CBS Fungal Biodiversity Center


Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Novel high performance enzymes and micro-organisms for conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to bioethanol (NEMO)
Collaboration Exophiala dermatitidis: an opportunistic pathogen emerging from the tropical rainforest
Collaboration Genetic characterisation and detection of Petri Disease on grapevines
Secretariat Modification of the expression of transcriptional regulators of Aspergillus to improve industrial fermentations and use of agricultural by-products
Secretariat Reducing the stringency of chemical and thermal treatments of plant biomass for bio-fuel production by developing more efficient enzyme mixtures.
Secretariat Comparative analysis of Aspergilli to facilitate novel strategies in fungal biotechnology
Secretariat Virulence and population structure of the human pathogen Cryptococcus gattii
Secretariat Annotation of the Mycosphaerella graminicola and M. fijiensis genomes
Secretariat Establishment of a transformation system for Mycosphaerella spp associated with Sigatoka disease on banana
Secretariat Functional analysis of the mating type loci of Mycosphaerella spp associated with Sigatoka disease on banana
Secretariat Genomic comparisons of the mating type loci of Mycosphaerella spp.
Secretariat Taxonomy and phylogeny of Septoria
Secretariat Phytopathogenic Phoma complexes
Secretariat The biodiversity of para-Hypocrealean fungi in human and animal disease
Secretariat Mechanisms of heat resistance of food spoilage fungi
Secretariat Speciation in Cercospora
Secretariat Index of Fungi Collaboration
Secretariat Digitalisation and accessibility of nomenclatural and taxonomical data
Secretariat Sequencing and characterisation of type strains
Secretariat Infection and resistance of therapy-refractory emerging fungal opportunists in humans
Secretariat Black oligotrophs in indoor water systems and their impact on human health
Secretariat Taxonomy and antimycotic susceptibility of herpotrichiellaceous black yeasts
Secretariat Taxonomy, phylogeny and biology of Cladosporium
Secretariat Species delimitation in Phytophthora
Secretariat Phylogeny in the genus Phytophthora and development of a molecular identification and detection system
Secretariat Phylogeny and population genetics of Alternaria and related Pleosporales
Secretariat Circumscription, detection and infection strategies of Botryosphaeria spp. in grapevines
Secretariat Colletotrichum anthracnose of Proteaceae
Secretariat Atlas of common phytopathogenic fungal genera
Secretariat Developing microsatellite markers for Cylindrocladium
Secretariat Circumscription and detection of the Cylindrocarpon black foot rot complex of grapevines
Secretariat Genetics of host specificity and speciation within Cercospora, with specific reference to C. beticola
Secretariat Mycosphaerella spp. occurring on Eucalyptus
Secretariat Hybridisation in Phytophthora
Secretariat Yeast biodiversity
Secretariat Worldwide biodiversity of the genus Mycosphaerella
Secretariat Novel and putative ascomycetous plant endophytes
Secretariat Biodiversity and fungal community development in tropical disturbed ecosystems
Secretariat Biodiversity of Hypocrealean fungi, with specific reference to Fusarium
Secretariat Lichens as bioindicators of global warming
Secretariat Mineralisation and nitrogen accumulation in acidic soils
Secretariat Fungal-bacterial interactions in soil
Secretariat Biodiversity & Ecology Programme
Secretariat Role of natamycin as a membrane perturbator in fungal conidia and hyphae
Secretariat Taxonomy and phylogeny of food borne Zygomycetes
Secretariat Biodiversity and strain selection of fungi in indoor environments for quality management
Secretariat Biodiversity of Penicillium, Aspergillus and related genera
Secretariat Comparative fungal bioinformatics
Secretariat Clinically important yeasts
Secretariat Septal Pore Caps in Basidiomycetes, Composition and Ultrastructure
Secretariat Assimilation of toxic degradation products from lignin and oils by black yeast-like fungi
Secretariat Genetic diversity of Mycosphaerella fijiensis, causative agent Black Sigatoka disease on bananas
Secretariat Function and biodiversity of the root associated microorganisms in tropical lowland forest ecosystems in Colombian Amazonia
Secretariat Atlas of clinical fungi

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