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Collaboration Genetical genomics approaches for systems genetics
Collaboration Between the clinic and the kitchen cabinet. A study assessing the development of functional foods in relation to genomics
Collaboration Genomics pathway and network visualization
Collaboration Molecular dynamics
Secretariat 053.66.008
Secretariat Awakening The Sleeping Lantibiotics
Secretariat CRYPTON - A genome-based generalized strategy to activate crypticantibiotic biosynthesis gene clusters in Actinomycetales
Secretariat Creating novel enzymes by active site reconstruction
Secretariat Improved Parallel Scaling of the GROMACS Molecular Dynamics Code
Secretariat Divergent or just different Structural studies on six different enzymes
Secretariat Synthetic biology to obtain novel antibiotics and optimized production systems (SYNMOD)
Secretariat Modelling carbon core metabolism in Bacillus subtilis - Exploring the contribution of protein complexes in core carbon and nitrogen metabolism (BaCell-SysMO 2)
Secretariat Living in continuously changing conditions: the neurobiology of memory flexibility
Secretariat Self Assembly of ATP synthase C-rotor ring
Secretariat The role of peroxisomes in cell viability
Secretariat Aggregation of Syntaxins in Biomembranes
Secretariat Molecular assemblies under pressure
Secretariat Membrane Protein / Membrane bilayers Interactions
Secretariat Causes of individual variability in response to dieting
Secretariat Three-dimensional electron microscopy of macromolecular assemblies: determination of mitochondrial supercomplex structures
Secretariat Elucidation of the molecular mechanisms underlying the phenotypic heterogeneity of Bacillus subtilis in biofilms
Secretariat Transmembrane insertion of the cell-penetrating peptides
Secretariat NMR methods for the study of protein electrostatics
Secretariat Protein Dynamics from NMR spin relaxation: The neuronal tau protein
Secretariat NMR residue assignments for intrinsically unfolded proteins: high-dimensional data reconstruction from the acquisition of 2D projections
Secretariat NMR studies of large (> 30kDa) proteins and enzymes
Secretariat Bacterial V-type ATPases
Secretariat DNA transport in the human pathogen Neisseria gonorrhoea
Secretariat Extremophiles
Secretariat Protein translocation and membrane protein assembly
Secretariat To dehydrate or not. A molecular inquiry into the lantibiotic nisin biosynthesis process
Secretariat In principio erat Lactococcus lactis Towards a membrane protein overproducer host
Secretariat Protein secretion via the Twin-arginine translocation pathway of Bacillus subtilis
Secretariat Proliferation and autophagic degradation of peroxisomes in Hansenula polymorpha
Secretariat Electron microscopy of cyanobacterial membrane proteins
Secretariat Local group galaxies in a Lambda-Cold Dark Matter universe
Secretariat Statistical analysis of mass spectrometry data
Secretariat Arabidopsis Genetical Genomics Project
Secretariat Antimicrobial Peptides in Action
Secretariat Between the clinic and the kitchen cabinet. A study assessing the development of functional foods in relation to genomics
Secretariat Spontaneous aggregation of biological systems
Secretariat 3D structure of mitochondrial supercomplexes
Secretariat Self Assembly of ATP synthase C subunit
Secretariat Amyloid fibril growth
Secretariat The ABC of ECF transporters. Discovery and initial characterization of ECF-type ATP-binding cassette (ABC) importers
Secretariat Fatty acid pathway reconstruction with the aid of text mining
Secretariat New biocatalysts from environmental gene libraries
Secretariat Structure-function studies on Agrobacterium radiobacter epoxide hydrolase
Secretariat Degradation of chlorobenzene by a meta-cleavage pathway
Secretariat Mechanism, activity and engineering of haloalkane
Secretariat Degradation of 1,2-dibromoethane by a Mycobacterium sp.
Secretariat Import and assembly of peroxisomal matrix proteins
Secretariat The peroxisome proliferation machinery in yeast
Secretariat Enzymatic synthesis of thioether-ring-containing (poly)peptides for enhancing stability and modulating bioactivity
Secretariat Decision making in peroxisome inheritance: stay or go
Secretariat Natively unfolded proteins, aggregation and disease
Secretariat Constructing a bacterial skyscraper: from gene regulation to cell wall proteins
Secretariat Coordinated SecA motor and SecYEG channel opening mechanisms during protein translocation
Secretariat The role of co-factor binding in sorting of authentic peroxisomal matrix proteins
Secretariat High throughput screening of membrane topology for structural classification of membrane proteins
Secretariat On switching and splitting: evaluating the developmental plasticity hypothesis of speciation
Secretariat Phase separation
Secretariat Trans reentrant loop structures in secondary transporters
Secretariat On the mobility of biomolecules: a fluorescence microscopy approach
Secretariat The effect of secB on protein folding. A single molecule study
Secretariat Secretome dynamics
Secretariat Translocase mediated biogenesis and assembly of the F0-sector of the F1F0-ATPase
Secretariat Principles of peroxisome homeostasis
Secretariat The effects of urea and of pH on protein structure
Secretariat Directed evolution of a novel dehalogenating activity in the short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase family
Secretariat Molecular redesign of Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenases. Understanding and improvement of their biocatalytic properties
Secretariat Electron microscopy of mitochondrial supercomplexes
Secretariat Stuctural studies on a secretion chaperone from shigella flexneri and crystallographic explorations with a thermostable aldolase
Secretariat ABC transporters. Lessons from a bacterial oligopeptide uptake system
Secretariat Computation structural genomics: protein structure prediction based on ab initio and homology model refinement
Secretariat The structural basis of glutamatergic neurotransmission
Secretariat Replica exchange method: going beyond the current limit of computer protein folding experiments
Secretariat Computational structural genomics: protein structure prediction based on ab initio and homology model refinement
Secretariat Nutra cells workpackage 2 - Galactose and/or lactose removal from dairy products
Secretariat Steering on the evolution of enzymes
Secretariat Communication and initiation of immunity
Secretariat The biology of peroxisomes in Hansenula polymorpha
Secretariat Chemotaxis: a complex network of interconnecting pathways and amplification loops
Secretariat Modelling the self-organization of cell membrane components
Secretariat To become competent or not: an inquiry into the molecular basis of bacterial differentiation
Secretariat Mechanism of secretion of macromolecules across the archaeal cell envelope
Secretariat Two-photon excitation microscopy in cell biology
Secretariat Unraveling the structure of the photosynthetic membrane using electron microscopy approach
Secretariat Bioinformatics for unravelling complex biological systems
Secretariat Spatial generation of binding sites for PH domains during chemotaxis; the role of inositol phospholipids
Secretariat Spectroscopic analysis of a translocase-entrapped preprotein
Secretariat Total synthesis of enantiopure biomolecules. On myclolactones, saturated isoprenoid building blocks and ß-mannosyl phosphomycoketides
Secretariat Three-dimensional structure determination of human lysosomal enzymes involved in glycosphingolipid breakdown
Secretariat Prediction of radiation damage to parallel organized organs
Secretariat Insight into the interfacial self-assembly and structural changes of hydrophobins
Secretariat What lies between: functional interfaces in a dimeric transporter
Secretariat Mechanics of the mannitol transporter from Escherichia coli: substrate-probing and oligomeric structure
Secretariat OpuA
Secretariat Enzymology of membrane
Secretariat Protein folding initiation sites
Secretariat Prediction of thermodynamic quantities
Secretariat Simulation of membranes and membrane proteins
Secretariat Combined quantum/classical dynamics
Secretariat Peptide conformations and protein folding
Secretariat Analysis of protein motions
Secretariat Peptide aggregation
Secretariat Shigella flexneri host invasion factors
Secretariat The inner workings of á-amino ester hydrolases¿and crystallization experiments with an integral membrane transporter
Secretariat Proteins related to the cell cycle and cell maintenance (DNA-motor proteins)
Secretariat Lipolytic enzymes: soluble (lipase, phospholipase) and integral membrane type (OMPLA)
Secretariat Structural and functional investigations of Lactobacillus reuteri glucansucrase with crystallographic studies on an alpha-amylase and a prolyl endoprotease from Aspergillus niger
Secretariat Proteins involved in the uptake of carbohydrates by bacteria (IIAmtl, IIBcel, IICmtl, IIAntr)
Secretariat Redox enzymes with a PQQ cofactor (glucose dehydrogenase, alcohol dehydrogenase)
Secretariat Enzymes involved in the metabolism of the bacterial cell wall (lytic transglycosylases Slt70, Slt35, MltA and EmtA)
Secretariat Detoxifying enzymes: dehalogenases, epoxide hydrolase, glutathione-S-transferase
Secretariat Elucidation of the catalytic role of the SecDFyajC-YidC complex in protein translocation
Secretariat Characterization of the multidrug half-transporter MXR

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