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Collaboration The criminal sovereignty concept in the digital world
Collaboration Conditions and rules in relation to decentralisation of labour legislation
Secretariat The formal quality of a political debate. The debate on the juridification of public government
Secretariat Historical foundations of the international legal order in Europe (16th-20th century): state sovereignty and the process of international law-making and law-enforcement
Secretariat Mainstreaming human rights within the framework of general international law
Secretariat International governance
Secretariat Re-definition and implementation of "traditional" Community instruments
Secretariat Differentation of Community instruments
Secretariat Flexicurity: a new paradigm for labour market and employment regulation
Secretariat Relational searching in international-comparative perspective
Secretariat Intergovernmental differences and their consequences for intregral policy
Secretariat The judge in the insolvency law
Secretariat Effective administrative justice and 'self' in the case provided ( article 8:72, paragraph 4 Awb General Administrative law)
Secretariat Issues, Actors and Governance in International Law
Secretariat The retroactive effect of the tax law
Secretariat Mainstreaming Human Rights in the Poverty Reduction Strategies of international Financial Institutions: A Critical Evaluation
Secretariat Harmonization regarding to the terms of employment especially after merger or taking-over
Secretariat Universal service for European citizens: political rhetoric or a coherent concept for safeguarding an emerging constitutional right?
Secretariat Importances of city and countryside. Government, policy and population in the province of North- Brabant
Secretariat Judicial board and the juristic quality of the jurisdiction (also from comparative law perspective)
Secretariat Economic and juristic arguments for the formation of the legal relationship between service provider and buyer
Secretariat Multi-party agreements for the sales tax
Secretariat The impact of minority rights mechanisms
Secretariat The liability for parties involved in a insolvent company
Secretariat Aanvullend contractenrecht
Secretariat Liability and services
Secretariat Prevention and efficient conflict settlement with illegal publications
Secretariat Interconnection regulation and contract law
Secretariat Privacy aspects of filesharing on the internet
Secretariat To a modern system of goods judicial securities
Secretariat The protection of the consumer-principal on the European building market
Secretariat Private law and pseudo anonymous acting: problems and prior conditions
Secretariat 'The Power of Knowledge. Ethical, Legal, and Technological Aspects of Data Mining and Group Profiling in Epidemiology
Secretariat The concept 'decision' as foundations for the administrative procedural law
Secretariat The Integration of European Union Law in the National Legislative Process
Secretariat Legislation and forms for maintenance of law and order
Secretariat Codification of principes in legislation, harmonization of legislation and the development of codes and general laws
Secretariat Principles for legislation and legislation policy and alternatives for and within legislation
Secretariat The Emerging Constitution of the European Union
Secretariat Poverty and Human Rights
Secretariat Historical investigation of the Dutch police
Secretariat Legal punitive maxima in comparative law perspective
Secretariat Deregulation and the education settlement
Secretariat Legal aspects of certification
Secretariat The fiscal difference between companies and investing
Secretariat Self regulation/delegation
Secretariat The link between the WTO and the ILO
Secretariat The relationship between Community law, national law and international law
Secretariat Problems and competence foundation of national authorities in implementing EU law
Secretariat Permeability of Legal Systems
Secretariat Hierarchy of norms
Secretariat Yearbook for legal development across
Secretariat Horizontal penetration of social norms
Secretariat The Interconnectedness of Law and Ethics - Normative Philosophical Consequences for the State and the Citizen
Secretariat The Interconnectedness of Law and Ethics - A Descriptive Analysis
Secretariat The place of human rights in the work of the armed forces, with particular attention to UN peacekeeping operations
Secretariat The Influence of International Legal Development on the Protection of National Minorities
Secretariat The influence of globalization on the way ethical questions are dealt with in the law
Secretariat The Contribution of Multinational Businesses in the Human Rights Field
Secretariat Punishing serious violations of international law
Secretariat Re-evaluation of the primacy of the legislator
Secretariat Re-evaluation of the primacy of the legislator on the area of personal and family law
Secretariat Dynamics and quality of procedural law
Secretariat Legal choice and internet
Secretariat The interaction between legislation and society
Secretariat The Role of Ideals in the Dynamics of Law, Ethics and Politics
Secretariat Bankrupcy and traesury
Secretariat Evidence Law and Labour Law
Secretariat Restrictions by Community law upon national procedural law
Secretariat Law, government and informatization ( R080203)
Secretariat Coproduction of legislation
Secretariat Realism revisited

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