Faculteit Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences


Afgesloten onderzoek

(het meest recente onderzoek is bovenaan geplaatst)
Samenwerking Controlling Collaborative New Product Development
Samenwerking Spare Parts Planning and Control for Maintenance Operations
Samenwerking Optimization of Container Supply Chains
Samenwerking Resource Pooling Games
Samenwerking Time and Reliability in Vehicle Routing Problems
Samenwerking Value CraftingUsing Organizational Values for the Development of Sustainable Work Organizations
Samenwerking Research program on patient safety and complex care (PSCC)
Samenwerking Materialising Identity : The co-construction of the Gotthard Railway and Swiss national identity
Penvoerder Sensor-driven Prognostic Models for Improved Failure Prediction and Service Logistics
Penvoerder Transnationalising the TVA: International River Development in Troubled Waters
Penvoerder TREIN-project deel I
Penvoerder Historical and future transitions in agriculture and food
Penvoerder The Slippery Slope of Intentionality
Penvoerder Historical Policy Studies
Penvoerder Verspreiding van geavanceerde productietechnieken: een studie betreffende machines en machine-onderdelen in India
Penvoerder De diversiteit van kennisoverdracht in publiek-private kennisnetwerken
Penvoerder Ontwikkeling en toepassing van leermodellen voor gedrag in situaties met onderlinge afhankelijkheid
Penvoerder Exploring policy protection in biofuel niche development A policy and Strategic Niche Management analysis of Dutch and Swedish biofuel development, 1970-2010
Penvoerder Energiesystemen in transitie: analyse van meerdere regimes van het energiesysteem in de periode 1970-2000
Penvoerder Half vol of half leeg? Keuzegedrag en de karakterisering van opties in positieve of negatieve termen
Penvoerder Bouw en analyse van een database van technologische overgangen
Penvoerder The Dymanics of Technological Discontinuities: a Patent Citation Network Analysis of Telecommunication Switches
Penvoerder Increasing Returns to Scale, Technology Competition and the Emergence of New Network Technologies: The Case of Wireless Technologies
Penvoerder Temporal aspects of impact sounds designed for virtual environments
Penvoerder Principles of auditory object information
Penvoerder Visual Search, Memory and Recognition
Penvoerder The role of statistical and singular information in decision making and the role of trust
Penvoerder The role of negative and positive attributes in describing options and choosing between them
Penvoerder On the acceptance of sustainable energy systems: Explicit and implicit effects in perceived value
Penvoerder Narrative disclosure of health-care knowledge - NARRATOR
Penvoerder Determinants of social presence
Penvoerder Biomass: public acceptance
Penvoerder Virtual and Augmented Environments (the human experience)
Penvoerder Technology and the Civilizing Mission: Dutch Colonial Development in the European Context, 1870-1970
Penvoerder Electrifying Europe : The power of Europe in the construction of electricity networks
Penvoerder Cognitive Aspects of User System Interaction
Penvoerder Logistic Control Systems
Penvoerder Innovation Management
Penvoerder Quality, Reliability and Re-usability
Penvoerder When products are presented in sequence: Order effects in consumer choice.
Penvoerder Trust and Control in Automation
Penvoerder Social acceptance of biomass as a sustainable source of energy: consequences for development and implementation
Penvoerder International technology spillovers and their contribution to manufacturing performance in a developing economy. The case of Indonesia
Penvoerder Improving manufacturing performance in LDC's. The case of Zambia

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