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Completed research

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Collaboration LifeSpan - Integrating research into Development and Ageing
Collaboration CT Colonography in faecal occult blood test positives
Collaboration Chromatin looping and epigenetic regulation at the maize b1 locus
Collaboration The Escher Project : Science driven drug regulation and innovative research throughout phased drug development
Collaboration Beyond clinical diagnosis: the prognostic value of unrequested information in diagnostic imaging
Collaboration Minimally Invasive Surgery and Interventional Techniques
Collaboration Imaging in heart failure
Collaboration Deciphering mitochondrial and molecular pathology in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Collaboration Liquor bank for multiple sclerosis
Collaboration Advanced meta-analytical methods for medical data
Collaboration Combining cues for estimating slant in perception and action
Collaboration 'Medwerk' ( knowledge network for labour related disorders) in the region of Rotterdam/Rijnmond and Dordrecht
Collaboration Preventive intervention of behavior problems in early childhood: The role of attachment security, parental sensitivity, and parental disciplining in the mergence of antisocial behavior
Collaboration Assessment of the time from infection with high-risk human papilloma virus (HPV) until the origin of cervical cancer by testing normal archive smears of women with cervical cancer for high-risk HPV
Collaboration Effects and Costs of Breast Cancer Screening in Women with a Familial or Genetic Predisposition
Collaboration Study to the implementation of guidelines for low back pain
Financier Ethnic Differences in Utilization of an Outpatient Clinic in the Netherlands
Secretariat Neck pain in primary care; predicition of treatment success
Secretariat Defective endothelial progenitor cell development in diabetes: microRNA profile as biomarker for skewed myeloid differentiation
Secretariat Understanding the molecular and cellular basis of Angelman Syndrome
Secretariat Carotid Lumen Segmentation in CT Angiography
Secretariat Asthma and Wheezing in Chilhood
Secretariat Phase I dose escalation study of Cisplatin, Pemetrexed and Radiotherapy for inoperable stage III non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC)
Secretariat Mesh versus suture repair for umbilical hernias: a double blinded, randomised controlled trial
Secretariat Randomised PHVD treatment study
Secretariat Specifying the role of different dendritic cell subsets in cross-presentation in vivo
Secretariat Course and prognostic determinants of the recovery of the Sit-to-Stand (STS) transfer after a stroke
Secretariat Role of axonal damage and autoimmunity to axonal components in the pathogenesis of experimental demyelinating diseases
Secretariat Bacterial peptidoglycan as a pro-inflammatory cofactor in MS: functional assessment in vivo and in vitro
Secretariat Immunological Function of Draining Lymph Nodes in Multiple Sclerosis and Animal Models
Secretariat Pathogenetic and predictive significance of autoimmunity to myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein in experimental demyelinating disease and MS
Secretariat Differential expression of myelin antigens in the CNS and their impact on the clinical course of experimental demyelinating disease and lesion location
Secretariat Cerebrospinal Fluid Proteomics of Multiple Sclerosis Patients
Secretariat Nuclear action of mRNAs
Secretariat Focus on DNA Repair Replication
Secretariat Role of facilitator proteins in the long range activation of genes during erythropoiesis
Secretariat Plasticity in Caenorhabditis Elegans
Secretariat Molecular control of erythropoiesis
Secretariat Development of algorithms and software for high-performance computing in genetic analysis of complex human traits
Secretariat Grasping moving objects
Secretariat Migraine mutations and CGRP release inducing blood vessel dilatation
Secretariat Disorders of Sex Development and Germ Cell Cancer
Secretariat No bone without calcium
Secretariat Risk factors for falling incidents in elderly people
Secretariat Multilevel interactions in the vestibular system: a matter of balance
Secretariat Surveillance of patients with Barrett's oesophagus
Secretariat Neural noise and redundancy of the motor system
Secretariat Dynamic protein assemblies in homologous recombination with single DNA molecules
Secretariat In search of the proper imaging technique for tracing brain defects in premature children with a low birth weight
Secretariat Dyneine transport in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
Secretariat The relationship between clinical, immunological and hormonal data during the pregnancy of MS patients
Secretariat Neurotic eyes
Secretariat Disturbance of motoneuron transport in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
Secretariat Localizing genes and mutations involved in low-grade glioma: a registry-based study
Secretariat Contribution of antigen-presenting dendritic cells to the secondary phase of the allergic immune response in an experimental model of allergic asthma: target for new anti-asthma therapy?
Secretariat Effects of back belts with caregivers and nurses in home care: a pilot study
Secretariat Clinimetrics and Functional Outcome One Year After Traumatic Brain Injury
Secretariat Auxological and psychosocial effects of treatment of adopted children with early puberty with GnRHa alone or in combination with growth hormone
Secretariat Risk Stratification and Risk Modification in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes

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