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Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Domestic and Geopolitical Challenges to Energy Security for China and the European Union
Collaboration Design and implementation of integrated sustainable husbandry concepts based on reflexive methods
Collaboration Effects of gentrification (PUCA 2)
Collaboration State Aid and Transport infrastructures
Collaboration Effects of increased pCO2 on freshwater food webs through physical-chemical coupling: a stoichiometric perspective (STOICHWEB)
Collaboration Feedbacks between nutrients and toxicants in model ecosystems and field enclosures
Collaboration Semantic access
Collaboration Matrix software
Collaboration Futuristic views in the protected cultivation
Collaboration Projects of the subtheme Landscape and nature
Collaboration Monitoring and evaluation
Collaboration Renewable use of space
Collaboration How can the Ministery of Agriculture, Nature conservation and Fisheries (LNV) fill in its rol on transition; a community of practice
Collaboration Social mixing in neightbourhoods
Collaboration Shaping Urban problems and Sustainable Solutions: Discourses in European Urban Policy
Collaboration Spatial footprints of new economic activities in advanced cities. The nodes and networks of path-creation and path-reproduction in cultural industries in Dutch metropolitan environments
Collaboration The inventive city: urban competitiveness and sustainable urban development
Collaboration Between competition and complementarity: the relation between infrastructure, economic space and governance in the Delta metropolis.
Collaboration EU conformity check
Collaboration Democratic sphere in the city-countryside field of force
Collaboration Simultaneous study of nucleation and growth processes during phase transformations in steel with neutron depolarisation
Collaboration Emmen researched; an evalution study to the social aspects of restructuring
Collaboration Climate induced biodiversity shifts in freshwater ecosystems : models and time series analysis
Collaboration Cultural heritage in interactive multimedia environments (Token2000/CHIME)
Collaboration Frisian migrants
Collaboration Abatement floating layers Haarlemmermeerse Bosplas
Collaboration Residential mobility and housing choice behaviour
Financier Geostatistics and stochastic simulation
Financier Towards improved treatment of parameter uncertainty in hydrologic modeling
Financier Modelling pattern formation of water transport as a result of interactions between soil, water and vegetation
Financier Development of dunes in aeolian landscapes
Financier Transport processes in the soil compartment of natural ecosystems
Financier VULCAN (former CLIMOOR)
Financier An analysis of short-term dynamics and parametric uncertainty in a forest nitrogen model
Financier The factor X in dwellings: the construction of an indicator by combining life cycle assessment with the indoor climate
Financier Incorporating process knowledge in spatio-temporal mapping of soil variables
Financier Development of a predictive model of landscape formation and geo-ecosystem functioning
Financier Statistical analysis of spatio-temporal data
Financier The influence of soil biota on water infiltration and throughflow in the soil
Financier The impact of atmospheric deposition on the soil and soil composition of Dutch dry dunes
Financier Measurement and modelling of processes in soils
Financier Establishment, development and diversity of epiphytic vegetation in recovering tropical montane rain forests
Financier Mechanics and modelling of sediment transport in aeolian landscapes

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