectivity in dementia
Secretariat A genome wide search for genes involved in plasma Abeta42/40 levels
Secretariat Cost-effectiveness of CT screening to identify individuals at risk for cardiovascular events: a computer simulation study
Secretariat Insulin metabolism and risk of dementia
Secretariat Determinants of change in hippocampal volume on MRI
Secretariat Genetic Aspects and Family Studies of Noncompaction and Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Secretariat Predicting cognitive deterioration and dementia using MRI-defined brain damages and deviations
Secretariat Interaction between genetic polymorphisms of the multidrug resistance (MDR1) gene and digoxin as determinants of diastolic dysfunction and increased cardiovascular and total mortality.
Secretariat The role of heat shock proteins and age-related Neurodegeneration: a genetic epidemiological study
Secretariat The cerebellum in aging: cognitive function
Secretariat Cost-effectiveness of decision rules for the use of CT for minimal head injury
Secretariat Genetic determinants of cognitive functions
Secretariat Carbon metabolism and markers of cognitive decline
Secretariat Identification of a gene involved in multiple sclerosis in a genetically isolated population
Secretariat Incidence, Risk and Prognosis of Parkinson Disease
Secretariat Causes of cognitive decline and dementia in the very old
Secretariat Genetics of type 2 diabetes mellitus
Secretariat A virtual presentation of an extended pedigree
Secretariat Unravelling the causes of dementia. An epidemiologic approach
Secretariat Rotterdam study
Secretariat Prevalence and prognosis of diastolic dysfunction in a general population of elderly subjects
Secretariat Clinical epidemiology
Secretariat The action of the thyroid gland and the risk of Alzheimer's disease
Secretariat Effectiveness and efficacy of the use of influenza vaccinations on a national scale with elderly people
Secretariat Fetal growth retardation and the development of blood pressure: a prospective cohort study
Secretariat Basic epidemiologic research
Secretariat Determinants of Parkinson's disease
Secretariat A study of the genetics of hypertension
Secretariat Epidemiology of diseases
Secretariat Biostatistics and clinical epidemiology
Secretariat A study of the genetic susceptibility to cerebral white matter lesions in patients with hypertension
Secretariat Cost-effectiveness analysis of screening for peripheral arterial occlusive disease and subsequent risk factor modification for the prevention of myocardial infarction and stroke: a computer simulation study.
Secretariat Prognostic value of coronary artery calcification detected by electronic beam tomography in the general population.

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