Department of Organization Sciences


Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Migrant Women Shout It Out Aloud. The Integration/Participation Strategies and Sense of Home of First- and Second-Generation Women of Moroccan and Turkish Descent
Collaboration Between Optimism and Opportunism. Deconstructing 'African Management' Discourse in South Africa
Secretariat Coping with Tourism Decline – Small Scale Tourism Entrepreneurs in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Secretariat For Security Reasons. Narratives about Security Practices and Organizational Change in the Dutch and Spanish Railway Sector
Secretariat Authoring Cultural Change. Discursive (de)Legitimation within Rijkswaterstaat
Secretariat Institutional entrepreneurship in the Dutch tour operating industry
Secretariat Trust and Control in Teams
Secretariat Buzzing across boundaries. An inquiry into the Amsterdam IT and new media-cluster from a knowledge-based perspective
Secretariat From loyalty to flexibility?: The effects of a new managerial regime in Japan on employees' organizational identification
Secretariat Organisational cultures in transborder regions
Secretariat Cultural Change in Organizational Networks (CuCON)
Secretariat Identity at work. Control and commitment in postbureaucratic organisations
Secretariat Values and ethics within governance and business
Secretariat Industrial networks and innovative success
Secretariat In pursuit of comfort. The transnationalisation process of Malaysian Chinese small and medium enterprises
Secretariat Industrial management: leadership and motivation in African cultures

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