Department of European and International Public Law


Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Amnesty justified? The need for a case by case approach in the interests of human rights
Collaboration Weapons technology, military doctrine and the ius in bello: dynamics and reform
Collaboration The history of human security
Secretariat The Privatized Art of War: Private Military and Security Companies and State Responsibility for their Unlawful Conduct in Conflict Areas
Secretariat Beyond Subsidiarity. Negotiating and Balancing National Discretionary Powers in the EU
Secretariat The dynamics of the interaction between the international law in case of the general international law
Secretariat Network-based Governance in EC Law. The example of EC competition and EC communications law
Secretariat Civic integration duty in relation to EU citizens and 'third Dutch citizens'
Secretariat Divergent convergence in European Community Law Empirical, conceptual and normative explorations
Secretariat The (continued) effect of the WTO agreements concerning the prevention of trade barriers in international legislation, regulations, guidelines and possibilities for national policy in case of animal and nature ethical questions
Secretariat The legal status of the constitution concerningt the European Union
Secretariat The role of the OSCE in the protection of human rights after the end of the Cold War
Secretariat Fundaments for the jurisdiction to prosecute and adjudicate transnational crime, more specific traffic in women and smuggling people

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