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Collaboration Evaluation of psycho-oncological care in the Netherlands
Collaboration Implementation of structural feedback by means of perinatal audit to caregivers in cases of perinatal mortality in the northern part of The Netherlands (IMPACT)
Collaboration Problem-Solving Therapy to reduce distress in patients with cancer: a randomized clinical trial and investigation of mechanisms of change
Collaboration Pharmacogenetics of antipsychotic-induced parkinsonism and tardive dyskinesia: a focus on African-Caribbeans and Slavonic Caucasians
Collaboration Improving cardiovascular risk management in patients with diabetes mellitus using risk information from EPRs
Collaboration Computer-navigated minimally invasive total hip arthroplasty. Effectiveness, clinical outcome and gait peformance
Collaboration Physical and psychosocial sequelae after Guillain-Barré syndrome
Collaboration Feelings of control and Adjustment to breast Cancer during the course of Treatment (FACT)
Collaboration Facing the challenge of rheumatoid arthritis. A 13-year prospective study among patients and cross-sectional study among their partners
Collaboration The influence of audiotaped social comparison information on the quality of life of patients who are undergoing Radiation Therapy (RT)
Collaboration Choices of frail elderly for living and care arrangements
Secretariat Intelligence and functional somatic symptoms and syndromes
Secretariat The role of spousal supportive behaviors in couples’ adaptation to colorectal cancer
Secretariat Working with pain. Sustainable work participation of workers with chronic nonspecific musculoskeletal pain
Secretariat Use of custom-made orthopaedic shoes
Secretariat Psychophysical capacity in non-specific chronic low back pain
Secretariat Enabling the elderly person with lower limb amputation through surgery, rehabilitation and long term care
Secretariat Sports and amputation
Secretariat Inventarisation of essential factors in the fit of the transtibial prosthesis.
Secretariat Revealing the genetic roots of obesity and type 2 diabetes (T2D)
Secretariat The value of personalized approaches to improve pharmacotherapy in renal disease
Secretariat Health economics of new and under-used vaccines in developing countries: state-of-the-art analyses for hepatitis B and rotavirus in Vietnam
Secretariat Drug safety in patients with psychotic disorders
Secretariat Costs and effectiveness of extended vaccination strategies against pertussis and pneumococcal disease
Secretariat Psychotropic medications and traffic safety. Contributions to risk assessment and risk communication
Secretariat Physical activity and obesity-related metabolic impairments: estimating interation from an additive model
Secretariat Driving-impairing medicines and traffic safety : Patients' perspectives
Secretariat Effectiveness of long-term follow-up of breast cancer
Secretariat Risk assessment of antiepileptic drug use in pregnancy
Secretariat The contribution of direct patient reporting to pharmacovigilance
Secretariat Web-based intensive monitoring a patient based pharmacovigilance tool
Secretariat Integrated pharmaceutical care Cooperation between pharmacist, general practitioner, and patient and the development of a pharmaceutical care plan
Secretariat Patients' perceptions of adverse drug events and their management in heart failure. Towards a better understanding of the perspective of the patient
Secretariat Designing health care services using systems thinking: a theory, a method and their application in the Dutch community pharmacy
Secretariat Early detection and prevention of adolescent alcohol use Parenting and psychosocial factors
Secretariat Digital preoperative planning and postoperative measurements of Total Hip Replacements
Secretariat Prevalence and impact of chronic diseases in adolescents with intellectual disability
Secretariat Prevention of recurrent sickness absence in workers with common mental disorders
Secretariat Participation of the visually impaired elderly: determinants and intervention
Secretariat Work functioning development and evaluation of a measurement tool
Secretariat Psychosocial predictors for adjustment to renal transplant
Secretariat Dyadic coping with renal dialysis and renal transplantation
Secretariat Adaptation to cancer from an attachment theoretical perspective
Secretariat Functional capacity evaluation. Measurement qualities and normative values
Secretariat Programme Innovation in Chronic Low Back Pain Rehabilitation; a Transform project
Secretariat Return to work after hand injury
Secretariat Skin problems of the stump in lower limb amputees
Secretariat Neuromechanics of movement in lower limb amputees
Secretariat Rehabilitation aspects of amputation
Secretariat Influencing physician prescribing in an international context: the role of systems, policies and patients
Secretariat Doctors’ information needs and decision support for drug therapy
Secretariat Prescribing quality indicators for type 2 diabetes
Secretariat Medication errors and adverse drug events in hospitalised patients; methodological issues and computerised intervention
Secretariat Identifying bottle-necks in integrated care
Secretariat Trainings characteristics of novice and experienced marathon runners during the preparation of the Groningen City Marathon
Secretariat Towards nursing-competencies in spiritual care
Secretariat Prediction of psychosocial problems in adolescents. Do early childhood findings from routine preventive child healthcare help?
Secretariat Structured diabetes care in general practices ? effects on organization of care and clinical outcomes
Secretariat Effect of clinical pathway implementation and patients' characteristics on outcomes of coronary artery bypass graft surgery
Secretariat Ageing with joy. The effect of a physical activity programme on the well-being of older people. A study conducted in five homes for the elderly in Paramaribo
Secretariat The Course of Whiplash: Its Psychological Determinants and Consequences for Work Disability
Secretariat Work participation and work capacity in early osteoarthritis of the hip and the knee
Secretariat Psychological aspects of patients with a chronical disease of the lungs
Secretariat Psychosocial outcomes in diabetes: the interplay of intra- and interpersonal factors
Secretariat Special care for young demented people
Secretariat Adaptation to cancer from an attachment theoretical perspective
Secretariat Care of people who are Powerless in Daily Living (PDL care): a theoretical approach
Secretariat Public Health and Health Services Research (PHR)
Secretariat Unmitigated communion and support providers' psychological wellbeing
Secretariat The GronoRun study - Incidence, risk factors and prevention of injuries in novice and recreational runners
Secretariat Hamstrings use after ACL rupture
Secretariat Ethics in Care and Society
Secretariat Rehabilitation Programs Research
Secretariat The consumption of non-prescribed antibiotics in Europe in relation to antimicrobial resistence patterns
Secretariat Health-economics of cardiovascular and renal disease prevention. From clinical trial to real-life settings
Secretariat Social integration of adolescents with disablements and chronic diseases
Secretariat Unemployment and the health of Slovak adolescents
Secretariat Development and effectivity of the exit strategy: a home-based support program for total hip and knee patients after shortened hospital stay
Secretariat Health inequalities among Slovak adolescents over time
Secretariat The attitude of nurses towards inpatient aggression in psychiatric care; the development of an instrument
Secretariat Integrated care for people with an intellectual disability
Secretariat Fatigue, mood disorders and sleep problems in patients with Parkinson's disease
Secretariat Perceived health status in Multiple Sclerosis patients
Secretariat Socioeconomic status and the course of quality of life in coronary heart disease and cancer
Secretariat Coordinating study evaluating Outcomes of Advising and Counseling in Heart failure (COACH)
Secretariat Evidence Based Medicine in Practice (EBM-P)
Secretariat Treatment of heart failure and patient outcomes in real life
Secretariat Disorder, Disability and Quality of life
Secretariat The interactive process of coping with curative colorectal cancer in intimate relationships: Support interaction patterns and psychological adjustment
Secretariat Meaning in life as a response to the trauma of cancer - an integration of coping theory, trauma theory and existential theory
Secretariat The identification by Dutch preventive child care of children with psychosocial problems: Do short questionnaires help?
Secretariat Patient and doctor factors explaining changes in prescribing of antihypertensive medication
Secretariat Effects and high value-added health and safety care at work for the health and the behavior of employees
Secretariat Long-term Adaptation to Cardiac disease in the Elderly (LACE)
Secretariat The impact of parental cancer on children
Secretariat Quality of life of testicular cancer survivors
Secretariat Social rehabilitation after kidney transplantation
Secretariat The Pallas-project: support program for volunteer care workers of cancer patients in the palliative phase
Secretariat Functional and vocational outcome after spinal cord injury
Secretariat After care for rheumatic patients after a operation for the replacement of a joint : multidisciplinary versus monodisciplinary revalidation
Secretariat Shared care for patients with non-insulin-dependent Diabetes Mellitus; the effect of the diabetes nurse in Zwolle
Secretariat The practice nurse in general practice
Secretariat Self-rated health and quality of live in Slovak rheumatoid arthritis patients
Secretariat Consequences of a proximal humeral fracture
Secretariat Research into the functioning and effects of inlays in shoes
Secretariat Evaluation of the World Health Organization's Healthy School Programme
Secretariat Development en implementation of a protocol aimed to improve the coöperation between the general practitioner and the occupational physician
Secretariat The cognitive consequences after a CVA
Secretariat The effect of electronic communication with Personal computers on the quality of care for patients with mammacarcinoom
Secretariat Functional recovery of gait after stroke
Secretariat General practitioners care for men with urine problems
Secretariat Secondary Prevention After Revascularisation Therapy Assessment SPARTA
Secretariat Determinants of use of health care services in childhood
Secretariat Outcome of sports injuries
Secretariat Disability in chronic low back pain: psychometric properties of ADL- and work-related instruments
Secretariat Manipulative therapy for shoulder complaints in general practice
Secretariat Quality of life in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and chronic hart failure: disease-specific and generic factors in adaptation to illness
Secretariat Interpersonal factors and adjustments to cancer: a prospective study to understand the dynamics of the intimate relationship and adaption to cancer.
Secretariat The effects of an intensive Diabetes Education Programme on metabolic control, diabetes related health behaviour and quality of life: a comparison with conventional care

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