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Completed research

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Collaboration Efficient Management of Compact Storage Systems
Collaboration Managing House Price Dynamics
Collaboration Corporate Reputation Management: Reaching Out to Financial Stakeholders
Collaboration Liquidity, Investors and International Capital Markets
Collaboration Management Innovation: Studies of the role of Internal Change Agents
Collaboration Let Me Give You a Piece of Advice - Empirical Papers about Advice Taking in Marketing
Collaboration Agency Costs, Firm Value and Corporate Investment
Collaboration Imaging Economic Brains: the analysis of an emerging scientific field
Collaboration The Impact of Offshoring Strategies on Firm Performance: How do Innovation Absorptive Capacity and Firm Size Matter?
Collaboration Organizing for Ambidexterity: Studies on the Pursuit of Exploration and Exploitaiton through Differentiation, Integration, Contextual and Individual Attributes
Collaboration Diffusion of Corporate Governance Beliefs
Collaboration Exploratory Innovation: The role of organizational and Top Management Team Social Capital
Collaboration The Dark Side of Leadership: The Role fo Self-Fefinition and Power in Determining Leader Self-Serving Behaviors
Collaboration Servant-Leadership: Paradox or Diamond in the Rough
Collaboration Motivation, Coordination and Cognition in Cooperatives
Collaboration Nationality Heterogeneity and Interpersonal Relationships at Work
Collaboration Leader Affect and Leadership Effectiveness - How leader affective displays influence follower outcomes
Collaboration Employee Alignment A Model for Promoting Strategically Aligned Employee Decision-Making and Behaviour
Collaboration Language Abstraction in Word of Mouth: Its Antecedents and Persuasiveness
Collaboration Accountability as a Tool for Improving Judgmental Forecasting? A Cognitive Dual-Process Approach
Collaboration Impulsiveness: a cognitive representation
Collaboration Project-level Governance, Monetary Incentives and performance in Strategic R&D Alliances
Collaboration Is Offshore Outsourcing
Collaboration Customer Information Driven after Sales Service Management: Lessons from Spare Parts Logistics
Collaboration Evalution and Design of Supply Chain Operations using DEA
Collaboration Steering Through: How Organisations Negotiate Permanent Uncertainty and Unresolvable Choices
Collaboration Information Aggregation Efficiency of Prediction Markets
Collaboration Incorporating Worker-Specific Factors in Operations Management Models
Collaboration Centralized versus Decentralized Systems for Dynamic Vehicle Routing
Collaboration Stochastic Modeling and Analysis of Warehouse Operations
Collaboration Real Estate Investments, An Institutional Investor's Perspective
Collaboration Competition, Risks, and Rewardsin the Hedge Fund Industry
Collaboration The ratio and reality of shareholder activism; antecedents and consequences of shareholder activism in public firms
Collaboration Empirical Essays on the Stock Returns, Risk Management, and Liquidity Creation of Banks
Collaboration Leader Empowering Behavior: The Leader's Perspective
Collaboration Strategic Renewal in Regulatory Environments:How Inter- and Intra-organisational Institutional Forces Influence European Incumbent Energy Firms
Collaboration Managing Corporate Ventures: Multi-level studies on project autonomy, integration, knowledge relatedness, and phases in the new business development process
Collaboration Empirical Essays in Corporate Finance and Financial Reporting
Collaboration Capital Structure, Strategic Competition and Governance
Collaboration Investment Strategies Based on Social Responsibility and Bubbles
Collaboration Evaluative Conditioning 2.0: Direct versus Associative Transfer of Affect to Brands
Collaboration Not All Promotions are Made Equal: From the ffects of a price war to cross-chain cannibalization
Collaboration The Strategic Use of International Business Community Involvement
Collaboration Spinning the Web of Reentry. (Re)connecting reentry training theory and practice
Collaboration Managing Dreams and Ambitions
Collaboration Seeing the Shadow of the Self. Studies on Workplace Deviance
Collaboration Goal Orientation in Teams: The Role of Diversity
Collaboration Capital Structure Determinants and Governance Structure Variety in Franchising
Collaboration Performance Pinnen Down; A Lacaninan analysis of subjectivity at work
Collaboration Enhancing Warehouse Performance by Efficient Order Picking
Collaboration Buyer-Seller Interaction Patterns During Ongoing Service Exchange
Collaboration Outsourcing and Offshoring in Manufacturing Industries
Collaboration Individual Mobile Communication Services and Tariffs
Collaboration Entrepreneurs and their networks in the Dutch ICT sector
Collaboration Online Reverse Auctions for Procurement of Services
Collaboration Virtual Communities of Consumption: Networks of Consumer Knowledge and Companionship
Collaboration Corporate Account Management
Secretariat Real-time matching of supply and demand for sustainable individual passenger transportation: dynamic ride-sharing
Secretariat Constructing Interfirm Networks: How Organizational Decision-Makers Perceive, Use and Develop Interfirm Networks
Secretariat The Impact of TMT and Boards of Non-executive Directors on Strategic Renewal
Secretariat Investigating Three Key Principles of Sustained Strategic Renewal
Secretariat Standards Battles for Complex Systems: Empirical Research on the Home Network =
Secretariat Performance improvement by human-centered design of production and logistics processes
Secretariat Rolling Stock Rescheduling in Passenger Railways
Secretariat Eco-efficient Supply Chains for Electrical and Electronic Products
Secretariat Demand Management in E-Fulfillment
Secretariat The Role of Stock Options at the Initial Public Offering
Secretariat Empirical Essays on Debt Equity and Convertible Securities
Secretariat Distributed Intelligent Inter-Organizational Systems for Transportation Markets, Planning and Execution
Secretariat AIDS is not a business: A study o Brazil's strategy to secure lower prices for HIV medications from multinational pharmaceutical companies
Secretariat Corporate Governance and Strategic Renewal
Secretariat Organisation Management
Secretariat Market restructuring and internationalisation
Secretariat Interactive governance of multinational corporations, civil society and employment
Secretariat The Rise of Regionalism
Secretariat Transparency on financial markets and the effects on government policy
Secretariat Empirical Studies on Corporate Policies and Financial Intermediation
Secretariat Sustainable competitive advantages : when to compete and when to collaborate
Secretariat Strategic renewal within large European corporations

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