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Collaboration Collaborative Open Environment for Project Centered Learning (COOPER)
Collaboration Professional Learning Network of Excellence (ProLearn)
Collaboration Metadata for Architectural Contents in Europe (MACE)
Collaboration Training self-evaluation and task selection prior to pupil-steered instruction: effects on self-steered learning competentions, pupil involvement and learning
Collaboration Conditions of Peer Assessment for Complex Learning
Collaboration Promoting transfer of complex cognitive skills: design guidelines for powerful learning environments
Collaboration Activating prior knowledge dependent of the expertise of a student
Collaboration Learning law: Expertise differences and the effect of instructional support
Collaboration A Cognitive-Load Approach to Collaborative Learning: Task and Learner Characteristics
Collaboration Designing of development portfolios
Collaboration Learner control over task formats in competence based education:Effects on task involvement and transfer
Collaboration 'Assessing the assessment' Development and use of quality criteria for Competence Assessment Programmes
Secretariat Instructional Strategies for Improving Self-Monitoring of Learning to Solve Problems
Secretariat Skills Labs: High-quality e-practicals Water Management with EMERGO
Secretariat Share.TEC - Sharing digital resources in the teaching education community
Secretariat Multimedia
Secretariat LieVW (Leren in een Virtuele Wereld) Regelgeving-wetgevingsproces zitting Tweede Kamer
Secretariat Immersive media
Secretariat The Social Function of Ad Hoc Transient Communities
Secretariat My Educational Services 2.0
Secretariat Learning Paths: developing a specification to facilitate way finding in lifelong learning
Secretariat IdSpace (collaborative, distributed creativity for product innovation)
Secretariat Basic qualification in education
Secretariat The curriculum success of business administration education programs
Secretariat Quality of examinations
Secretariat Graphical Overviews in Hypertext Learning Environments: When One Size Does Not Fit All
Secretariat Online tutoring
Secretariat Online examination
Secretariat Netherlands' Patent Office
Secretariat Information Problem Solving: Evaluation of Information found on the World Wide Web
Secretariat Segmentation of Animations: Explaining the Effects on the Learning Process and Learning Outcomes
Secretariat Fontys Pabo Limburg: redesign of curriculum applying 4C-ID methodology
Secretariat Learning & Cognition
Secretariat eLearn TN
Secretariat Language Technologies for Lifelong Learning (LTfLL)
Secretariat TENCompetence (Building the European Network for Lifelong Competence Development)
Secretariat Design and development of a personal identity profile fostering interpersonal trust and collaboration in a Virtual project team
Secretariat EMERGO: Efficient Method for Experience Oriented Education
Secretariat Navigation Support for Learners in Informal Learning Networks
Secretariat Scaffolding the usage of task-related information during cognitive skill acquisition in resource based learning environments
Secretariat Adaptive training methods
Secretariat Toward Self-Regulated Learning in Vocational Education: Difficulties and Opportunities
Secretariat Placement Support of Learners in Learning Networks
Secretariat Using mobile media and notification to support lifelong learning
Secretariat Research & Development of models and softwaretools
Secretariat LN4LD - A Learning Network for IMS Learning Design
Secretariat ISIS (Individualized Support In Sequencing) - navigation support in learning networks using collaborative filtering and user profiling techniques
Secretariat Feedback as an instrument to support blended learning: development of a model for designers
Secretariat JISC 2.2 Toolkit - Assessment and Learning Flow
Secretariat JISC 2.1 Demonstrator - Demonstrating Learning Design
Secretariat Technology Enhanced Learning Conformance - European Requirements and Testing (TELCERT)
Secretariat E-LEN: A network of e-learning centers
Secretariat Active Learning for Adaptive Internet (ALFANET 2002)
Secretariat Understanding New Frameworks of Learning Design (UNFOLD)
Secretariat Positioning in Learning Networks
Secretariat JISC 2.3 Learning Activity Design in Education (Ladie)
Secretariat Minds in Teams; the influence of social and cognitive factors on team learning
Secretariat Learning Networks Integrated
Secretariat ROMA (Road Mapping): Navigation in Learning Networks
Secretariat Agent for Support Activities: Make & Use Activity Nodes in Learning Networks
Secretariat Development and validation of a formal semantic framework for testing: Positioning in Learning Networks
Secretariat Electronic peer assessment during learning by design
Secretariat Observational Learning from Video-based Expert Models in Multimedia Learning Environments
Secretariat The effects of external cognitive cues and individual preferences on problem solving in the domain of educational technology
Secretariat A Multidimensional Approach to the Mental Efficiency of Instructional Conditions
Secretariat Instructional Design for Open Tasks, Environments and Communities
Secretariat Affording social intelligence in multi-user gaming and simulation learning environments: social affordances and cognitive load for improving lifelong learning
Secretariat Competency-based education by means of the dynamical selection of learning tasks in electronic learning environments
Secretariat Objective and subjective powerful learning environments: perceptions of designers and students
Secretariat The perception of authentic assessment and its role in the learning process
Secretariat Advanced Design Approach for Personalised Training - Internactive Tools ADAPTit
Secretariat Implications of authentic learning tasks: student experiences
Secretariat Training in higher-order skills in a competency-based learning environment in higher post-secondary education
Secretariat Cognitive load theory as the guiding principle for the identification of transfer enhancing instructional methods
Secretariat Knowledge sharing and knowledge building in expert teams with ICT
Secretariat Knowledge elicitation for performance improvement in multidisciplinary teams
Secretariat Reflection prompts and feedback as a means to foster the self-regulated learning competence
Secretariat Design guidelines for collaborative electronic learning environments
Secretariat The supportive function of performance-assessment in student learning and their competency development
Secretariat The sociability of systems for computer related communication, coordination and collaboration
Secretariat Mental workload as a determinant for the dynamic selection of learning tasks in aviation training
Secretariat Tools for identification, representation and validation of competences in higher education
Secretariat Task complexity related step size in systematic approached to problem solving as support device in competency-based multimedia practicals
Secretariat Timing and orientation of cues: cognitive feedback in competency-based multimedia practicals
Secretariat An operations management approach to improve flexibility of the educational organization in higher professional education
Secretariat The effect of roles on CSCL

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