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Afgesloten onderzoek

(het meest recente onderzoek is bovenaan geplaatst)
Samenwerking Direct Numerical Simulations of Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer in Dense Bubbly Flows
Samenwerking Super- and Transcritical Fluid Expansions for Next-Generation Energy Conversion Systems
Samenwerking Optimization of particle size distribution to improve fluidized bed hydrodynamics
Samenwerking Toward a reliable model for industrial gas-fluidized bed reactors with polydisperse particles
Samenwerking Sand in short supply. Modelling of bedforms, roughness and sediment transport in rivers under supply-limited conditions
Samenwerking Hydrodynamic forces in a mixed-flow pump
Samenwerking CFD in drinking water treatment
Samenwerking Mathematical Aspects of Thermoacoustics
Samenwerking Rapid heating with steam injection
Samenwerking Micro Bubble Actuators
Samenwerking Active model-based suppression of thermo-accoustic instabilities in gas-fired household boilers and heaters
Samenwerking Autoignition and flame stabilisation processes in turbulent non-premixed hot coflow flames
Samenwerking Long loquid slugs instratified gas/liquid flow in horizontal and slightly inclined tubes
Samenwerking Aircushion Supported Mega-Floaters
Samenwerking Ontwikkeling van de vlokgrootteverdeling van cohesief sediment
Samenwerking Two-phase flows with free surfaces
Samenwerking The Brewer-Dobson circulation: interannual variability and climate change
Samenwerking Congruente schalen in de economie, kusttechniek en morfologie
Samenwerking Cells under jetting flow conditions
Samenwerking The structure of unsteady 3D sheet cavitation
Samenwerking New combustion concepts for ultra-(c)lean engines
Samenwerking Modelling and Modification of HNF and HNF-Based Propellant Combustion
Samenwerking Experimental investigation of scalar fluctuations and mixing properties in turbulent flow
Samenwerking Generic Methods for Aero-Engine Exhaust Emission Prediction
Samenwerking Development and validation of a phenomenological diesel engine combustion model
Samenwerking Visualization of Cumulus Clouds in Virtual Reality
Samenwerking De invloed van biogas bijmenging op de stabiliteit van een arme, voorgemengde vlam in een gas turbine
Samenwerking Modellering van het verbrandingsproces in een directe injectie dieselmotor
Samenwerking Two-dimensional turbulence
Samenwerking De invloed van high-tech geluidsgolven op de stroming in een poreus medium
Samenwerking Transport of Suspended particles in turbulent open channel flows
Samenwerking Meerfasenstroming tijdens gas-lift operaties
Samenwerking Theoretische en experimentele studie naar de invloed van de interactie tussen deeltjes en vloeistof op de turbulentie
Samenwerking Passieve en actieve regeling van turbulente stroming: een experimentele en numerieke studie
Samenwerking Het meten van krachten op een klein deeltje in een turbulente stroming nabij de wand
Samenwerking Aèro-akoestische berekeningen
Samenwerking Cycloon voor de afscheiding van olie/water stromen
Samenwerking Invloed van turbulentie op explosieve verbranding
Samenwerking Numerieke simulatie van turbulente stromingen in combinatie met experimenten
Financier Precipitation in a microreactor
Penvoerder Pulsed compression technology: a breakthrough in high temperature processes
Penvoerder Aerosol motion in porous media
Penvoerder Electrowetting controlled contact line dynamics
Penvoerder Multi-scale modeling of Geldart A particles in gas-fluidized beds
Penvoerder Reduction of gas cooler fouling in biomass gasifiers
Penvoerder Thermal management by controlled boiling
Penvoerder Bio-STPIS
Penvoerder Reduced chemistry models for large eddy simulations of combustion in gasturbine combustors
Penvoerder Validation of tropospheric trace gas retrieval (focus on nitrogen dioxide) by satellites with ground based measurements
Penvoerder Efficient Navier Stokes based simulation of non-linear aeroelasticity
Penvoerder Marangoni driven free surface flows in liquid weld pools
Penvoerder Multi-scale modelling of reacting gas flows in micro-fluidic systems
Penvoerder A laboratory experiment to study the effect of turbulence on droplet growth and size distributions in clouds
Penvoerder Numerical methods for industrial flow problems
Penvoerder VOMAS: fatigue analysis of high-speed aluminum crafts
Penvoerder Development of truncated inviscid turbulence and the FPU-problem
Penvoerder Study of droplet dynamics and turbulence modification in two-phase flows by means of DNS
Penvoerder INFLUS (Active fluid control by functionalised material interface of complex geometry microchannels)
Penvoerder STEP: Steps to turbulence: patterns in pipe flow
Penvoerder Flotation and de-mixing of turbulent 3-phase flows
Penvoerder The hemodynamics of vascular remodelling
Penvoerder Investigation of complex flow patterns in a moving immersion lens droplet
Penvoerder Fluid dynamics research on marine worms (Nereis diversicolor)
Penvoerder Identification and modification of acoustic sources in a turbulent flow past past a cavity
Penvoerder Development and application of volumetric velocity measurement techniques
Penvoerder Multi level modeling of polydisperse systems
Penvoerder Flow topology and heat transfer in microchannels
Penvoerder Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Cross Flow in Rod Bundle
Penvoerder An NMR Multiphase Flow Meter
Penvoerder Single-phase Crossflow Mixing in a Vertical Tube Bundle Geometry - An eperimental study
Penvoerder Viscosity bifurcation and vortex formation in foams: the jamming connection
Penvoerder Development and application of laser diagnostics for flame research
Penvoerder Transient Dynamics in the Morphology of Coastal Seas
Penvoerder Past, Present and Future Morphological development of a Tsunami-Affected coast: A case study of Banda Aceh
Penvoerder A semi-analytical model for form drag of river bedforms
Penvoerder Multiscale modeling and simulation of environmental flows
Penvoerder Discountinuous galerkin finite element methods for (non) conservative partial differential equations
Penvoerder Electrowetting-based droplet generation and emulsification in microchannel
Penvoerder Electrically tunable structured superhydrophobic surfaces
Penvoerder Pinch-off dynamics in alternating electric fields
Penvoerder Measurement of hydrodynamic resistance of single living cells
Penvoerder Superhydrophic surfaces: from fluid mechanics to optics
Penvoerder Newton vs Stokes: Competing forces in granular matter
Penvoerder Free-slip in patterned microchannels
Penvoerder New Combustion Concepts in Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines
Penvoerder Microcooler: thermal subsystems and micro coolers for micro satellites
Penvoerder Curved open-channel flows. A numerical study
Penvoerder Optimal Aerodynamic Strategies in Insect Flight
Penvoerder Computational Modelling of micro-flows
Penvoerder Thermodynamic and fluid dynamic aspects of a boiling liquid expanding vapour
Penvoerder Model-based estimation of multi-phase flows in horizontal wells
Penvoerder Efficient Iterative Solution of Large Linear Systems on Heterogenous Computing Systems
Penvoerder Sustainable Energy Systems. Limitations and challenges based on exergy evaluations
Penvoerder Biological Fluid Mechanics
Penvoerder Micro particle image velocimetry (µpiv) on endothelial cell cultures
Penvoerder Design of flow control elements for an Integrated MEMS-based DNA Diagnostic
Penvoerder Fluorescence on a chip: optical flow diagnostics
Penvoerder Experimental investigation of the sound produced by turbulent flows at various
Penvoerder Integrated Microfluidic Bench Technologies for Active Control of Unconventional
Penvoerder Nature-inspired micro-fluidic manipulation using
Penvoerder Rapid Mixing in a T-shaped Micro Mixer
Penvoerder Biogeomorfologie Macro Schaal Waddenzee
Penvoerder Numerical analysis of the flow through the porous media in a concentric annular pipe
Penvoerder Experimental and computational study of high pressure fluidization of polymeric materials
Penvoerder Dispersion of micro-organisms in geophysical turbulence
Penvoerder Directe numerieke simulatie van olie-water mengsels met behulp van front capturing technieken
Penvoerder Dispersed two-phase flows
Penvoerder Advanced Numerical Techniques
Penvoerder Measurement techniques
Penvoerder Granular matter
Penvoerder Bio fluid mechanics
Penvoerder Mathematical and computational methods for fluid flow analysis
Penvoerder Complex structures of fluids
Penvoerder Complex dynamics of fluids

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