Department of Technology and Society Studies


Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Pragmatic constructions; simulation and the vulnerability of technological cultures
Secretariat The Place of Play; on toys, Technological Innovations and Geographies of Play
Secretariat Medical and Ethical Uncertainty in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU)
Secretariat Visions of Illness; an endography of real-time medical imaging
Secretariat Ultrasound Travels; the politics of a medical technology in Ghana and Tanzania
Secretariat Recent history of urban ecology
Secretariat Dealing with plurality: a study of the practice of professional futurists at the Netherlands Institute for Spatial Research
Secretariat Vulnerability of the information society
Secretariat Research program Perspectives on uncertainty and risk: An interdisciplinary methodology program on "Toekomstverkenning"
Secretariat Measuring the historical city The reliability of historical land surveying methods, and their use in virtual urban cartography
Secretariat Theory and methodology of science and technology research
Secretariat Social-cultural aspects of the information society
Secretariat Science and law
Secretariat Global transformations and local policy
Secretariat Reliability in complex technological systems: cultures of safety and reliability in organizations and workplaces
Secretariat Did Water Kill the Cows? The distribution and democratisation of risk, responsibility and liability in a Dutch agricultural controversy on water pollution and cattle sickness

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