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Completed research

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Collaboration Nitro-Europe
Collaboration Impact of changing flood pulses on fish recruitment in large rivers: Volga, Russia (WOLGA)
Collaboration Soil and Water Protection (SOWAP)
Collaboration Spatial assessment of biodiversity in wetlands
Collaboration Unravelling the Rhine. Response of a fluvial system to climate change, sea-level oscillation and glaciation
Secretariat Modelling land Use Change. Improving the prediction of future land use patterns
Secretariat Remote Sensing Image Processing for Monitoring Vegetation Dynamics
Secretariat Error analysis for the evaluation of model performance
Secretariat Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS)
Secretariat Aggregation of regional atmospheric simulations for the evaluation of long-term pollutant concentrations
Secretariat Assessment of soil losses due to crop harvesting in China
Secretariat The environmental and socio-economic contribution of palm geotextiles to sustainable development and soil conservation (BORASSUS)
Secretariat The Urban Living Environment in Flanders: Dream or Illusion? Modelling Preference
Secretariat Twinning European and Latin-American river basins for research enabling sustainable water resources management (TWINLATIN)
Secretariat The sensitivity of river systems to human actions and climatic events across different environments: a Holocene perspective
Secretariat Atmospheric oxygen and the global carbon cycle. Observations from the new F3 North Sea platform monitoring station and 6 additional locations in Europe and Siberia
Secretariat Modeling nutrient fluxes at the land-ocean interface: terrestrial controls, impact on coastal waters and response to global change – Global nutrient fluxes at the land-ocean interface: quantification and analysis of controls
Secretariat Regulation of microbial transformations relevant for ecosystem functioning in a changing environment
Secretariat Modelling climate and runoff characteristics in the Meuse catchment
Secretariat Modelling Dansgaard-Oeschger cycles 8 & 14 with a coupled earth system model
Secretariat Rapid climatic and environmental shifts during Oxygen Isotope Stages (OIS) 2 and 3 – linking high-resolution terrestrial, ice core and marine archives
Secretariat Fractionation of stable isotopes in Sphagnum mosses: implications for peat-based palaeoclimate reconstruction
Secretariat The royal Arzhan-2 monument and the Scythian world of Eurasia in the 1st millennium BC (chronology, environment and economy)
Secretariat CHALLACEA: (Lake Challa: a Long Archive of Climate in Equatorial Africa): High-resolution reconstruction of late-Glacial and Holocene climate variability in equatorial East Africa based on laminated lake sediments from Mt. Kilimanjaro
Secretariat Fine-resolution palynology of European Quaternary deposits
Secretariat Holocene high-resolution climate change in the northern Colombian Andes; multiproxy records from Lake La Cocha sediments place IPCC-Report records in a tropical perspective
Secretariat Analyses of water isotope diffusion in firn: contributions to a better palaeoclimatic interpretation of ice cores
Secretariat Quaternary palaeogeography, drainage diversion and forebulge isostasy in the Southern North Sea Basin
Secretariat The influence of peat compaction on river channel diversions and alluvial architecture
Secretariat Distal delta-plain succession -- Architecture and lithofacies of organics and lake fills in the Holocene Rhine-Meuse delta, The Netherlands
Secretariat Patterns and Processes in Changing Environments
Secretariat State-of-the Art 14C-related work on ice cores and atmospheric CO2
Secretariat Interaction of Holocene coastal evolution and fluvial dynamics in the Rhine-Meuse
Secretariat The impact of changing freshwater flows on the thermohaline circulation and European climate – analysis and modelling of the last deglaciation
Secretariat Vertical migrations of upper forest lines in the northern Andes identified by soil organic matter fingerprints (Ecuador)
Secretariat Holocene upper forest line dynamics in the Ecuadorian Andes: a multiproxy study
Secretariat Uncertainty analysis
Secretariat The application of data assimilation techniques to earth science problems
Secretariat Data-based methods to investigate the influence of abiotic on biotic processes
Secretariat Patterns of nutrient transfer in lowland catchments
Secretariat Hysteresis in the pore pressure development of slow moving landslides
Secretariat Debris flow modelling
Secretariat Slide2flow
Secretariat Quantification of top soil moisture patterns - Evaluation of field methods, process-based modelling, remote sensing and an integrated approach
Secretariat The role of macropore flow from plot to catchment scale, a study in a semi-arid area
Secretariat LISEM soil erosion modelling
Secretariat Discharge generation
Secretariat Desertification monitoring and control using GIS and remote sensing techniques, east Damascus, Syria
Secretariat Impact of root properties on resistance of Mediterranean topsoils to water erosion (RECONDES)
Secretariat Spatial and temporal variation of landsliding in the Flemish Ardennes, Belgium
Secretariat Exploratory study with respect to mass movements in the Flemish Ardennes
Secretariat Resistance of topsoils to concentrated flow erosion
Secretariat Modeling ephemeral gully erosion in upland areas
Secretariat Modeling land use changes and its environmental consequences in Central and Eastern Europe
Secretariat Land degradation and rehabilitation at the scale of Giba catchment, Tigray, Ethiopia
Secretariat Towards integrated catchment management in tropical mountain areas: the problem of sediment management, Paute catchment, Ecuador
Secretariat Land use change modeling in the karstic mountaineous area of Thuan Chau, Son La province, Vietnam
Secretariat Testing of conservation tillage systems in a loess area
Secretariat Surface fluxes of carbon and soil particles and their relation with carbon sequestration
Secretariat The relevance of actual process measurements for the reconstruction of landscape evolution over longer time spans and for larger spatial units
Secretariat Development of GIS-procedures for environmental modelling
Secretariat Multi-scale interactions between soil, vegetation and erosion in the context of agricultural land abandonment in a semi-arid environment
Secretariat Spatio-temporal dynamics of soil, water and vegetation in groundwater dependent ecosystems
Secretariat Nowcasting for operational water management using reduced hydrological models and data assimilation
Secretariat BALANCE: Climate change impact on Northern hydrology and freshwater runoff to the Barents Sea
Secretariat Hydrology and biogeochemistry of heath forests of contrasting stature in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia
Secretariat Volcanic ash soils in Andean ecosystems. Unravelling organic matter distribution and stabilisation
Secretariat Diversity of environmental (climatic) conditions in China since the last glaciation
Secretariat On the role of icebergs in the climate system. Coupling a dynamical-thermodynamical iceberg module to a three-dimensional global climate model
Secretariat Modelling of northern wetland methane fluxes at rapid climate transitions during the last glacial
Secretariat Late Quaternary vegetation dynamics of the Eastern Arc Mountains, Tanzania
Secretariat Complex dynamics in time series of terrestrial plant diversity in relation to global change
Secretariat ACCROTELM: Abrupt Climate Changes Recorded Over The European Land Mass: multi-proxy records of Late-Holocene climate variability in Europe
Secretariat Human impact on Holocene catchment development and fluvial processes - the Geul River catchment, SE Netherlands
Secretariat From gravel to sand. Downstream fining of bed sediments in the lower river Rhine
Secretariat Sediment dynamics in the Rhine catchment. Quantification of fluvial response to climate change and human impact
Secretariat Alluvial architecture of the Holocene Rhine-Meuse delta (The Netherlands) and the Lower Mississippi Valley (U.S.A.)
Secretariat Modeling of global nutrient fluxes at the land-ocean interface : terrestrial controls, impact on coastal waters and response to global change – Nutrient dynamics in large river basins
Secretariat Character and causes of the 8.2 ka climate event
Secretariat Extreme-resolution Eemian climate variability of the tropics (Colombia); a search for driving forces and mechanisms at work
Secretariat Exploring early- and mid- Weichselian climate variability in Europe by applying chironomids as a proxy
Secretariat The behaviour of Ca-isotopes in the terrestrial weathering cycle
Secretariat Linking polyphenol chemistry to C and N transformation and sequestration in soils
Secretariat Pleistocene centennial-scale vegetational, environmental, and climatic change in the Colombian Andes: based on biotic and abiotic proxy analyses from Lake Fúquene sediments
Secretariat Effects of climate change and human impact on late-Holocene species composition and carbon accumulation in bog ecosystems
Secretariat Does fluctuating solar UV-radiation amplify solar forcing of Holocene climatic shifts? Evidence from a new biological proxy in recent and fossil pollen and spores
Secretariat Object-oriented image analysis for ecological modelling
Secretariat Spatial uncertainty analysis for the nutrient chain
Secretariat Geostatistics and stochastic simulation
Secretariat Spatio-temporal modelling of soil water content
Secretariat Towards improved treatment of parameter uncertainty in hydrologic modeling
Secretariat Modelling pattern formation of water transport as a result of interactions between soil, water and vegetation
Secretariat High-accuracy trace gas mixing ratio measurements using GC technology.
Secretariat Holocene sediment fluxes on the territory of the ancient city of Sagalassos, SW Turkey
Secretariat Rural development in the mountain karst area of NW Vietnam by sustainable water and land management and social learning: its condition and facilitation
Secretariat Quantification and modelling of the sedimentological and morphological dynamics of tidal marshes in the Scheldt estuary
Secretariat Sediment delivery to watercourses from rural areas: assessment and evaluation of control measures
Secretariat The geometry and organisation of fluvial systems: are they controlled by general principles?
Secretariat Development and evaluation of a spatially distributed sediment delivery model
Secretariat Diagnosis and remediation of soil degradation in the Austro Ecuatoriano
Secretariat Analysis of spatial patterns of landslides and their dynamics in the Mount Elgon area, Uganda
Secretariat Spatial variability of sediment yield on the Iberian Peninsula
Secretariat Impact of drilling density and wheat root characteristics on soil erosion by concentrated overland flow
Secretariat Analysis of conditions leading to gullies found under forest: case-study Meerdaal forest (Belgium)
Secretariat Assessment and modelling of soil losses due to root and tuber harvesting (SLRTH)
Secretariat Fighting desertification in the Tigray highlands (North-Ethiopia): lessons to be learnt from failures and successes of soil erosion control techniques
Secretariat Study of the spatial and temporal variation in sediment yield from rural catchments and assessment of the impact of human measures to the sediment delivery
Secretariat Experimental and field studies on gully erosion and sedimentation under various ecological conditions
Secretariat The Holocene landscape evolution of the Bardenas Reales, Ebro basin, Spain
Secretariat A comparative study of the geomorphology in different areas: landscape history with mapping technique applications
Secretariat Hierarchy of land degradation processes in a Mediterranean environment.
Secretariat Development of dunes in aeolian landscapes
Secretariat Eco-engineering and conservation of slopes for long-term protection from erosion, landslides and storms (ECOSLOPES)
Secretariat Protecting soils from the drivers of environmental change and ecosystem degradation in Mediterranean and other systems
Secretariat Development of a near-infrared optical feedback cavity enhanced absorption spectrometer (OF-CEAS) for atmospheric water vapor isotope ratio (18O/16O, 17O/16O, and 2H/1H) measurements
Secretariat Terrestrial Carbon Observation system Siberia.
Secretariat Aerocarb
Secretariat Oxidative ratio and other carbon cycle-related process studies, using the atmospheric monitoring station "Lutjewad" and other CIO sampling stations
Secretariat O2/N2/Ar concentration ratios in air
Secretariat Soil life under stress
Secretariat Land use and groundwater quality. How technical instrumentation and scientific knowledge can support groundwater planning
Secretariat Deposition of sediment and associated heavy metals on floodplains
Secretariat SOILSAMP - Assessment of uncertainty associated with soil sampling in agricultural, semi-natural urban and contaminated sites
Secretariat Mantra-east; integrated strategies for the management of transboundary waters on the Eastern European fringe - the pilot study of Lake Peipsi and its drainage basin
Secretariat Evaluation and network of EC-decision support systems in the field of hydrological dispersion models and of aquatic radioecological research (EVANET-HYDRA)
Secretariat Evaluation and network of EC- decision support systems in the field of terrestrial radioecological research (EVANET-TERRA)
Secretariat Patterns of groundwater quality
Secretariat Spatial geochemistry of diffuse pollutants and their natural counterparts in the soil groundwater system in unconsolidated sedimentary basins
Secretariat Geochemical soil survey of the Netherlands. Atlas of major and trace elements in topsoil and parent material; assessment of natural and anthropegenic enrichment factors
Secretariat Geochemical patterns in the soils of Zeeland. Natural variability versus anthropogenic impact
Secretariat Man and nature at Biebrza
Secretariat Closing in on meadow birds. Coping with a changing landscape in the Netherlands
Secretariat Hydro-ecological analysis of less disturbed areas in Poland and Siberia
Secretariat Transport processes in the soil compartment of natural ecosystems
Secretariat Transformation of plant materials into soil organic matter (SOM)
Secretariat VULCAN (former CLIMOOR)
Secretariat CNTER, Carbon-Nitrogen inTERactions in forest ecosystems
Secretariat An analysis of short-term dynamics and parametric uncertainty in a forest nitrogen model
Secretariat Tropical Quaternary ecology
Secretariat Restoration of broad-leaved evergreen forests in subtropical China from degraded Chinese fir plantations
Secretariat Mesoscale distribution of rain forest plants along environmental gradients in North-West Amazonia
Secretariat Fruit availability and seed dispersal in terra firme rain forests of Colombian Amazonia
Secretariat Evidence for short climatic oscillations in Eastern European loess during the last glacial cycle
Secretariat Lost in loess. Late quaternary eolian dust dispersal patterns across central China inferred from decomposed loess grain-size records
Secretariat The relative importance of tectonics, climate change and sea-level change for the development of Late-Quaternary longitudinal profiles of the lower river Rhine
Secretariat INTIMATE: Integration of ice-core, marine and terrestrial records over Termination 1
Secretariat Palaeogeography of Lateglacial vegetations in The Netherlands (LGNET)
Secretariat High-resolution multi-proxy records of climate change during the Preboreal: evaluation of climate forcing factors
Secretariat Pliocene-Pleistocene evolution of flora, vegetation and climate: a palynological and sedimentological study of 586-m core from the Bogotá Basin, Colombia
Secretariat Response of the natural river system to Late Pleistocene climate change (eastern Germany)
Secretariat Fluvial dynamics in relation to climate and tectonics: the Tisza river (Hungary)
Secretariat Subaqueous bed forms: interaction between dunes and non-steady flow in rivers
Secretariat Geological and geomorphological evolution of Rhine-Meuse delta during the Holocene and Late Pleistocene
Secretariat The effects of natural reforestation on the hydrology, river morphology, and sediment budget of the Dragonja catchment, SW Slovenia
Secretariat Wiggle match 14C dating and climate change
Secretariat Incorporating process knowledge in spatio-temporal mapping of soil variables
Secretariat Developments in geo-informatics and geostatistics - virtual landscapes
Secretariat Mediterranean land cover change: Modelling and monitoring natural vegetation using GIS and remote sensing
Secretariat PROFORMA: PROductivity of FORests in Mediterranean Areas; integration of conventional and remote sensing data for modelling ecosystem processes on a regional scale
Secretariat Developments in geo-informatics and geostatistics
Secretariat Development of a predictive model of landscape formation and geo-ecosystem functioning
Secretariat Statistical analysis of spatio-temporal data
Secretariat Isotope analysis in soils
Secretariat Isotope analysis in hydrology
Secretariat Cosmogenic isotopes 14C and 3H
Secretariat Analysis of six soil conservation treatments on a variable site
Secretariat DAIS-Guadelantin: use of hyperspectral imaging systems for mapping complex patterns of erosion and stability in arid Mediterranean ecosystems in the Guadelantin, Spain
Secretariat Impact of hydrometeorological changes on slope instability
Secretariat Measuring and modelling surface and subsurface runoff and sediment transport in different land units in the Ouvèze catchment (France)
Secretariat Geomechanical analyses of loess landslides
Secretariat The influence of soil biota on water infiltration and throughflow in the soil
Secretariat Rill initiation and development in relation to dynamic soil properties
Secretariat The dune system of the Sabaki River, Kenya
Secretariat 14C of atmospheric CO2 using AMS
Secretariat Methane from rice paddies
Secretariat The distribution of predatory mites on cassava in West Africa
Secretariat Integrated modelling of (ground)water flow and groundwater quality at a regional scale in urban areas
Secretariat Mapping of geochemical soil characteristics
Secretariat Impact of human activities on water resources (Central Valley, Costa Rica)
Secretariat Drainage Basin Hydrology (DBH) and Integrated Assessment (IA)
Secretariat Continuing Lines
Secretariat Water composition and restoration of fen ecosystems
Secretariat Hydro-ecological modelling and integrated management plans for the catchment areas of small lowland rivers
Secretariat Response curves of plant species with multiple stress
Secretariat Soil and groundwater pollution in the central plateau of Limburg
Secretariat Hydro-ecological analysis of the Biebrza-valley (North-east Poland)
Secretariat Dynamics of spatial water quality patterns induced by natural processes and human activities
Secretariat Determining the patterns and dynamics of land-use/land cover changes in semi-arid areas using digital image analysis techniques: a case study of Baringo district, Kenya
Secretariat Landscape ecology and environmental impact analysis of the Sierra Nevada de Colima, Mexico
Secretariat Methods for reconstruction and prediction of vegetation developments in salt marshes at different landscape scales on the island of Ameland
Secretariat Methodology for the assessment of degradation risks in mountainous forest ecosystems in mediterranean NE-Spain
Secretariat Soil organic matter and nutrient dynamics under different land use histories in North Cameroon: implications on the sustainability of the environment
Secretariat The impact of atmospheric deposition on the soil and soil composition of Dutch dry dunes
Secretariat Restoration of forest ecosystems in the national park Krkonose, Czech Republic
Secretariat Measurement and modelling of processes in soils
Secretariat Monitoring and modelling hydrological fluxes in support of nutrient cycling studies in Amazonian rain forest ecosystems
Secretariat Establishment, development and diversity of epiphytic vegetation in recovering tropical montane rain forests
Secretariat Forest dynamics in Amazonian Colombia: the case of three landscapes on the Middle Caquetá
Secretariat Non-timber forest plant resource assessment in NW Amazonia
Secretariat Biogeography and ecology of equatorial lowland ecosystems and of montane forest and (sub-)alpine grasslands in tropical America
Secretariat 14C-based chronologies
Secretariat The 14C signal in laminated sediments
Secretariat Palaeogeography of Late Glacial vegetations: a spatial and temporal analysis
Secretariat Paleohydrological changes in the Netherlands during the past 13,000 years
Secretariat Periglacial environments and paleoclimatology
Secretariat Paleo-ecology and (peri)glacial eolian sediment transfer in the ice-sheet marginal zone of South-western Greenland (Kangerlussuaq region)
Secretariat Comparative paleo-ecology of the last 13000 years in four mountain ranges in France, Spain and Portugal
Secretariat Glaciation of Antarctica: its nature and history
Secretariat Paleo-ecology of sandy landscapes
Secretariat Towards recovery of native dry forest in the Colombian Andes. A plantation experiment for ecological restoration
Secretariat Pliocene-Quaternary paleo-ecology and paleoclimatology
Secretariat Younger Dryas style climatic oscillations and interglacial to glacial change in the Middle- and Late-Pleistocene
Secretariat Improved paleoclimate reconstruction by an integrated compound-specific stable carbon isotopic, flash-pyrolysis mass spectrometric and micro-paleontological approach
Secretariat Provenance and weathering changes in Meuse sediments over the Allerød-Younger Dryas climate transition
Secretariat Fluvial dynamics in relation to climate: the Warta (Poland), the Meuse (the Netherlands)
Secretariat Impact of climate changes of different order on river development (Maas and Niers valleys)
Secretariat Late Pleistocene climate changes and sandy aeolian depositional environments
Secretariat Early Pleistocene climatic changes and their impact on river and coastal depositional environments
Secretariat Geomorphological evolution of the fluvial area in the central Netherlands during the Holocene, including core data analysis
Secretariat Spatial differentiation in economic activities in the late medieval town of Edam (Province of North Holland, Netherlands)
Secretariat The cadastral survey and registration, especially in the Dutch Province of Overijssel
Secretariat Mechanics and modelling of sediment transport in aeolian landscapes
Secretariat Evaluation of fluvial, aeolian and periglacial paleoclimate proxy data of oxygen isotope stage 3

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