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Collaboration Development and change in the organization of settlement and architecture of rural northern Syria during the late Roman period (c. AD 400–700)
Collaboration Triumphs of compromise. An analysis of the monumentalisation of sanctuaries in Latium in the late republican period (second and first centuries BC)
Collaboration Cultural landscapes, social networks and historical trajectories: A data-rich synthesis of Early Bronze Age networks (c. 2200-1700 BC) in Abruzzo and Lazio (Central Italy)
Collaboration Roman villa landscapes in the north: Economy, Culture, Life-Styles
Collaboration Classical and Provincial-Roman Archaeology
Collaboration Fields, farms and colonists: intensive field survey and early Roman colonization in the Pontine region, Central Italy
Collaboration Identity, self-representation and life-style of villa elites. The burial evidence
Collaboration Exploring the Roman villa World between Tongres and Cologne. A landscape archaeological approach
Collaboration Etruscology
Collaboration Predictive Modelling for Archaeological Heritage Management
Collaboration Sanctuary and Society in Central-Southern Italy (3rd to 1st centuries BC). A Study into Cult Places and Cultural Change after the Roman Conquest of Italy
Collaboration Roman Nijmegen: topography and monumentality of the different military and civil settlements
Collaboration Transformation from city to country. City-country relations in comparative perspective
Collaboration Cultural contacts between Western-Europeans, Russians and Local Societies on the Shores of the Barentsea Region, 16th and 17th Centuries
Collaboration Transactions in Stone. Making sculpture in Athenian society in the sixth and fifth centuries BC
Collaboration Coins for a legion. An analysis of the coin finds of the Augustan legionary fortress and Flavian canabae legionis at Nijmegen
Collaboration Leaded objects as indication for economic activity in the canaba of the Legio X Gemina
Collaboration Engendering Objects:Barkcloth and the Dynamics of Identity in Papua New Guinea
Collaboration Histological characterisation of diagenetic alteration of archaeological bone
Collaboration The technology, organization and socio-economic conditions of early iron production in the central and eastern parts of the Netherlands
Secretariat Essays on the maritime archaeology of power and conflict: the lost Dutch armed merchantmen in the Taiwan Strait, c. 1622-1661
Secretariat Neandertals in the Forests, a palaeomagnetic Study of the Eemian ínterglacícll in northwestern and central Europe
Secretariat Indigenous education and heritage revitalization
Secretariat Tracing Transitions: an overview of the evolution and migrations of the genus Mammuthus Brookes, 1828 (Mammalia, Proboscidea)
Secretariat Memory Contested, Locality Transformed: Representing Japanese Colonial ?Heritage? in Taiwan
Secretariat Reading the Dental Record. A Dental Anthropological Approach to Foodways, Health and Disease, and Crafting the pre-Columbian Caribbean
Secretariat Patterns of Paleomobility in the Ancient Antilles
Secretariat Ancestral heaths, reconstructing the barrow landscape in the central and southern Netherlands
Secretariat Renewing the house: Trajectories of social life in the yucayeque (community) of El Cabo, Higüey, Dominican Republic, AD 800 to 1504
Secretariat Amotopoan Trails: A recent archaeology of Trio movements
Secretariat Retracing the Steppes: A zooarchaeological Anlaysis of Changing Subsitence Patterns in the Late Neolithic at Tell Sabi Abyad, Northern Syria, c. 6900 to 5900 BC
Secretariat Out of Europe: An ecological perspective on Neandertal Distribution
Secretariat Britain outside Britain: Diaspora of British population in Roman times and the perception of British people in Roman art, coinage and literature
Secretariat Coins from a Roman army camp in the frontier zone in Lower Germany. Distribution, circulation, use and function of Roman and Celtic coins at the Kops Plateau in Nijmegen
Secretariat The Egyptian face of Hellenistic and Roman Alexandria
Secretariat Digging Holes Abroad: An Ethnography of Dutch Archaeological Research Projects Abroad
Secretariat Ancestral mounds. The social and ideological significance of barrows, 2900-1100 BC
Secretariat Settlement Dynamics and High-Precision 14C Dating
Secretariat Blood is thicker than water: Amerindian intra- and inter-insular relationships and social organization in the pre-Colonial Windward Islands
Secretariat Rethinking Ostia: a spatial enquiry into the urban society of an Imperial port-town
Secretariat The late Bronze Age and Iron Age ceramics of Tell es-Saydiyeh (Jordan)
Secretariat Landscaping the powers of darkness and light: 600 BC - 350 AD settlement concerns of Noord-Holland in wider perspective
Secretariat City and country in the central Jordan valley
Secretariat Cultus sites in Palestine
Secretariat Germania Inferior from a physico-anthropological perspective
Secretariat Settlements functions in the North-western area of distribution of the Michelsberg culture
Secretariat The Martini churchyard; seat of a regional centre of power in the city of Groningen during the Middle Ages
Secretariat Palaeoclimatic reconstructions from pollen data for the Eastern Mediterranean region by numerical analyses
Secretariat Sol. The sun in the art and religions of Rome
Secretariat Social stratification in the Bronze Age
Secretariat Mycenean influences on Cypres
Secretariat The lion in Minoan Mycenean Greece
Secretariat The intervention of the early cultivators in the Northern Netherlands on the natural environment: testing of the landnam model
Secretariat Neolithical and early Bronze Age settlement in the Northeast Polder: cultural patterns in a changing environment
Secretariat Canabae-project Nijmegen. Bronze objects
Secretariat Design principles and building history of prominent houses in the social context of Pompeï in the third and second century before Chr.
Secretariat A socio-economic and political landscape archaeology of the Late Roman and post-antique transition in South Lazio, Italy
Secretariat Man and animal in Roman Nijmegen and the Batavian area
Secretariat Constructing communities. Clustered neighbourhood settlements of the Central Anatolian Neolithic ca. 8500-5500 Cal. BC
Secretariat Levantine material culture in regional perspective. A comparative study of the material culture, in particular the indigenous pottery repertories in contexts of de iron age (1150-700/650) of the North and Central Levantine area
Secretariat Images of nature and architecture on Attic black figure ceramics. Representations and meaning of the natural and built environment in de sixth century before Christ in Athens
Secretariat (Early) Nations and cities
Secretariat Early agrarian societies: socio-economic development and land use planning
Secretariat Hunter/gatherers: Pleistocene habitation history and research methodology
Secretariat Settlement and rural economy of the Batavian territory
Secretariat Ancient hunters, modern butchers
Secretariat Roman militaria from the Batavian area. Archeological contexts and cultural interpretation (1st-2nd century A.D.)
Secretariat The funeral textile tradition from the Osmore valley, South Peru, and its social-political implications
Secretariat Patterns in Pottery. A compartive study of pottery production in Salento, Sibaritide and Agro Pontino in the context of urbanization and colonization in the first millennium BC
Secretariat Dutch historical wooden barges and little professional ships
Secretariat The pottery of Swifterbant
Secretariat Sanctuaries on Crete in the Iron Age. A research into their shape and function from the Sub-Minoic times till the Roman conquest (ca. 1100 - 67 v. Chr.)
Secretariat Pre-Colombian social organisation and interaction interpreted through the study of settlement patterns. An archaeological case-study of the Pointe des Châteaux, La Désirade and les îles de la Petite Terre micro-region, Guadeloupe, F.W.I.
Secretariat Beyond the site: the Saalian archaeological record at Maastricht ¿ Belvedere (the Netherlands)
Secretariat Carbonization of peas and wheat : a window into the past

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