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Completed research

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Collaboration Reflexive Inertia
Collaboration Developing a scenario methodology for understanding complex systems and the dynamics therein, in relation to normative transition goals to be set in a participatory process
Collaboration The management side of transitions; more in particular the role of front-runner groups in transitions and how these groups can improve themselves and be better facilitated
Collaboration Transition experiments
Collaboration Urban elites. A study of urban social cohesion
Collaboration The spatial concentration of illegal immigrants and the interrelation of illegality and criminality
Collaboration Het spreidingseffect. Verklaringen in termen van studiefaseherinnering, contextuele variatie en preactivatie
Secretariat Welfare Chauvinism in Europe. Assessing the Economic and Cultural Roots of Low Support to Entitle Immigrants for Welfare among Europeans
Secretariat Educational governance
Secretariat The Virtualization of Citizenship in Dutch National and Local Citizenship Policies
Secretariat Effects of 'Internal Border Control' for Immigrant Crime and Detention; Toward an Interstate and International Comparison
Secretariat KSI: Knowledge network on System Innovations and Transitions
Secretariat Clusters of innovation for sustainability (CIS)
Secretariat Clusters of innovation for sustainability in a globalizing economy
Secretariat Attitudes of Secondary School Students towards Modern Biotechnology
Secretariat Sustainability and Social Change
Secretariat Environmental Innovations; the development and application of scientific knowledge with regard to the diffusion and adoption of environmental innovations
Secretariat Valuation in and of Public Management
Secretariat Political Science
Secretariat Spirituality in an rationalized society
Secretariat Will we make it : an analysis of a cleaner production and industrial ecology paradigm shift towards sustainability
Secretariat The Behaviour of Interest Groups in Trade and Industry towards Monetary Policy and Central Banks

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