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Financier Taylor-couette turbulence
Financier Communication scheduling, localization and time-synchronization in underwater acoustic sensor networks
Financier Blind Equalization for underwater communications
Financier Identification of virus inhibitors in cancer cellsto improve oncolytic virotherapy by RNA interference
Financier Advanced treatment of HIV infections
Financier Addressing biologicals - the design of new cell-selective drugs
Financier Super Low Power Hot-Surface Silicon Devices for Chemical Sensors and Actuators
Financier VRIEND: Value-based security risk mitigation in enterprise networks that are decentralized
Financier VISPER: The virtual security perimeter for digital, physcal, and organisational security
Financier Nanostructured biomaterial surfaces
Financier CMOS Beamforming Techniques
Financier A non-fusion scoliosis correction device
Financier Development of a miniaturized, multi-channel recording system with wireless data transmission -new and versatile instrumentation for cognitive and physiological research in freely moving animals
Financier Probing and modeling of spatio-temporal potential profiles in organic field-effect transistor channels
Financier Vulnerable Plaque Detection in Carotid Arteries using Non-INvasive Ultrasound Elastography
Financier Statically balanced compliant mechanisms
Financier Organic materials for spin electronic devices
Financier Porous metallic and ceramic microreactors
Financier All-Aromatic aerospace composites: An integral approach towards the design and synthesis of fiber and resin chemistries
Financier Precise dating of flood deposits: reading the geological archive to improve flood protection
Financier Depth-resolved Optical Spectroscopic Imaging (DOSI) in tissue
Financier Nanoparticle assisted optical molecular imaging (NAOMI) of the murine retina
Financier Delta Reconfigurable Scientific Computer (DRSC)
Financier Understanding the behaviour of laying hens (Gallusgallus domesticus) in large groups: the effect of selection method and of early-life history
Financier Flotation and de-mixing of turbulent three-phase flows
Financier Fundamentals of fluidized bed granulation processes
Financier Sensory Feedback For Surgical Drilling
Financier Radiation Effects in Solid-State Image Sensors with Pinned-Photodiodes
Financier Robust Detection of line structures and texture anomalies using multi-scale context fillers
Financier Innovations in Scintillometry - Measuring surface fluxes of water vapour, sensible heat and momentum on field to kilometre scale
Financier Targeted Delivery Systems Of siRNA To Inhibit Tumor Angiogenesis
Financier Phase lock speech (PLS) processing in cochlear implants: a new opportunity for the rehabilitation of deafness
Financier A decision support system for the sampling of industrial mixtures of particles and improved sampling standards
Financier Hyper production of proteins in filamentous fungi by increasing the number of secreting hyphae
Financier Line Enhancement and Detection using Orientation Scores (LEDOS)
Financier Nanopore
Financier Interfacing Functional Nanocomposites for Non-Volatile Memory Devices
Financier Towards durable tospovirus resistance in capsicum annuum: cloning and assessing the Tsw-gene and its alleles.
Financier EFFECT Exploiting Filtered FEedback in Controlling Tunable lasers
Financier Tailored ALD layer properties for Sensing Applications
Financier Atomic layer deposition as an enabling ultrathin film technology
Financier Conductivity Control in Metallic Nanolayers
Financier Fluidized Bed ALD for Core-Shell Quantum Dots
Financier Ataktos - The origins of switching field distribution in patterned magnetic multilayered media
Financier Logistical Design for Optimal Care (LogiDOC)
Financier A numerical Wave Tank for Complex Wave and Current Interactions
Financier Frontier Exploration for Oil and Gas Using SeismicBackground Noise
Financier Elastin: the missing link in human heart valve tissue engineering
Financier Instant vaccine development
Financier Nano-science and Pulse Technology in Favour of a Sustainable and Cost-effective Electrochemical Protection for Reinforced Concrete Structures
Financier Biodegradable nanocomposites for bone-substitutingpurposes
Financier Novel Routes Towards Interfacial Integrity in Stretchable Electronics
Financier Ad-hoc Dynamic Radio-spectrum Exploitation via Multi-phase Radio
Financier Application of chlorate reduction as a novel concept for bioremediation of heavily polluted anaerobic soils
Financier Intelligibility enhancement of noisy speech
Financier Nano-hybrids for Photonic Devices
Financier Molecules and light in individual metal nanostructures
Financier A chemical proteomics approach towards profiling and imaging of metalloprotease activity
Financier Reflex leg: Intelligent and energy-efficient actuation and natural bidirectional control interfacing for transfemoral prosthesis
Financier Localization of progressions and treatment effectsin pulmonary diseases
Financier Fertility-Chip Point-of-Care Semen Analyzer using a Lab-on-a-Chip
Financier Protein Misfolding in a New Spotlight - The design of new and safer vaccines
Financier Structured reactors for fischer-tropsch synthesis a multiscale approach to XtL technology
Financier A novel process route for the production of building blocks for chemicals from protein sources using electrodialysis
Financier MEMFiCS-Microwave enhanced microprocessing in large-scale fine chemical synthesis
Financier Production of a green refinery feed via catalytic pyrolysis of biomass
Financier Computer-aided tissue engineering of articular cartilage with a physiological collagen architecture
Financier Multiscale architectures of aluminosilicate catalysts
Financier Human mesenchymal stem cells: the one-stop-shop for vascularised bone tissue engineering
Financier Cubic colloids: Synthesis, functionalization and applications
Financier Crystal Engineering with Metal-Organic Frameworks
Financier Propagation and band width of smeared cracks
Financier Galactofuranose biosynthesis in Aspergillus niger provides new opportunities for industrial applications in the field of red and white biotechnology
Financier Performance optimization of hybrid controllers for linear motion systems
Financier Discrete and continuum descriptions of shaken granular matter
Financier Novel pre-operative planning and intra-operative guidance system for shoulder replacement surgery
Financier Novel Concepts for Silicon Based Photovoltaics and Photoelectrochemistry
Financier Understanding Lightning: From Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Flashes to Lightning Protection
Financier Exploring a new medium for high-power switching: supercritical fluids
Financier An integrated micro reactor for the epoxidation of propene using a micro plasma
Financier Pulsed microwave plasmas for better control of deposition processes
Financier Massively parallel over-sampled ADCs
Financier Next Scan: Telecentrische rasterscanner
Financier BlueBee Multi-Core Technologies The Gateway to Multi-Core Heterogeneous Computing Platforms
Financier High porosity building ceramics by a new foaming process
Financier Mixed-Signal Based RF Test Equipement
Financier Technologische en commerciële perspectieven van de Plant-e module van 1 m2 - Elektriciteitsproductie met levende planten
Financier Integrating Testing And Learning of Interface Automata (ITALIA)
Financier Integrated micro-fluidic cooling in laminated flexible micro-systems
Financier Photodynamic treatment of onychomycosis by means of a multifunctional photosensitizer
Financier Flameballs, cells and cusps in ultra-lean hythane-air mixtures
Financier Production of PHAs from waste, part 1: upstream and downstream processing
Financier Stem cell based model systems for drug target discovery and cardiac safety pharmacology
Financier ROBot-aided system Identification: novel tools for diagnosis and assessment in Neurological rehabilitation
Financier Beyond pain: assessment and diagnosis of small fiber neuropathy through identification of vasomotion dysfunction
Financier Polarization-Selective Optical Lithography
Financier High-voltage class-d power amplifiers: design and optimization
Financier SecurityMatters
Financier Kindred Spirits: Privacy enhanced social networking
Financier Identity Management on Mobile Devices
Financier Biomimetic capillary networks for tissue engineering scaffolds
Financier Early fruit development and its role in tomato fruit production and quality
Financier Master switches of initiation of mushroom formation
Financier ProBiTe, Protection of Biometric Templates
Financier IPID, Integrated Policy-based Intrusion Detection
Financier JASON, A Generic Architecture for Secure Remote Management
Financier Integrated silicon optical microspectrometers for high-resolution spectral analysis of ultraviolet, visible and infrared light
Financier The application of LED-technology in plant production
Financier Smart AD and DA converters
Financier Instantaneous non-invasive ultrasonic measurement of bladder volume
Financier Multi-analyte food screening with µfluidic biochips
Financier There's plenty of room at the top
Financier Spins in organic semiconductors Revealing the dominant mechanisms of organic magnetoresistance
Financier A micro-machined solid-acid fuel cell
Financier Development of advanced drug discovery methods
Financier In vivo optical probing of local tissue morphologyand physiology using differential pathlenght spectroscopy
Financier Pulsed electric fields in prepackaged liquid food products
Financier Analysis and prediction of wrist mobility
Financier Development and characterisation of improved materials derived from human adenoviruses to be used in gene therapy
Financier Development of dopaminergic (pro)drugs for programmed iontophoretic delivery into patients with Parkinson's disease
Financier Electric fracture: growth and branching of ionized channels
Financier Research on SP-D/anti-Fc receptor bifunctional proteins as a novel approach to the treatment of infectious diseases
Financier Aujeszky-vaccin (inkomsten project 627), deel Berns
Financier Aujeszky-vaccin (inkomsten project 627), deel Gielkens
Financier Extremely acidophilic sulfur-oxidising bacteria: New tools for innovation of biofiltration
Financier Development and optimization of a new biological process for nitrogen removal from waste water using exhaust fumes (NOx process)
Financier Proteomics on a chip: for monitoring autoimmune diseases
Financier Improved gene expression switches
Financier The hunt for the vulnerable atherosclerotic plaquean Intravascular Ultrasound based quest II. Restant PIONIERsubsidie
Financier Generation and validation of cytochrome P450 3A knockout and transgenic mice as tools for improveddrug development and research.
Financier Transport phenomena in high-pressure plasmas of complex chemical composition: numerical simulations and experimental validation
Financier Radioactive microspheres for selective internal treatment of liver malignancies
Financier Improving the applicability of the ANaerobic AMMonium OXidation (ANAMMOX) process
Financier Application of the biological sulfur cycle under halo-alkaliphilic conditions for high pressure natural gas desulfurisation
Financier Experimental study of plasma breakdown
Financier Molecular Electronics
Financier Detection and utilisation of (non-)Mendelian genes in commercial pig populations
Financier Ontwerpmodellen voor metselwerk (NL)
Financier Uitbreiding onderzoek aan Third-Harmonic Generation (THG) imaging
Financier Cyanofagie als omslagpunt bij ecologisch herstel van ondiepe eutrofe meren
Financier Inkomsten op project 03159: Analyse van (auto)antigene determinaten m.b.v. synthetische peptidenbanken (inkomsten Shield) (NL)
Financier Nazorg Toxicologie-programma
Financier Iodine-123 and Fluorine-18 labeled radiopharmaceuticals for the visualization of serotonin-1A (5-HT1A) receptors in the central nervous system
Financier LC/on-chip-electrochemistry/mass spectrometry in (bio)analytical chemistry, drug metabolism and proteomics
Financier PARSAX: Polarimetric Agile Radar in S- And X-band
Financier ViewCorrect: Predictable Co-Design for distributedembedded mechatronic control systems
Financier Mechanism-based toxicogenomics to develop an in vitro high throughput test for human cancer hazardassessment of (non)-genotoxic chemicals
Financier The effect of platelets on adult stem cell mediated neovascularization and growth of tissue engineered bone grafts
Financier Superfast Maxwell IC Extractor and Solver - MICES
Financier Dynamic behaviour of a multi-burner excess enthalpy combustion system (MEEC) for industrial process furnaces
Financier Arahidopsis micro array faciliteit
Financier A novel medical ultrasound imaging method
Financier Integrated Framework for Automatic Test Generationfor Memory Devices
Financier Improving tissue graft survival by vascularizationsupport
Financier Improved performance of ageing human mesenchymal stem cells in bone tissue engineering
Financier Skeletal tissue engineering by syringe: new concepts for spinal surgery
Financier Scaffold design and optimization - towards smarterscaffolds for bone tissue engineering
Financier Cartilage regeneration by application of chrondrogenic stimuli and inhibition of catabolic factors
Financier Cartilage tissue engineering with synthetic and natural collagen scaffolds
Financier Fine-tuning cartilage differentiation: controlled engineering of cartilage
Financier Bioreactors for cartilage tissue engineering
Financier Continuous real-time 3-D Raman monitoring of cell behaviour in bioreactors
Financier Bioreactors for cardiovascular tissue engineering
Financier Construction and evaluation of tissue-specific scaffolds using biomolecules
Financier Improving the collagen network of tissue- engineered constructs by means of injectable scaffolds
Financier Fibrin matrices for tissue engineering applications
Financier Trimethylene carbonate based polymers and structures for tissue engineering
Financier Synthetic scaffolds based on biodegradable functionalised polyesters and hydrogels
Financier Hybrid ceramic scaffolds
Financier Non-invasive bioluminescent imaging (BLI) in animal models for stem cell transplantation, bone tissue engineering and osteoporosis
Financier Specific homing of stem cells as a first step in environment guided differentiation of stem cells: towards increased efficacy and safety of stem celltherapy enhancing tissue (re)generation and neo....
Financier Stem cells Establishing culturing methods to generate large numbers of transplantable primitive hematopoietic stem cells in vitro
Financier Differentiation of Hematopoietic Stem Cells from Embryonic Stem Cells
Financier Characterization and ex-vivo expansion of mesenchymal precursor cells
Financier Profiling and function of signal transduction and integrin pathways in human embryonic stem cells
Financier Postnatal Stem cells and their micro-environment: From stem cell signatures to tissue regeneration
Financier Development of blue flower colors in ornamental species by molecular technology
Financier Biosafety for the Netherlands
Financier Arx: A Single Language for Multiple Embedded-System-Design Tasks
Financier Hip Prosthesis Luxation Analysis
Financier The Range Trie Forwarding Engine for High Speed Network Routers
Financier MRI MiniMan; an MRI compatible mini-manipulator
Financier Advanced model predictive control based on rigorous modeling technology for large scale chemical processes
Financier Proof of principle of the Delft Assessment Instrument for Strabismus in Young children (DAISY)
Financier Feasibility study of sustainable cooling and heat pump applications
Financier EFFECT-Photonics
Financier Connecting Your World of Devices
Financier Hydra Circuits
Financier PADENT: Rapid and simple enzyme-based diagnosis of oral pathogens
Financier Large scale production 4-thiolysine to enable commercial production of ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like conjugates
Financier TeraHertz Imaging with Plasma
Financier Solarbear: Cooling with the sun, without electricity
Financier Feasibility of commercial application of negative stiffness bar balancers
Financier Resonant Battery Balancing
Financier Atomic Cling Foil: Towards Industrial Production of High-Quality Graphene
Financier Development of novel anti-inflammatory drugs based on the principle of mucosal tolerance
Financier Time-resolved high-pressure chemical imaging of catalytic nanomaterials at work
Financier Chasing the spin in organic spintronics
Financier Substrate reuse for high-efficiency thin-film solar cells
Financier Sensory Specific Satiation: Linking product properties to obesity prevention
Financier Virtual roses: a new tool to optimize plant architecture in glasshouse rose production systems
Financier GMP Production of cannabinoids and their metabolites
Financier Exploration of sugar uptake in the filamentous fungus Aspergillus niger - To control fungal sporegermination and to design new strategies to íncrease metabolite production
Financier A physiological monitor for early detection of deep pressure ulcers
Financier Therapeutic application of cytokines: a cell-specific approach
Financier Instrumented endoprosthesis and biomechanical models of the shoulder
Financier Nano-engineering rules for X-ray and EUV optics, Atomic-scale controlled deposition
Financier NANOCERFIL: Nanofiltration hollow membranes for non-aqueous applications
Financier Teff, a new source for gluten free food
Financier Imaging of dynamic events with cryo-EM: digital, time-resolved quantum imaging of viruses and other macromolecular complexes
Financier Towards sustainable coastal defense by salt marsh management: innovative extension and application of a state-of-the-art hydrodynamic model
Financier LIFE: Lighting & Instrumentation - Flexible & Ergonomic
Financier Addressing novel issues in charged particle tracking for the design of ultra-bright, compact electron sources
Financier Development and application of calibration techniques in a fluorescene microscopy: towards quantitative microscopy
Financier Detection of abnormal milk and mastitis with automatic milking systems
Financier Advanced silicon micromachining for integrated 3D mechatronic microsystems
Financier Towards Active Integrated Optical Functions: From Dielectric Thin Films to Micro/Nano-cavities to Ultrashort-pulse Lasers
Financier 3D multimodal vascular image analysis for improveddiagnosis and therapy
Financier Multiple pest control by a generalist predator
Financier Control of Verticillium fungicola on mushroom
Financier The development and validation of immune tolerant mouse models to measure and predict the immunogenicity of monoclonal antibody (MAb) therapeutics
Financier Active model-based suppression of thermo-accousticinstabilities in gas-fired household boilers and heaters
Financier Optimization of multilayer reflectors in EUV projection optics
Financier Integrated analysis of identity, purity and conformation of protein pharmaceuticals
Financier Assessing and quantifying the safety of airport arrival trajectories and procedures
Financier Probing dynamic microbial community interactions
Financier How fungi choose from nature's menu
Financier Tailored Stable Membranes for Molecular SeparationIntegrated with Continuous Reaction under Supercritical Conditions
Financier Functional Oxide and Composite Micro-Patterns by Direct Contact Printing Methods
Financier Bayesian brain-computer interfacing interpretation of patient intentions from single-trial EEG
Financier Unravelling the Quaternary era; optical dating of sediments up to 2.6 million years old
Financier Electromagnetic control of oscillating flows in a cavity
Financier Morphodynamics of river dunes – Suspended sediment transport along mobile dunes and dune development towards upper stage plane bed
Financier GENomics and EXpression of Peptide ANtibiotics and Derivatives (GENEXPAND)
Financier Awakening The Sleeping Lantibiotics
Financier CRYPTON - A genome-based generalized strategy to activate crypticantibiotic biosynthesis gene clusters in Actinomycetales
Financier Hydrothermally stable organosilica-based hybrid membranes for molecular separations
Financier XCiDE: Crossing the Combustion modes in Diesel Engines
Financier Spray combustion in moderate or intense low oxygen conditions. An experimental study
Financier Soot formation in ultra-rich turbulent combustion of natural gas at elevated pressure
Financier ALTAS: Advanced low NOx flexible fuel gas turbine combustion, aero and stationary
Financier Lasers, lenses and light curves
Financier Waveguide-based ECSL arrays.(ECSL : External-Cavity Semiconductor Laser)
Financier Smart Multilayer Interactive Optics for Lithography at Extreme UV wavelengths (SMILE)
Financier SP-D and virus-specific T cells: Correlates of innate and adaptive immunity to influenza
Financier Energy Efficient Code Generation for Streaming Applications
Financier Nonlinear spectral imaging of fungi
Financier Ultrasound Imaging methods for Breast Cancer Detection
Financier 3D evaluation of tooth-borne and bone-borne surgically assisted rapid maxillary expansion
Financier Information Technology for European Advancement (ITEA) 2008
Financier MEDEA+ - 2008 periode 01-01-2008 t/m 31-12-2008
Financier Micro-fluidized bed membrane reactors: An experimental investigation into hydrodynamics and mass transfer
Financier Towards the directed evolution of virus-like particles derived from polyomaviruses
Financier Elastocapillary self-folding of micro-machined structures – capillary origami
Financier IBM cel processor connection to the virtual proteins microlab
Financier Reducing uncertainty in prediction of dune erosion during extreme conditions
Financier Evaluation of Potential Agonist Radioligands for Imaging Dopamine D2/3 Receptors
Financier H-MSM Hierachical multi-scale modeling. A single data structure for micro-macro and multi-phase/-field models.
Financier Mi2M A multi-scale approach toward integrated cohesive interface elements
Financier Multiscale Mechanics of Fibrous Networks 'From Fibre to Tissue
Financier Ontwikkeling van een draagbare leverperfusiepomp (NL)
Financier Intravascular Photoacoustics and Intravascular Ultrasound for Imaging of Atherosclerotic Plaque Composition and Neovascularization
Financier Increasing operator support an situational awareness through conflict prediction and resolution
Financier Molecular Magnetic Resonance Imaging of MyocardialInfarction
Financier Modification of the expression of transcriptional regulators of Aspergillus to improve industrial fermentations and use of agricultural by-products
Financier Inkomsten op project WEB.6084 (NL)
Financier Smart Structured Multiphase Reactors SSM-1 Multiple spinning disk reactor SSM-2 Rotating foam reactor
Financier Integrated Parallel Photonic Packet-switch
Financier Ethical Issues in Tissue Engineering
Financier Atomic Force Microscopes for Observing Dynamic Processes on the Molecular Level in Real-Time
Financier Generation and manipulation of TeraHertz plasmons for Spectroscopy
Financier Next generation Global Navigation Satellite Systems - carrier phase ambiguity resolution as the key to challenging new applications
Financier Studies in Physical Optics: Coherence Theory and Suface Plasmons
Financier Inkomstenproject VML (NL)
Financier On-line MRI guidance for radiotherapy
Financier The search for resistance against economically important plant diseases caused by Verticillium in arabidopsis and tomato
Financier Development of a quasi-3D morphodynamic model system and its application to bank erosion and meander dynamics at high curvature
Financier IR swept source for high resolution functional imaging in medicine
Financier PRESMITT: Plasmon resonant nanoparticles for molecular imaging and therapy of tumours: in vitro to preclinical studies
Financier The Raman-pen: towards low-cost, pen-sized Raman- devices for applications in health and medicine
Financier Critical factors in vitrification-based cryopreservation of precision-cut liver slices
Financier Predicting Catastrophic Failure of Semi-Crystalline Polymer Products
Financier Controlling Dynamic Real Life Workflow Situations with Demand Driven Workflow Systems
Financier Laser-cooled focused ion beams
Financier Creating novel enzymes by active site reconstruction
Financier Facilitating the development of solid feed intake in piglets by means of vertical (mother-offspring)information transfer
Financier Sub-micron thin doped barium titanate films for MLCC technology
Financier Developing energy-aware software
Financier High-definition Atlas-based surgical planning for Pelvic Surgery
Financier Models for Predictive Railway Traffic Management
Financier Focused beam induced nanostructures
Financier Frequency translation loops for RF filtering. Theory and Design
Financier Safe airport navigation implementation using an evolutionary ICT enabled approach
Financier An Active Attachment Biofilm Model to Develop Anti-Caries Strategies
Financier Denitrification with dissolved methane form anaerobic digestion: a novel opportunity for sewage treatment
Financier Live-Imaging of Bacillus subtilis Spore Germination and Outgrowth
Financier Mechanisms of heat resistance of food spoilage fungi
Financier Genes for seed quality
Financier Biomolecule substrate topography of inkjet printed structures.
Financier Making sense of sensor data: detecting clinical mastitis in automatic milking systems
Financier Facilitating the development of solid feed intake in piglets by means of vertical (mother-offspring) information transfer
Financier Development of intervention strategies for insect bite hypersensitivity in horses
Financier Imprinting Project
Financier Bio-STPIS
Financier Flotation and de-mixing of turbulent 3-phase flows
Financier Modelling and Control of Flows
Financier Innovations in Scintillometry: measuring surface fluxes of wate rvapor, sensible heat and momentum on field to kilometer scales
Financier Potatoes with novel properties for consumption and processing industry
Financier Novel transcriptional activators of Aspergillus involved in plant biomass utilization
Financier Regulation and diversity of plant polysaccharide utilisation in fungi
Financier Atomic layer deposition of TiN films: Growth and electrical behavior down to sub-nanometer scale
Financier Nanolink-based thermal devices: integration of ALD TiN thin films
Financier Finetuning Cartilage Tissue Engineering by Applying Priciples From Embryonic Development
Financier Dimensionality reduction in computational photonics
Financier Optimization of variational boussinesq models
Financier Switched-RC beamforming receivers in advanced CMOS
Financier Quality-driven efficiency in healthcare
Financier LogiDOC: Logistical Design for Optimal Care
Financier Electrochemical oxidation and cleavage peptides in bioanalysis. Mechanistic aspects & method development
Financier Activity-based and targeted analyses of matrix metalloproteases
Financier Onshore sandbar migration in the nearshore
Financier Multimodal imaging of holmium-loaded microspheres for internal radiation therapy
Financier Proton-Conducting solid acid electrolytes based upon MH (PO3H) (M = Li+, Na+, K+, Rb+, Cs+, NH4+)
Financier Cavitation in gas-saturated liquids
Financier Product quality control using smart PEAS-based UWB technology
Financier Sustainable Production of Cannabinoids with Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Technologies
Financier Smart Micro Reactors
Financier Development of a vernix caseosa substitute. A novel strategy to improve skin barrier function and repair
Financier Target validation: Behavioral consequences for cognition of gene knockdown using RNA-interference technology
Financier Doublecortin-like kinase and neuronal differentiation
Financier Automated Solution of Partial Differential Equations with Discontinuities using the Partition of Unity Method
Financier The search for resistance against economically important plant disease caused by Verticillium in Arabidopsis and tomato
Financier Potatoes with novel properties for consumption and processing industry
Financier Sensory satiety: linking product properties to obesity prevention.
Financier Advanced Heterodyne Mixers for THz Applications
Financier Voice, speech, and swallowing status in relation to quality of life in head and neck cancer patients
Financier Helminth glycans and their interaction with the immune system
Financier Development of mucosal vaccines through interference with protease inhibitors
Financier The wet etching of wide bandgap semiconductors for device applications
Financier Production of therapeutic proteins in mushroom
Financier Completely open foldable tent construction, still closable in strong wind
Financier On the design of lubricant free piston compressors
Financier Exploding Gas Electrochemical Actuators
Financier Towards a sustainable hydrogen economy: the emission of NOx by the combustion of natural gas premixed with hydrogen
Financier Detection of chronic heart failure in children with congenital heart disease with innovative ultrasound techniques
Financier HearClip - Personalization of Hearing Aids Through Bayesian Preference Elicitation
Financier Liposomal glucocorticoid as novel treatment for rheumatic diseases. Optimization of anti- inflammatory and disease modulating activity.
Financier LAISA: Learning agents to bridge the knowledge gap in medical images
Financier Developing a chloride-free route to epoxy resins
Financier New tools and strategies for fruit breeding in vegetable crops
Financier Automated Analysis for Three-Dimensional Stress Echocardiography
Financier Towards clean diesel engine combustion: Fuel formulation and mixing strategy for rate of heat control with premixed (stratified) charge compression ignition combustion
Financier Rapid Heating with Direct Steam Injection
Financier Polymer adsorbents: a breakthrough for polymer processing?
Financier Model Reduction and Control Design for Large-Scale Dynamical Systems
Financier Development of a bio-artificial cardiac niche - the key towards cardiac tissue regeneration from stem cells?
Financier Peer-to-Peer Technology for Near-zero Cost TV Distribution
Financier Development of advanced photocatalysts and photoreactors for optimal performance in liquid phase selective oxidation of hydrocarbons
Financier Explosive spalling of concrete: towards a model for fire resistant design of concrete elements
Financier Imaging agents for multimodal visualization of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)
Financier Multiple pest control by a generalist predator
Financier Development and application of laser diagnostics for flame research
Financier Sand in short supply. Modelling of bedforms, roughness and sediment transport in rivers under supply-limited conditions
Financier Transient Dynamics in the Morphology of Coastal Seas
Financier A semi-analytical model for form drag of river bedforms
Financier Curved open-channel flows. A numerical study
Financier Hydrogen storage in nanoporous clathrate materials
Financier Development of a light delivery device for photodynamic therapy of nasopharyngeal cancer
Financier Experimental investigation of the sound produced by turbulent flows at various
Financier Next-generation text-mining applied to toxico-Genomics data analysis
Financier Identification and evaluation of poly(ADP-ribose)polymerase-1 inhibitors in foods
Financier Mathematical Aspects of Thermoacoustics
Financier Accountability and the use of advanced medical images and the design of hospital picture archive systems
Financier Model Reduction of a Lean NOx Trap Catalyst Model
Financier Bio-fuels in a Rankine compression Gasturbine
Financier Multi-scale mechanics of traumatic brain injury
Financier Exciting chemistry in microreactors
Financier Rotor-Stator Spinning Disc Reactor
Financier Gas-Liquid Solid Foam Reactors: Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer
Financier Fast Oxidation Reactions in Microreactors
Financier IT architecture-based confidentiality risk assessment in networks of organizations
Financier Alignment of organizational security policies: Theory and Practice
Financier Development and testing of the gravitational wave antenna MiniGRAIL in its full featured configuration
Financier Protein nanocrystallisation
Financier A novel method in agricultural nitrogen management: Unraveling the mystery of natural N release in soils to the benefit of farming and environment
Financier The role of ethylene production and perception, by both pathogen and plant, in the interaction of Botrytis cinerea and tomato, perspectives for reducing post-harvest loss.
Financier metabolism in rat and human intestine: An in vitro approach
Financier Inverse acoustics
Financier Port-based approach of complex distributed- parameter system models for analysis and simulation
Financier Statistical analysis of dependence effects on insurance portfolios
Financier Low coherence optical probing of structure and microcirculatory function in living tissue with a multi-scale strategy
Financier Water-gas-shift reaction in a catalytic membrane reactor for fuel-cell appication
Financier Reverse flow adsorption technology for the process integrated recycling of homogeneous catalysts
Financier Enhanced properties of rubber blends through controlled distribution of ingredients by compatibilization with plasma-polymerized surface coatings
Financier Micro and miniaturized flow controllers for gas chromathography
Financier Multi-sensing arrays of separately accessible integrated optics sensors
Financier High-speed micro/nanofluidics for bio-applications
Financier Reversal & interaction studies of nanosized magnetic structures for very high density recording
Financier Fast and depth sensitive laser doppler imaging of tissue perfusion
Financier Micro Bubble Actuators
Financier Low drift micro-flowsensors
Financier A4 - Adaptive non-volatile storage systems for adaptive applications
Financier In vivo optical probing of local tissue morphology and physiology using differential pathlenght spectroscopy
Financier The development of a diabetes type-1 diagnostic test based on modified peptides
Financier Metastability in mixed crystal growth processes
Financier Tools and applications of Genetic Linkage Analysis
Financier Exploration and training of music performance skills by means of adaptive monitoring and visual feedback
Financier Novel methodologies for functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging incorporating multiple refocusing pulses and parallel data acquisition
Financier Synthesis of novel peptide substrates to monitor the thrombin activity in blood
Financier Structures and conversions of pharmaceutical compounds
Financier Low defect density free-standing GaN substrates by GaN boule growth via HVPE
Financier Evaluation of accurate integrated intensities in X-ray diffriction through profile prediction: extension of the EVAL14 principle
Financier In-situ spectroscopy engineering
Financier Computer-aided detection and characterization of interstitial lung disease
Financier Human CNS Neuroprosthetics - substituting lost brain function
Financier Live attenuated vaccines against feline infectious peritonitis virus and other feline pathogens
Financier Electrokinetic separation techniques using pseudo- stationary phases for the profiling of pharmaceutical products
Financier DeWorm, Worm monitoring on Internet backbones
Financier Viral G-protein coupled receptors: the quest for new drug targets
Financier Interaction between seeing and hearing: how can multimodal displays be developed optimally
Financier Development of a glycan-based subunit vaccine against gastro-intestinal nematodes
Financier Development of novel therapeutics for cardiovascular disorders via a multidisciplinary combination of phage display and organic chemistry
Financier Development of ladybird beetles for improved biocontrol of aphid infestations
Financier Development of a device for the fast analysis of a high number of biofluids samples containing hormones bound to proteins
Financier High brightness multilayer polymeric light-emitting diodes
Financier Profiling of Soluble and Membrane-Bound Metalloproteases: A Targeted Proteomics Approach
Financier Voice diagnostics in a new perspective
Financier From 2D to 3D in voice diagnostics. An instrument for additional measurement of vertical movements of human vocal folds.
Financier Enzymatic synthesis of thioether-ring-containing (poly)peptides for enhancing stability and modulating bioactivity
Financier Development of dynamic stability prediction and optimization methods for virtual stability prototyping of thin-walled structures
Financier Active model-based suppression of thermo-accoustic instabilities in gas-fired household boilers and heaters
Financier Pushing the frontiers of high-voltage pulse technology
Financier Stirling-type pulse-tube refrigerators for 4 K
Financier Towards ultrafast all-optical packet switched telecommunication networks
Financier Nucleation and droplet growth in natural gas: the stimulating role of carbon dioxide
Financier Gas-Liquid Solid-Foam Reactors: A study of reaction engineering characteristics
Financier Hairy foam catalysts: towards control at the catalytic site
Financier Nanostructured Catalytic Films for Multiphase Microstructured Reactors
Financier Constitutive modelling of polymeric foams
Financier Plasmas for polymer technology: Exploring the plasma-polymer surface interactions by means of in situ and real time diagnostics
Financier Plasma-assisted atomic layer deposition for processing at the nano-scale
Financier PEARL: Privacy enhanced security architecture for RFID labels
Financier SEDAN: Searchable data encryption
Financier Six Degree-of-Freedom Electromagnetic Contactless Slide System
Financier Robust dynamic walking for two-legged robots
Financier Efficient analysis and synthesis tools for robust and scheduled controller design against time-varying and dynamic uncertainties
Financier Fast and robust two-legged walking robots
Financier Global optical system optimization based on the network structure of the set of local minima
Financier Smart dynamic rotor control of large offshore wind turbines
Financier Reliable wireless communications over rapidly time-varying channels
Financier RF and microwave ferromagnetic and ferroelectric film devices
Financier Substrate-embedded passive components for silicon RF-ICs
Financier Autoignition and flame stabilisation processes in turbulent non-premixed hot coflow flames
Financier Experimental and numerical investigation of dense gas fluid dynamics and BZT fluids exploitation for engery conversion applications
Financier Long loquid slugs instratified gas/liquid flow in horizontal and slightly inclined tubes
Financier Rigorous modelling of reading and writing in optical recording
Financier A monolithic process for stacking electronic circuits
Financier Ferromagnetic and ferroelectric materials for monolithic RF/microwave technology
Financier Who is afraid of discoloured red, yellow and blue?
Financier Multiscale adaptive methods for fluid-structure interaction
Financier Viability measurement of living tissue: The prevention and early detection of anastomotic leakage
Financier Learning from nature
Financier Pico-meter resolution capacitive sensor for industrial applications
Financier FINESSE: Fault dIagNosis for Embedded SystemS dEpendability
Financier Solid-state image sensors in deep sub-micron CMOS technology
Financier The dormant period of cement hydration
Financier Capillary electrophoresis micro module for inline applications
Financier Generation and validation of cytochrome P450 3A knockout and transgenic mice as tools for improved drug development and research
Financier Entrainer-based reactive distillation for the synthesis of fatty acid esters; An alternative for the production of isopropyl myristate?
Financier Seperation and characterisation of complex synthetic polymers
Financier Stem cells: a potential inexhaustible source of human hepatocytes for the bio-artificial liver
Financier Evolution of the floc size distribution of cohesive sediments
Financier Biogeomorphology Macro Scale Wadden Sea
Financier Electric fracture: growth and branching of ionized channels (CTF.6501)
Financier Milk genomics initiative: research on genetic variation in milkcomposition
Financier The characterisation of genes involved in pulmonary hypertension syndrome in chicken
Financier Distributed Model-Based Diagnosis and Repair
Financier Automated system for precision volunteer potato control
Financier Mathematical Integrated Optics
Financier Methodology for Assessment Frameworks in Large-scale Infrastructural Water Projects
Financier Reduction of Verticillium fungicola by monitoring, increased hygiene and reduction of vectors: a multidisciplinary approach
Financier Integrated crop protection in greenhouse cucumber
Financier Proteomics on a chip for monitoring autoimmune diseases
Financier Microbial CO conversion to H2 as a biological alternative for the chemical shift reaction
Financier Multilayer systems as optical coatings in the XUV wavelength region
Financier Van der Leeuw chair of Mechatronics
Financier Quality of service in in-home digital networks
Financier Behaviour and design of trapezoidal corrugated steel sheets, subjected to the combined action of bending moment and concentrated load
Financier Multi-asset options in computational finance, combining early exercise and high dimensional partial differential equations
Financier Application of array technology for the analysis of dispersive bending wave fields
Financier Adaptive optics for human vision
Financier Nucleation and growth kinetics of individual grains during solid-state phase transformations
Financier Multiscale methods in computational mechanics
Financier Simulation of environmentally assisted failure of metals
Financier Fast tools for multi-fidelity nonlinear finite element analysis of structures
Financier Towards the collection of scientific knowledge about urban-regional design - intrinsic and methodological
Financier Numerical simulation of connectivity of individual phases in hardening cement-based systems made of blended cement with and without admixtures
Financier Failure of load-bearing timber beams caused by connections
Financier The development of extremely high strength steel fibre concrete (B 150 - B 200) under fatiguing load
Financier Wave propagation in complex media, with applications in reservoir characterisation and time-lapse seismic monitoring
Financier Time-lapse seismic reservoir characterization
Financier Exploring new uses of AChBP as model for ligand-gated ion channel research
Financier Optimization of arthroscopic view
Financier Identifying novel targets for the treatment of gastrointestinal motility disorders; the role of mast cells and neurogenic inflammation
Financier Magnetocalorics and Magnetism in MnFe(P,Ge,SI) Materials
Financier Seam tracking and process control for robotic laser welding
Financier Optimization of Event-Based Hedging Strategies for Derivatives
Financier Next generation fluorine based VUV excimer lasers
Financier Rapid Trace-gas Detector and Analyzer (RTDA)
Financier Nanoscale devices based on artificial materials
Financier Two-phase flows with free surfaces
Financier Fundamentals of a new class of oxidation processes based on thermal and photo-catalysis in basic zeolites (TPC.6057
Financier Optimal Saving Membrane Operation (OSMO)
Financier High brightness diode lasers with holographic feedback
Financier Broadband and wavelength selective modulators for optical communications based on electro-optic polymers
Financier Integrated 3D sound intensity probe
Financier Reliable RF, Robust RF Power-Drivers in low-voltage CMOS technology
Financier Sand transport in oscillatory flows in the sheet-flow regime
Financier Dune Stochastics in River Morphodynamics (short title: MORPHODUNAMICS)
Financier Roughness modelling for managing natural shallow water systems
Financier Dynamic roughness in rivers during floods
Financier The Effective Process Time: Quantifying operational time variability for queueing network performance analysis of discrete manufacturing systems
Financier Computer-algebraic methods for the construction of designs of experiments
Financier Dispersion of micro-organisms in geophysical turbulence
Financier POLIS: A Novel Polarization based Integration technique
Financier Robust Multi-Scale Methods for Optic Flow
Financier Intelligent software tools for workflow process design
Financier Process mining: Developing tools for discovering case-handling processes
Financier Ultrafast optical time domain demultiplexing
Financier Ultra-fast all-optical packet switching
Financier Smart frontends
Financier Model-based control for postal automation and baggage handling
Financier Modelling and analysis of operations in railway networks: the influence of stochasticity
Financier Coordinated multi-agent planning
Financier Wide band Sparse Element array antennas (WiSE)
Financier Mc-AT: Multi-carrier adaptive Transceivers
Financier Seafloor classification by acoustic remote sensing
Financier Network Dynamics and QoS
Financier BioSens - Biomedical Signal Processing Platform for Low-Power Real-Time Sensing of Cardiac Signals
Financier Signal Processing for Future Wireless Communications
Financier New inorganic scintillators and storage phosphors
Financier In-situ removal of product crystals during fermentation
Financier Reconfigurable Handling & Flying Qualities for Degraded Flight Systems using Model Predictive Control
Financier Dedicated smart admittance-sensor systems
Financier Freeform shape techniques for improved product design
Financier Distributed model based diagnosis and repair
Financier Single-microphone enchancement of noisy speech signals
Financier Internal resonance phenomena in distribution transformer windings
Financier Adaptive sound coding
Financier Safe airport navigation
Financier Computational modelling of fibre reinforced cementitious composites: An anlysis of discrete and mesh independent techniques
Financier Millimetre-wave integrated circuits for silicon technology
Financier Digital testing of vacuum circuit breakers
Financier Large turbulence structures in separating shallow free-surface flows
Financier Objective determination of failure mechanisms in geomechanics
Financier Computational modelling of high performance materials
Financier Large Eddy Flow Simulation for the prediction of bank erosion and transport processes in river bends
Financier Variational multiscale models of turbulent environmental flows
Financier Modelling of complex beach morphodynamics
Financier Effect of Gels on Geological Heterogeneity of Porous Media: An MRI and X-Ray Computer-Aided Tomography Study - DELFGEL
Financier Integrating shear-wave seismic and Cone Penetration Testing to derive laterally varying geotechnical information
Financier On-line interpretation of imagined temporal patterns from EEG: The next step towards neuronal control of motor and communication prostheses
Financier Photon imaging using post-processed CMOS chips
Financier Locating Energy Levels of Lanthanide Ions in Inorganic Ionic Compounds
Financier Dietary parp-1 inhibitors as anti-inflammatory compounds
Financier Photosynthesis of celfactories - 1
Financier Solvent impregnated resins (SIR's) for the recovery of low concentration polar organics (ethers & phenols) from water
Financier Effect of trace elements on the metabolism of anaerobic micro-organisms in bioreactors
Financier On the origin of tomato powdery mildew species and the correspondingresistance genes in the genus Lycop. (charact. of the interaction of theO. Lycopersicum fungus with tomato genotypes carrying Ol-g
Financier Development of a genome-wide physical map of potato and its application for the molecular characterization of resistance and quality traits
Financier The role of ethylene production and perception, by both pathogen and plant, in the interaction of Botrytis cinerea and tomato; perspectives for reducing post-harvest loss
Financier Biosurfactans and control of oomycete pathogens: biochemical, molecular and functional analysis of cyclic lipopeptides produced by Pseudomonas fluorescens
Financier Comparison of methods for the determination of endogeneous protein and amino acid losses.
Financier Helical polymer fibers as safety marker in security paper
Financier Development of a superconducting MgB2/Fe wire for MRI scanner systems
Financier The structure of unsteady 3D sheet cavitation
Financier Inverse-design and optimization methods for centrifugal pumps and fans
Financier Reliability of wet chemical etching of silicon
Financier Robust inversion of nonlineair dynamic systems (INVERT)
Financier Cmos nano-wire communication
Financier New combustion concepts for ultra-(c)lean engines
Financier Kinetic-fluid transitions in plasma sources - Grand modelling of novel applications
Financier Exploring the compositional freedom in space and chemistry of microwave induced plasmas: An object oriented approach
Financier Transport phenomena in high-pressure plasmas of complex chemical composition; numerical simulations and experimental validation
Financier Integration of sustainable energy sources through power electronic converters in small, distributed, electricity generation systems
Financier Shape optimization under conditions of partial elasto hydrodynamic lubrication
Financier Vector Stefan models for the homogenization in aluminum alloys
Financier A speckle interferometer for measuring dynamic phase changes
Financier Modelling and Modification of HNF and HNF-Based Propellant Combustion
Financier Modelling of turbulent spray combustion
Financier Development and application of full-field optical techniques for unsteady/turbulent supersonic flow diagnostics
Financier A smart universal sensor-interface chip
Financier PINPAS JC, Program INferred Power-Analysis in Software for Java Card
Financier ProBiTe: Protection of Biometric Templates
Financier Practical Approaches to Secure Computation
Financier Revisiting anomaly-based network intrusion detection systems
Financier JASON: generic and secure remote management infrastructure
Financier Predicting fracture risk in patients with metastatic bone defects
Financier JACQUARD
Financier The Worm: tracing the most rapid worms (flash-worms)
Financier Invertebrate life cycle responses to PAC exposure
Financier Modeling and Control of Flows
Financier Measuring pressure head dynamics with osmotic tensiometers to improve irrigation practices
Financier Fuel Composition Impact on Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Combustion & Emissions
Financier Secure Grip
Financier Power amplifiers in CMOS technology: A contribution to power amplifier theory and techniques
Financier Reliable RF (SC)
Financier Shrinkage and Stress Reduction in Thermoset Resins by Controlled Crosslinking
Financier Influence of Bio-gas addition on the flame stability of lean premixed gas-turbine combustors
Financier High K dielectric metal oxides for MOS gate dielectrics
Financier High Efficiency Light Emission out of Silicon (HELIOS)
Financier Low Temperature Semiconductor Device Fabrication
Financier Organic spintronics
Financier Fundamentals of magnetic tunnel junctions
Financier Design and development of novel cytokine-like angiostatic peptides for treatment of solid tumors
Financier Verification of hard and softly timed systems
Financier High level synthesis for non-manifest digital signal processing applications
Financier Specification tooling for embedded software components
Financier Programming models and performance evaluation of tile-based architectures
Financier Reconfigurable compiler system - RCOSY
Financier Predictable matching of demands on networked architectures (PreMaDoNA)
Financier Architecture, programming and exploration of network-on-chip based embedded system platform: artemis in action (ARTEMISIA)
Financier Feather-light distributed systems
Financier Biological desulfursation of hydrocarbon streams
Financier Appllication of the biological sulphur cycle under halo-alkaliphilic conditions for high pressure natural gas desulphurisation
Financier Highly sensitive sensing via functionalized covalently bound monolayers on silicon
Financier Fast electrooptical switching with banana-shaped liquid crystals
Financier Functionalized polydiacetylenes
Financier Quantitative methodology for efficient chain design
Financier Functional molecular networks
Financier Modeling, Mapping and Simulating Scalable Hierarchical Embedded Signal Processing Systems (MASSIVE)
Financier Development of new routes towards iodine-labelled radiopharmaceuticals
Financier Development of new statistical methods for auditing
Financier A decision support system for medical diagnosis using a large probabilistic network
Financier Graphical models for data mining
Financier Radiolabeled interleukin-8 to image infection and inflammation
Financier Molecular velocity-field measurement
Financier Objective and reproducible quantification of comprehensive cardiac MR patient examinations: towards the 'one-stop-shop' in cardiac imaging
Financier Efficient production of marker-free transgenic plants by Agrobacterium-mediated protein therapy
Financier Efficient gene targeting in plants by transient inhibition of non-homologous recombination
Financier Fundamental limits of NO formation in premixed methane-air flames: determination of the mechanism of upstream heat loss and flue-gas recirculation as NOx control strategies by low-pressure flame studies
Financier Development and validation of an in vitro system to predict intestinal drug metabolism and toxicity in man
Financier Utilization of novel receptor recognizing peptides for the cell-specific delivery of anti-fibrotic and anti-inflammatory drugs: the concept of disease-induced targeting
Financier Combustion associated noise in central heating equipment
Financier Model-based image reconstruction for 3D transmission tomography
Financier Control of plant architecture by adapting light and hormone signal transduction processes
Financier Downy mildew genomics and plant disease resistance
Financier Characterization of stress responses by genomic transcript analysis for the development of mild preservation strategies against food spoilage fungi
Financier Probabilistic models for following multiple objects with multiple sensors
Financier A structure for maintaining a shared world model in a dynamic environment between differentiated embedded systems and their interaction with human supervisors
Financier Origin of variability in stress resistance of bacterial spores
Financier Distributed model-based diagnosis and repair
Financier Functional genomic characterisation of non-host resistance to downeymildew species in lettuce and related plant species
Financier Airborne measurements of radiances in cloudy conditions
Financier Solving large linear systems in an implicit thermohaline ocean model
Financier Speciation and bioavailability of Co and Ni in anaerobic bioreactors
Financier Modelling of spatial and temporal variations in offshore sandwaves: process-oriented vs stochastic approach
Financier Advanced simulation techniques for vortex dominated flows in aerodynamics
Financier Stochastic network analysis for the design of selfoptimising cellular mobile communications systems
Financier Long-life low-noise microcooler
Financier High-density recording in magnetic tape
Financier Adaptive Wireless Networking
Financier Nanoscale wear-resistant ceramic materials with low friction
Financier Lithium therapy monitoring using Capillary Electrophoresis in micro-Total Analysis Systems (LICETAS)
Financier Atomyste: ATOm splitting in eMbedded sYStems TEsting
Financier Chameleon: Reconfigurable computing in hand-held multimedia computers
Financier Field Ammonia Gas Sensor on a Chip (AMINA-CHIP)
Financier Simultaneous study of nucleation and growth processes during phase transformations in steel with neutron depolarisation
Financier Damage by thermo mechanic loads in soldered connections
Financier Air filmcooling through laser drilled nozzles
Financier Architectural Modeling of Embedded Systems (AIMES)
Financier Modelling of the combustion process in a direct injection diesel engine
Financier Moisture and ion transport in porous building materials
Financier Pulse-tube refrigerators without generator
Financier Towards ultrafast communications
Financier High capacity multi-service in-house networks using mode group diversity multiplexing
Financier Key components for 160 to 640 Gbit/s Optical Time domain multiplexed (OTDM) networking
Financier A Nearly Loss-less Optical Combiner
Financier On-line diagnostics of energy cables
Financier Quality of Service of In-Home Digital Networks
Financier Analysis and synthesis of embedded systems with discrete and continuous control
Financier Unified computing methods for compressible and incompressible flows on staggered unstructured grids
Financier Modelling and optimization of amorphous silicon solar cells for space applications
Financier Wave propagation, reflection and localisation in inhomogeneous media
Financier CACTUS IMPULSE: Context-Aware Communications, Terminal and User
Financier AIR-LINK - Ad-hoc Impulse Radio:Local Instantaneous Networks
Financier Ultra-hight frequency compact bipolar transistor modeling for communications
Financier SAR: a novel application for FM-CW Radars
Financier Shape Vision: Integrated system to identify and select small particles in liquid
Financier Technology of silicon-based liquid crystal wavefront correctors
Financier Integrated Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor
Financier Model predictive control for hybrid systems
Financier Absolute interferometric surface profiling with 1 Angstrom accuracy
Financier The development of micromachined humidity sensors based on a dielectric of porous silicon
Financier Development of deep dry etching technology for intelligent micromachine devices
Financier Smart temperature sensors in CMOS with high uncalibrated accuracy
Financier Ethical aspects of the risk involved in the transition from lab-scale model to full-size open plant in bioprocess technology
Financier Fast electro-optical switching with banana-shaped liquid crystals (WPC.5325)
Financier Breeding for energy-efficient crops. A candidate- gene approach to establish enhanced sink growth and nutrient allocation in tomato at moderately low temperatures (WPB.5769).
Financier Time-lapse seismic reservoir characterisation
Financier Harbour siltation in turbid waters
Financier Stability of offshore risers conveying fluid
Financier Fatigue of high strength steel fibre reinforced concrete
Financier Site specific removal of volunteer potatoes
Financier The analysis of spatial structures in hyperspectral images
Financier Machine Diagnostics by neural networks
Financier SmartCam: Devices for Embedded Intelligent Cameras
Financier A-services Internet (ASI): Always Access - Available - Attentive - Ambient - Abundant - Applications
Financier Optimalization of engineered bone constructs by cell selection, cell loading and cell culture
Financier Towards an expertise centre for functional genomics of livestock and companion animals: chicken genomics toolbox
Financier Optimization of metal dosage in anaerobic wastewater treatment systems
Financier Direct linking of programmed-temperature injection of flow cytometric-sorted whole cells and in-line pyrolytic methylation GC-combustion-Isotope ratio mass spectral analysis
Financier Ionic materials
Financier Development of a molecular tool to type free-living and plant-parasitic nematode genera & the recovery of traints relevant to stress tolerance
Financier Formal Verification of Distributed Systems
Financier Formal design, tooling, and prototype implementation of a real-time distributed shared data space (CES.5009)
Financier Development of a Design Framework for Heterogeneous Real Time Embedded Systems
Financier Modelling and Determination of Parasitics in Submicron VLSI Layouts
Financier Internet based monitoring and control of embedded systems
Financier Development of Compositional Programming Techniques for networked heterogeneous hard real-time embedded systems
Financier Modelling and performance analysis of telecommunication systems
Financier Côte-de-Resyste: COnformance TEsting of REactive SYSTEms
Financier Control of control charts
Financier Nonlinear projections and feature extraction
Financier Geometric matching of weighted point sets
Financier MASSIVE project
Financier The MASSIVE project
Financier Artemis project
Financier Converting weakly dynamic programs to equivalent process network specifications
Financier Bracing steel frames with calcium silicate element walls
Financier Tissue engineered hybrid bone for spinal fusion
Financier Real-time distributed shared data space
Financier Improving the quality of embedded systems using formal design techniques
Financier Botrytis diseases in flower bulbs: molecular diagnostics (WEB.5564).
Financier Botrytis diseases in flower bulbs: host specificity (WEB.5564).
Financier Contactless detection and monitoring of micro and macrowear using imaging methods
Financier Analysis and control of transport phenomena in wet-chemical etching processes
Financier FORSiM: Fast oxidation reactions in Si-technology based microreactors
Financier Multi-mode Optical fibre Upgrade of Star-shaped Ethernet
Financier Development of a software-radio-based mobile terminal
Financier Efficient computational and measurement techniques with applications to acoustics
Financier Development of a Software-Radio-Based Embedded Mobile Terminal
Financier Reduction of 1/f-noise by Switched bias techniques
Financier Hydrogenperoxide sensor for biomedical and environmental applications
Financier Carbon nanofibers as catalyst support
Financier Catalytic magnetic colloids
Financier Doppler imaging of vibration system for detection of musculo-skeletal disorders.
Financier ADOPT: Sequential Approximate Design Optimization including Uncertainties, Discontinuities and Discrete Design variables
Financier The use of perichondrium for cartilage repair
Financier Identification of solanum genotypes sensitive to elicitins and non-elicitin-elicitors from Phytophthora infestans: Towards durable late blight resistance sources
Financier Characterization of complex carbohydrates in food. Study of digestion and fermentation
Financier Lighting up the clock: effects of bright light on physiological and psychological states in humans
Financier Methane from rice paddies
Financier Reduction of potato cyst nematode populations by Solanum sisymbriifolium
Financier Development of ABC transporter mutants of Aspergillus nidulans as innovative tools in drug discovery and secretion of secondary metabolites
Financier Canine interferon-gamma as an adjuvant in immunisation of dogs with Leishmania crude antigens
Financier Chemical fossils of diatoms for age determination of petroleum: improved tools for solving exploration and production problems
Financier Testing the internal quality of flower bulbs by means of in vivo NMR
Financier Anti-microbial peptides (AMP) linked to polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) beads for the prevention and treatment of osteomyelitis
Financier Development of new routes towards iodine-labelled radiopharmaceuticals
Financier Optimisation and exploitation of SRP-mediated secretion: production of human interleukin-3 and epidermal growth factor by Bacillus subtilis
Financier Intravenous biosensor systems for the continuous biochemical monitoring of heart and brain damage
Financier Development of a versatile protocol for ecotoxicological risk assessment at the population level: The missing link between single-species tests and higher level test systems
Financier Quality control of tomato fruits
Financier Cell wall degrading enzymes of Botrytis cinerea: a major target for disease control
Financier Towards a pulsed electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer operating at 300 GHz
Financier Long-term effects of human disturbance on waders feeding on intertidal flats: the use of telemetry and cage experiments
Financier Nanoscale architecture: The role of proteins in diatom silicon biomineralization
Financier Carrying capacity of the Wadden Sea foreshore for the Brent Goose under different management regimes
Financier Alignment of liquid crystal molecules for flat panel displays
Financier Reconstructions of major bone defects in hip revisions with new ceramic materials
Financier Non-invasive measurement of urethral resistance in male patients
Financier Outbreak management and the economic value of information with respect to animal disease epidemics.
Financier Isolation and exploitation of resistance in solanaceous species of which some are targeted against fungal pathogenicity factors; ECP2/ECP5.
Financier Polycat-anion micelles.
Financier Physiological, biochemical and ecological aspects of chlorate-reducing bacteria, and their occurrence and distribution in the environment
Financier Sludge reduction by Metazoa.
Financier 1. Biological oil-desulfurization 2. Removal of sulfides and mercaptanes from spent-caustics 3. Sulfur removal and scum formation in a sulfide oxidizing bioreactor.
Financier Regulation of quality in tomato.
Financier ARTEMIS: ARchitectures and meThods for Embedded MedIa Systems
Financier Stochastic network analysis for the design of self optimising cellular mobile communications systems (MOBILECOM)
Financier Ecophysiological and statistical analysis of spatial dynamics and herbicide sensitivity of weed plants for precision weed management (WEB.5341)
Financier A methodology to assess the contribution of animal-friendly production systems to sustainable development in pig and poultry production
Financier Research on protein secretion, cell morphology and cell wall biosynthesis of filamentous fungi
Financier Isolation and exploitation of resistance genes in Solanaceous species of which some are targeted against fungal pathogenicity factors (CFf-9 / CF-4)
Financier Recombinant plant monoclonal antibodies for preventive immunotherapy of poultry against coccidiosis
Financier Antagonistic and synergistic effects of resistances in sweet pepper on spreading of tomato spotted wilt virus by Western flower thrips (behavioural aspects) (WBI.4827).
Financier Antagonistic and synergistic effects of resistances in sweet pepper (Capsicum spec.) on the spread of tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) and the western flower thrip (quantitative aspects) (WBI.4827).
Financier Development of 'multimode' fluorescence correlation microscopy suitable for high throughput screening and applications in plant signal transduction research (biological aspects)
Financier Diversity, host affinity and broad-spectrum activity of antibiotic-producing Pseudomonas spp. (WBI.4843).
Financier Microactuator systems for nano position control
Financier Reduction of 1/f Noise in MOSFETs by Switche Bias Techniques
Financier Efficient ray tracing in complex 3D velocity structures using perturbation theory
Financier Fine mapping and molecular characterisation of quantitative trait loci (QTLs) controlling fatness in chicken
Financier Molecular monitoring of microbial diversity in anaerobic wastewater treatment
Financier Development of a ballistic walking biped
Financier Evolution by learning. Consequences of choosing like your mother
Financier Development of a physiological feeding strategy for growing minks
Financier Closed chest coronary surgery on the beating heart: technical development of an automated bypass grafting method
Financier Computational fluid dynamics (MAS2.1)
Financier The development and test of a measuring system to measure areally-averaged evaporation and sensible heat flux
Financier The development and testing of an accurate sensor for measurements of leaf wetness duration in agricultural crops for the development of an early warningsystem for fungus infection
Financier Selection of optical structure for the visual perception of spatial pose and shape.
Financier Centrosomes and cellular stress responses
Financier The role of the bacterial SRP in targeting of protein precursors to the precursor protein translocon and insertion into or transport across the cytoplasmic membrane
Financier Models for energy and nutrient budgets in organisms
Secretariat Nazorg Toxicologie-programma
Secretariat Information Technology for European Advancement (ITEA) 2008
Secretariat MEDEA+ - 2008 periode 01-01-2008 t/m 31-12-2008
Secretariat Sentinels
Secretariat PROGram for Research on Embedded Systems & Software (PROGRESS)

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