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Completed research

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Collaboration The electrophysiology of language comprehension A neurocomputational model
Collaboration Physical activity and depressive symptoms Is a healthy body necessary for a healthy mind?
Collaboration Pronoun Processing. Computational, behavioral, and psychophysiological studies in children and adults
Collaboration Tinnitus. An MRI study on brain mechanisms
Collaboration The development of understanding through writing
Collaboration Frequency and function in WH question acquisition. A usage-based case study of German L1 acquisition
Collaboration Neural correlates of prosody and information structure
Collaboration Visualization of Brain Connectivity Data
Collaboration Syntactic movement in agrammatism: a cross-linguistic comparison between Italian and Dutch
Collaboration A dynamic perspective on second language acquisition
Collaboration The commuting parent. Energetic constraints in a long distance forager, the Cape gannet
Collaboration Generative AI: a neo-cybernetic analysis
Collaboration Allograph based writer identification, handwriting analysis and character recognition
Collaboration CASSANDRA - Context-Aware SenSing for AggressioN Detection and Risk Assessment
Collaboration Neuron-glia interactions in the CNS. Implication of CXCR3-signaling in excitotoxicity- induced neurodegeneration
Collaboration Biomechanical determinants of the jumper's knee in volleyball
Collaboration Turkish agrammatic aphasia. Word order, time reference and case
Collaboration Multichannel EEC visualization
Collaboration Bereaved by suicide: family-based cognitive behavior therapy to prevent adverse health consequences among first-degree relatives and spouses
Collaboration Natural colour constancy: retina or cortex?
Collaboration Language & Right Hemisphere & Schizophrenia
Collaboration Blood, shame and fear: Self-presentation strategies in Turkish women¿s talk about their health and sexuality
Collaboration Verbs in spoken sentence processing: Unraveling the priming pattern of the main verb
Collaboration Finding the right words: implementing optimality theory with simulated annealing
Collaboration Statistical pattern recognition for automatic writer identification and verification
Collaboration I2RP: Intelligent Information Retrieval and Presentation in Public Historical Multimedia Databases
Collaboration Prosodic processes in language and music
Collaboration Syntactic and phonological processing in developmental dyslexia
Collaboration Form-focused instruction and the development of second language proficiency
Collaboration The BSID-11-NL for assessing children with specific impairments
Collaboration Lighting up the clock: effects of bright light on physiological and psychological states in humans
Collaboration Ontleedprogramma's op basis van eenvoudige statistische modellen
Collaboration The Russian loanwords in literary Estonian
Collaboration Inferential Rules and the Structure of Evidence
Collaboration Airway remodelling in asthma: functional interactions of neurotransmitters and growth factors
Collaboration Functional recovery of gait after stroke
Collaboration Linguistic knowledge and word sense disambiguation
Collaboration Morphosyntactic development in Frisian-speaking children
Collaboration The construction of meaning in the multicultural mathematics classroom
Collaboration Computational Comparison en Classification of Dialects
Secretariat Looking on the bright side The neural basis of emotion processing and regulation in groups at increased risk for psychosis
Secretariat Programming effects of adversity on adolescent adaptive capacity
Secretariat Early motor development, early visual attention and functional outcome in children Insights into functional brain development
Secretariat Physical performance and cognition in older adults with and without dementia
Secretariat Transport of MBP mRNA to myelin membranes
Secretariat Assessment of serotonergic function by radioligands and microdialysis Focus on stress-related behaviour and antidepressant efficacy
Secretariat Cerebral Oxygenation in Newborn Infants at Risk
Secretariat Tracking referents. Markedness, world knowledge, and pronoun resolution
Secretariat Neuroticism and the brain Neuroimaging and genetic imaging studies on the personality trait neuroticism
Secretariat Cognitive functioning in schizophrenia: structure and clinical correlates
Secretariat Linking depression. Longitudinal and neuroimaging genetic studies in major depressive disorder
Secretariat Individual differences in working memory capacity: storage and strategy
Secretariat Daily functioning in children with developmental coordination disorder Assessment of activities of daily functioning
Secretariat Modulation of microglial activity
Secretariat On sound and silence Neurophysiological and behavioral consequences of acoustic trauma
Secretariat Development of aggression and impulsivity: modulation by adolescent social stress?
Secretariat Epigenetic modification in emotional arousal-influenced learning and memory
Secretariat The colours of speciation: can visual adaptation and sexual selection drive species divergence in cichlid fish?
Secretariat Uncommon gender. Eyes and brains, native and second language learners & grammatical gender
Secretariat Brain connectivity
Secretariat Development of moderately preterm-born children
Secretariat NeuroEmpathy: Towards a neuroscience of empathy: shared circuits for actions, emotions and sensations
Secretariat A quantitative approach to social and geographical dialect variation
Secretariat Using cardiovascular measures for adaptive automation
Secretariat Functional development at school age of newborn infants at risk
Secretariat Attention please! Alertness in individuals with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities
Secretariat Quantitative sensory testing (QST) - does assessing sense make sense?
Secretariat On the threshold of disorder. Definition and course of subthreshold depression and subthreshold anxiety
Secretariat The management of hyperbilirubinemia in preterm infants
Secretariat Amplitude integrated EEG. Longitudinal recordings in critically ill newborns
Secretariat The traumatized brain. Gray and white matter morphology in dissociative identity disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder
Secretariat Visual pathway morphometry in visual field defects
Secretariat Echoes from a stressful past. Effects, pathways and adaptive value of maternal stress in birds
Secretariat fMRI as an objective measure of esperimental pain, chronic pain and psychiatric comorbidities in healthy volunteers and patients
Secretariat Clinical observations on tinnitus
Secretariat The a-typical effects of olanzapine on body weight regulation And the possible counter-effects of Topiramate
Secretariat Development of sucking patterns in preterm infants
Secretariat Catching words in a stream of speech. Computational simulations of segmenting transcribed child-directed speech
Secretariat Eclampsia & preeclampsia. Causes and long-term consequences of maternal brain involvement
Secretariat Monitoring driver’s mental workload for user adaptive aid
Secretariat Audiovisual processing in aphasic and non-brain-damaged listeners. The whole is more than the sum of its parts
Secretariat Language loss and use in EFL by Chinese learners
Secretariat The good and the bad of stress. Implications for memory and adaptive processes
Secretariat Lexical Semantic Processing in Fluent Aphasia
Secretariat Human entrainment from dawn to dusk
Secretariat Cognitive dysfunction in bipolar disorder: between determinants and consequences
Secretariat Natural Sound induced reflexes for man-machine interfaces
Secretariat Linking physical processes to signal components
Secretariat Temporal dynamics in behavioral, physiological and neurobiological changes during and after social stress
Secretariat Perinatal motor function loss in human spina bifida aperta
Secretariat When the party is over…. Investigating the effects of alcohol, THC and MDMA on simulator driving performance
Secretariat Case-assignment by prepositions in Russian aphasia
Secretariat Brain economics: housekeeping routines in the brain
Secretariat Serotonin, cortisol and stress-related psychopathology, from bench to bed
Secretariat Understanding emotion processing in schizophrenia. Evidence from behavior, neuroimaging and imaging genetics
Secretariat Galectins, (re)myelination and multiple sclerosis pathology
Secretariat Breeding on a budget: fundamental links between energy metab olism and mammalian life history trade-offs
Secretariat Auditory mechanics of the frog Basilar papilla
Secretariat Brains in interaction
Secretariat Hows and whys of left and right. Ontogeny of lateralization and its functional relevance
Secretariat Inflammation and remodelling in experimental models of COPD. Mechanisms and therapeutic perspectives
Secretariat Epac as a novel regulator of airway smooth muscle phenotype and function : potential implications in asthma and COPD
Secretariat Vision and structural colouration of butterflies
Secretariat Exploring different pathways for testosterone mediated maternal effects
Secretariat Reliability and validity of the Touwen examination
Secretariat Novel cyclic AMP signalling avenues in learning and memory
Secretariat Sleep loss, brain vulnerability and psychopathology: experimental studies on the neurobiological consequences of chronic sleep restriction in rats
Secretariat The role of lipocalin 2 in Alzheimer's disease and depression
Secretariat Beauty and Mathematics
Secretariat Oncostatin M and leukemia inhibitory factor in excitotoxicity
Secretariat Imaging the vulnerable brain: functional and structural MRI in psychosis proneness
Secretariat Neurodevelopmental outcome of children born following assisted reproductive technology
Secretariat Defensive emotional reactions and stress Neuromodulation, from anatomy to behavior
Secretariat Visual processing in Parkinson`s disease with visual hallucinations, an fMRI study
Secretariat Knowing me, knowing you. The emotional self in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
Secretariat Development of Novel Small-size Peptides as Putative Therapeutic Drugs
Secretariat Focus on fixations. Neuroimaging of human visual perception
Secretariat Discourse structure and the lexicon
Secretariat Improving safety culture in health care. Implications of individual and institutional variability
Secretariat The Neurospora circadian clock as a complex genetic trait
Secretariat Functional fMRI of the central auditory system
Secretariat Neural Basis of Cognitive-Emotional Processing in Monozygotic and Same-sex Dizygotic Twins Discordant for Neuroticism
Secretariat Visual Attention and Active Vision: from natural to artificial systems
Secretariat When We Move Together: the Neural Correlates of Joint Action
Secretariat The etiology of functional somatic symptoms in adolescents. A new perspective on lumping and splitting
Secretariat Aesthetics by numbers
Secretariat Early life influences, sex differences and stress vulnerability. The impact of maternal separation on adult stress sensitivity in rats
Secretariat Wayfinding and accessibility for visually impaired people. Opportunities and challenges
Secretariat Behavioral and molecular consequenses of sleep deprivation
Secretariat Gaze Communication (GazeCom)
Secretariat Feelings with no name. In search of a neural basis for alexithymia
Secretariat Hormones, monoamines and peripartum affective symptoms
Secretariat Neuroinflammation in depression
Secretariat Neuropsychological changes in relation to biochemical changes in preclinical carriers of the Huntington gene
Secretariat Evolutionary ecology of basal metabolic rate and ageing
Secretariat The problem state bottleneck. Modeling the behavioral and neural signatures of a cognitive bottleneck in human multitasking
Secretariat The brain at low temperature: neuronal and behavioural dynamics in mammalian hibernation and torpor
Secretariat Pathogenetic mechanisms in Parkinson's disease: studies with Positron Emission Tomography
Secretariat Metabolic consequences of sleep restriction in rats
Secretariat Stress and cognition. Mechanisms regulating memory and empathy
Secretariat Glycogen synthase kinase-3 (GSK-3) and B-catenin: potential novel therapeutic targets for COPD
Secretariat Neurobiology of Empathy
Secretariat Is two time a halve more than one? function & evolution of brain lateralisation
Secretariat Patellar tendinopathy. Etiology and treatment
Secretariat Mental Practice: using motor imagery for neurologic rehabilitation of gait-disorders
Secretariat Effects of cytostatic compounds used in chemotherapy on neurogenesis and cognitive performance in rats
Secretariat Fighting for fitness. Telomeres, oxidative stress and life history trade-offs in a colonial corvid
Secretariat Bilateral interactions between hands: associated activity and bilateral deficit
Secretariat Context-based sound event recognition
Secretariat Neural stem cells in the combat against brain tumors
Secretariat Context effects on memory retrieval. Theory and applications
Secretariat Long term effect of chronic stress on the neuroplasticity in male and female
Secretariat Workrate, senescence and ocidative stress in the zebra finch
Secretariat Parkinson's disease: Neuroimaging and clinical studies on cognition and depression
Secretariat Recovery from depression: new insights in time-course analyses
Secretariat The Groningen LCPUFA study. Associations between neonatal and early postnatal fatty acid status and developmental outcome at 9 years
Secretariat Nature and nurture effects of voluntary activity and nutrition on energy balance and emotionality; a study in mice
Secretariat Slow microfiltration or slow microdialysis to versatile biomonitoring
Secretariat Improving the basis: revision of an early childhood home intervention program. The Dutch version of the Portage program - revised
Secretariat Beyond what is being said. Emotional prosody: its neural basis and its relevance for schizophrenia
Secretariat Orthotic interventions to improve standing balance in somatosensory loss
Secretariat Functional role of chemokines in the signaling between damaged neurons and microglia
Secretariat Investigation of neuroprotective and Neurodegenerative pathways in Alzheimer's Disease
Secretariat Manipulative mothers. Maternal steroid hormones and avian offspring sex ratio. Studies in the homing pigeon
Secretariat Light from dawn to dusk. Human entrainment in a changing environment
Secretariat Young eyes for elderly people. A clinical comparison of spherical and aspheric intraocular lenses
Secretariat Soccer tactics. Dynamics of small-sided games and full-sized matches
Secretariat Herpes viruses and neuroinflammation: PET imaging and implication in schizophrenia
Secretariat Neuroprotective signaling mechanisms in the mammalian brain
Secretariat On the neural basis of emotion processing in depression and anxiety. An fMRI study in outpatients
Secretariat The stressed brain. Inquiry into neurobiological changes associated with stress, depression and novel antidepressant treatment
Secretariat Mining for meaning. The extraction of lexico-semanticknowledge from text
Secretariat Entrainment to daylength in the mouse circadian system. Behavioural and molecular analyses
Secretariat A proto-circadian clock in yeast
Secretariat Life in a 24/7 society and its impact on the brain
Secretariat Betekenis van neurologisch en neurofysiologische verschijnselen bij neonaten
Secretariat Balancing stress and recovery in sports
Secretariat Gilles de la Tourette and immunology
Secretariat Individual differences in the neuroendocrinology of exercise
Secretariat Genetic control of chronotype in Neurospora crassa
Secretariat External and internal modulation of parieto- premotor circuitry implicated in voluntary motor control
Secretariat The interaction between perceptual and motor systems
Secretariat The interaction between cognitive processes, emotional and motor systems
Secretariat Motor disorders and recovery
Secretariat Motor development
Secretariat Learning and plasticity in motor systems
Secretariat Motor Control and Behaviour
Secretariat Neurodegenerative diseases: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
Secretariat Demyelinating diseases: multiple sclerosis (MS)
Secretariat Acute cerebral damage: stroke and brain trauma
Secretariat Cellular & clinical research: neurlogic disorders affecting the motor system
Secretariat Perceptual interactions in human vision and implications for information visualization
Secretariat Psychometrics and Statistics
Secretariat Developmental processes in the life span: a dynamic systems perspective
Secretariat Theory and History of Psychology
Secretariat Experimental Psychotherapy and Psychopathology
Secretariat Interpersonal Behavior
Secretariat Information Processing and Task Performance
Secretariat Output mechanisms of behaviour and physiology
Secretariat Central nervous system processing and integration
Secretariat Sensory processing mechanisms and input pathways
Secretariat Mirror images! Neural correlates of emotion processing in autism, schizophrenia and mental health
Secretariat Cognitive and neural processes of auditory-verbal hallucinations in schizophrenia: evidence from behavioral and neuroimaging experiments
Secretariat Multichannel EEG. Towards applications in clinical neurology
Secretariat Long-term consequences of ecstasy abuse: towards understanding the role of individual variation
Secretariat Cervical dystonia. Abnormal cerebral activation patterns related to preparation and execution of hand movement
Secretariat In the absence of a gold standard
Secretariat aSERTaining conflict in mice
Secretariat Empathy under arrest? Functional and structural neural correlates of empathy in psychopathy
Secretariat Discovery of novel circadian clock components in light signaling pathways
Secretariat The Sensitive Sex: Development of depressive symptoms in adolescence and the role of gender, genes and physiological stress responses
Secretariat Adolescents in stress. The ups and downs of the psychophysiological stress response
Secretariat Examining the link between socio-economic position and mental health in early adolescents
Secretariat Movement and balance control in lower limb amputees
Secretariat Dimensional phenotypes and molecular genetic studies of obsessions, compulsions and tics
Secretariat The infant motor profile. A standardized and qualitative assessment of motor behaviour in infancy
Secretariat Butterfly wing scales - pigmentation and structural properties
Secretariat Discovery of novel circadian clock components in light signaling pathways
Secretariat "Who" versus "which" question processing: an effect of D-linking?
Secretariat Major role of the matrix in airway smooth muscle phenotype plasticity - Implications for chronic asthma
Secretariat Behavioral and neuroimaging studies on language processing in Dutch speakers with Parkinson’s disease
Secretariat The physiology of aggression: towards understanding violence
Secretariat A study of number processing in the brain using functional neuroimaging and the additive factor method
Secretariat Motor control after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
Secretariat Continuous visual control in goal-directed movement
Secretariat Recasting cognition as layered agency: developing a dynamical,situated and embodied view
Secretariat The neuroscience of empathy: shared circuits for actions, emotions, and sensations
Secretariat Movement imagery, a potential tool for (re)learning motor skills
Secretariat Defining and determining the properties of the human sleep homeostat
Secretariat Working memory deficits in schizophrenia and the role of neuroticism
Secretariat Neural substrate and the timing of behaviour in a multiple clock system
Secretariat Auditory processing and audiovisual integration revealed by combining psychophysical and fMRI experiments
Secretariat Language problems in bilingual Alzheimer patients: what happens to L2?
Secretariat Cerebral reorganization and motor imagery after flexor tendon injury
Secretariat Analysis of the role of multimodal components in speech perception using psychophysical and fMRI techniques
Secretariat On the role of extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins in myelination: sorting and trafficking in OLN-93 cells and primary oligodendrocytes in monoculture
Secretariat Central role of Rho-kinase in the pathophysiology of allergic asthma
Secretariat Consequences of sleep disruption on brain plasticity and cognitive function
Secretariat A frightening view on schizophrenia. Combining fear conditioning and ketamine administration to investigate emotional blunting in an animal model of schizophrenia
Secretariat Psychomotor Speed as a Marker for Overtraining in Athletes: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Secretariat Arginase: a novel key enzyme in the pathophysiology of allergic asthma
Secretariat The language screening instrument SNEL
Secretariat Executive functioning and ecological validity in fMRI, neuropsychological assessment, and rehabilitation
Secretariat Neuronal control of micturition in the cat
Secretariat Semantic processing in children and adults with developmental dyslexia
Secretariat Open your eyes and listen carefully. Auditory and audiovisual speech perception and the McGurk effect in Dutch speakers with and without aphasia
Secretariat Monetary reward processing in Parkinson's disease and depressed patients - an fMRI study
Secretariat CXCR3 signaling in the brain; elucidating the expression and regulation of its ligands
Secretariat The role of sex steroid hormones in Purkinje cell death in the staggerer mutant during development and aging
Secretariat Integrating the homeostatic imbalances: genetics and physiology of stress and the emotions
Secretariat Effects of LY354740, a novel mGluR2/3 agonist, on ketamine evoked psychosis
Secretariat Motor skill performance of school-age children with visual impairments
Secretariat Cognitive and brain foundations of object-based attention: ERP and illusory Kanizsa figures
Secretariat Influence of perinatal environment on health and disease: an inventory in rats
Secretariat Postural control in children with cerebral palsy during reaching: assessment of two therapies based on neurophysiological principles
Secretariat Protein phosphorylation and dephosphorylation during the various stages of hippocampal dependent learning and memory processes
Secretariat Errors, feedback and attentional load. Differential involvement of memory systems as a function of condition of learning
Secretariat The psychophysiology of error and feedback processing in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autistic spectrum disorder
Secretariat Neuro-motor development and early intervention
Secretariat Roles of corticotropin-releasing factor - related peptides in the development of Purkinje cells and their extracerebellar afferents
Secretariat Time-frequency domain EEG activity during the preparation of task sets and movements
Secretariat Cannabinoid signalling in human bronchial epithelial and smooth muscle cells
Secretariat Brain cortical activation, before and after continuous intrathecal baclofen administration, in reflex sympathetic dystrophy, studied by functional MRI
Secretariat Neural correlates of human male ejaculation
Secretariat Empathy in the social brain
Secretariat The interaction between motor and cognitive task performance
Secretariat Know thine enemy: Intra sexual selection and sympatric speciation in Lake Victoria cichlid fish speciation
Secretariat Electrophysiological studies on visual information processing in dyslexia and ADHD
Secretariat Functional limitations associated with mental disorders: inescapable fact or avoidable reality?
Secretariat Pointing and reaching-grasping behaviour in preterm children
Secretariat Prenatal and early postnatal long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid status
Secretariat Topics in corpus-based Dutch syntax
Secretariat In-vitro differentiation induction of neural stem cells
Secretariat The treatment of panic disorder. Psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, or the two combined?
Secretariat General liability to ill-health. Role of autonomic nervous system dysfunction in children and adults
Secretariat The role of adenosine and interleukin-6 in neuroprotection
Secretariat Hydroxycitric acid and energy homeostasis
Secretariat Capsaicin sensitive nerves and energy homeostasis-involvement in satiety and glucose homeostasis
Secretariat Involvement of brain melanocortins in body weight homeostasis
Secretariat In vivo imaging of dopamine and serotonin release: response to psychopharmacological challenges
Secretariat Cerebellar development in relation to movement and postural development
Secretariat The separation of ontology and epistemology within the philosophy of mind making
Secretariat Conceptual progress in economics. Abstraction of social kinds vs idealization
Secretariat From Methods to Meaning in functional Neuroimaging
Secretariat Self-sustaining control system for tsetse flies of the palpalis group in Western Africa
Secretariat Serotonin (5HT)1A receptor and its second messenger pathways, and the neuroprotective potential of specific 5-HT1A receptor agonists
Secretariat Proximate and ultimate aspects of sex ratio variation in the Black headed Gull L
Secretariat Depression after Myocardial Infarction: Etiological, Prognostic and Therapeutical Aspects
Secretariat The phenotype of children and adolescents with a pervasive developmental disorder
Secretariat Stress, gender and psychopathology: a multi-level analysis
Secretariat Ascending projections from spinal cord and brainstem to periaqueductal gray and thalamus
Secretariat A longitudinal multiple measurement microdialyis study of the monoaminergic neurotransmitters
Secretariat Handling social limits in a high-school for special education
Secretariat Measuring mri noise
Secretariat Physiological characteristics of feather pecking
Secretariat Visual mechanisms of attention in children with PDD-NOS: an ERP-study
Secretariat Stress and the female brain. The effects of estradiol on the neurobiological reactions to chronic stress
Secretariat Proximate control of avian sex allocation. A study on Zebra finches
Secretariat A multidisciplinary approach to talent development in field hockey
Secretariat Single cell mRNA amplification, expression profiles of microglia
Secretariat Spatial and temporal characteristics of fish lateral line detection
Secretariat Information processing and problem behavior in preadolescents
Secretariat Neuro-imaging of visual field defects
Secretariat The molecular biology of learning and memory: the role of neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus
Secretariat Activities in day services for people with profound multiple disabilities
Secretariat The GALM effect study: changes is physical activity, health, and fitness of sedentary and underactive older adults aged 55-65
Secretariat The role of semaphorins and their receptors in estrogen-induced plasticity in the mature mammalian central nervous system
Secretariat Requirements engineering for real-time medical support systems
Secretariat Day spending for persons with serious multiply limitations: choice, content and evaluation
Secretariat EarlAt risk for dyslexia. The role of phonological abilities, letter knowledge, and speed of serial naming in early intervention and diagnosis
Secretariat Influence of gender and social environment in an animal model of affective disorders; evidence for social support in rats?
Secretariat Intravenous biosensor systems for the continuous biochemical monitoring of heart and brain damage
Secretariat Neuropathological mechanisms and role of second messenger cascades in mood disorders
Secretariat Effects of cortisol on emotional processing
Secretariat On the Low German influence on Kashubian dialects
Secretariat Phase and period resetting: contributions to the natural entrainment of circadian rhythms in diurnal and nocturnal mammals
Secretariat Targeting of CRH-receptor antisense probes to and in the central nervous system: application in neuropsychiatry
Secretariat Psychopathology of tryptophan
Secretariat Ontogenetic determinants of feather pecking in the laying hen. Project C: Feather pecking in the laying hen
Secretariat At risk of depression and anxiety. Studies into the interplay of personal and environmental risk factors
Secretariat Neurobiological substrates of the aging primate brain
Secretariat Through the eyes of an infant: the early development of visual scanning and disengagement of attention
Secretariat The development of theory-of-mind and the theory-of-mind storybooks. Lessons from a non-linear approach of developmental data in typically developing children and children with PDD-NOS
Secretariat Survivors at risk: a controlled evaluation of a psycho-educational intervention in those bereaved through suicide
Secretariat Heterologous amplification of homologous ß-adrenoceptor desensitization in airway smooth muscle: implications for asthma?
Secretariat The neurobiological aspects of panic disorder
Secretariat Interpersonal mechanisms in recurrence of depression
Secretariat Difficult birth, difficult life?
Secretariat The impact of emotional and cognitive changes after stroke, a longitudinal community-based study
Secretariat Order and variability in early language development
Secretariat Learning computational grammars using inductive logic programming (ILP)
Secretariat Corticosteroid and stress modulation of the hippocampal CA3 neuron morphology and function; a study in the rat and the tree shrew
Secretariat Adaptive adjustment of maternal transfer of maternal gonadal hormones in Black headed gull eggs
Secretariat Mechano- and electrophysiological studies on cochlear hair cells and lateral line cupulae
Secretariat Ageing of the circadian system and memory

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