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Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Water control in Rhineland, c 1500-1850: technique, society and politics
Collaboration Maritime insurances as part of risk management in Dutch shipping - A comparative research on changes in the 18th & 19th century
Collaboration Association and civilizing the lower classes. Religion and the construction of the civil society in the Netherlands, 1780-1900
Collaboration The Franciscans in the urban society of the Northern Netherlands in the late Middle Ages
Secretariat Objects in context, peoples in places. Home, museum and belonging in the cultural landscape of Israel
Secretariat Photographs, Colonial Legacy and Museums in Contemporary European Culture (PhotoCLEC)
Secretariat Between colonial legacies and grassroots movements: exploring cultural heritage practice in the Ngadha Manggarai Region of Flores
Secretariat History below sea level. Heritage, identity and community development in the Dutch IJsselmeerpolders
Secretariat Religion and the Great and the Little Divergence
Secretariat The archipelago of difference. Physical anthropology in the Netherlands East Indies ca. 1890-1960
Secretariat Group biography on important female political leaders in western societies after World War II
Secretariat Medieval Memoria Online (MeMO): the construction and dynamics of the religious social memory. Inventory, description and availability of text and image with a funtion in the memoria in the Middle Ages
Secretariat Church, State, Society and Ecclesiastical Reform in the British Isles, the Low Countries, Germany and Scandinavia, 1780-1920
Secretariat The ancien regime in transition
Secretariat The ancien régime in optima forma (1650-1750)
Secretariat In the service of the family company
Secretariat Music in the city
Secretariat The pastoral market in the Netherlands, c. 1650-c. 1850
Secretariat The socio-economic, political and ecological history of the management of the water in the territory of the polder board of Rijnland 1550-1857
Secretariat Rhineland 750
Secretariat Having faith at the edge of the Veluwe
Secretariat The court of Maria from Hungary (1505-1558)
Secretariat Willem Kieft, director of New Netherland
Secretariat The limitations of the Dutch politics: three Dutch political parties, PvdA, KVP and ARP and the European integration (1957-1973)
Secretariat The history of Amsterdam (Felix Meritis) and of France in the twentieth century
Secretariat Feminism and gender relations on national and international level (Hilda Verwey-Jonker)
Secretariat The Dutch protestant politics (Colijn)
Secretariat The Second World War in the Netherlands (VU in wartime, Nederlands Arbeidsfront)
Secretariat The economic development of postwar Germany
Secretariat A King Translated. James VI & I and the Dutch interpretations of his Works, 1593-1603
Secretariat Dutch reformed consolers of sick persons in the Netherlands from ca. 1600 till ca. 1850
Secretariat A noble and pious career. Preachers in the nineteenth century Oranjehof
Secretariat ProtesGereformeerde heiligen. De religieuze exempeltraditie in vroegmodern Nederland
Secretariat Reflections on the role of memory in recent visual art
Secretariat An ecological transformation at the Northsea coast: Ecosystems, trade networks and institutions in Holland, Zeeland and northern Germany, 1300-1700
Secretariat The growth of the collective bargaining economy. Comparative study into the development of national consultative bodies of entrepreneurs and government in the Netherlands and Flanders-Belgium between ca. 1920-1970
Secretariat Clerical identities, publicity, and theological communication in the Northern Netherlands, 1580-1840
Secretariat Upswing in folk piety in the Northern Netherlands in the late middle ages (1400-1580)
Secretariat Changes in the use of space in the boarder zone of Haarlem between approximately 1700 and the first world war
Secretariat The normative sources of the "kapittel van Utrecht" (The third order of Frances)
Secretariat Reformed schooleduation 1868-1971
Secretariat Monasticon of all (more then 150) convents in the bishopric Utrecht who were part of the third order of Franciscus for shorter or longer period.

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