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Financier TitelUnderstanding cognitive decline in multiple sclerosis. Highlighting the thalamus, hippocampus and dorsolateral prefrontal cortex
Financier GFAP delta-positive cells in the subventricular zone in MS: activation and migration of multipotent progenitors?
Financier The clinical impact of diffusely abnormal white matter (DAWM) in MS
Financier Recreating MS lesions in vitro using human brain slice cultures
Financier Hippocampus and parahippocampus: anatomy and function
Financier C-type lectin : glycoprotein interactions in the central nervous system; homeostatic and pathogenic mechanisms in neuroinflammatory diseases
Financier Grey matter pathology in multiple sclerosis. Histopathological, molecular biological, and imaging studies
Financier Whiter shades of grey. Clinical relevance of grey matter abnormalities as visualized by MRI in multiple sclerosis
Financier The permissive role of microglia in oligodendrogenesis
Financier Mitochondrial dysfunction in multiple sclerosis
Financier Biological determinants of the disease course - ErasMS
Financier Identification of factors that regulate blood-brain barrier integrity
Financier High Field MRI in Multiple Sclerosis: Novel multi-contrast protocols for detection of MS lesions and iron
Financier Efficacy of client-centred occupational therapy in patients with Multiple Sclerosis: a cluster-randomised trial
Financier Imaging patterns of inflammation in Multiple Sclerosis.:a multifocal approach
Financier A role for gangliosides in Multiple Sclerosis? Identification of gangliosides involved in demyelination and/or remyelination
Financier Expression patterns of C-type lectins and carbohydrate antigens in the brain and spinal cord of MS patients and healthy controls
Financier Biomarkers for axonal damage in MS, a proteomics study
Financier Polymorphisms in the eIF2B genes as risk factor for the development of Multiple Sclerosis in general and more in particular for heat sensitivity in Multiple Sclerosis
Financier Functional-genomics analysis towards the identification of disease pathways and classifiers in multiple sclerosis
Financier Statins: impact on expression and function of microglia and astrocyte expressed immune regulatory molecules
Financier Differentiation of neural stem cells into oligodendrocytes. Epigenetic mechanisms & potential applications in multiple sclerosis
Financier MRI in Multiple Sclerosis: from diagnosis to prognosis
Financier Role of axonal damage and autoimmunity to axonal components in the pathogenesis of experimental demyelinating diseases
Financier Histopathology of the gray matter in MS
Financier The role of the tetraspanin CD81in transendothelial migration of leukocytes
Financier CD81 as a novel target to suppress leukocyte transmigration
Financier Cerebrovascular changes in early MS lesion formation
Financier Experimental animal studies on the function of the p75NTR receptor in MS related inflammation and demyelination
Financier Efficacy of multidisciplinary treatment of fatigue in multiple sclerosis: a randomised controlled trial
Financier In search of endogenous agonists for TLR3, a putative repair switch in the human CNS
Financier The role of innate antigen receptors in microglia activation and differentiation
Financier Role of IL-10 in the development of chronic experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
Financier Identification of a gene involved in multiple sclerosis in a genetically isolated population
Financier Involvement of the chemokine receptor CXCR3 in the pathology of EAE
Financier Bacterial peptidoglycan as a pro-inflammatory cofactor in MS: functional assessment in vivo and in vitro
Financier Expression and function of the orphan chemokine receptor L-CCR/CRAM in the pathology of EAE and MS
Financier Role of the novel immunoinhibitory molecule PD-L1 in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis and its potential for dendritic cell-based immunotherapy
Financier Imbalanced Immunity in Multiple Sclerose
Financier Immunological Function of Draining Lymph Nodes in Multiple Sclerosis and Animal Models
Financier Magnetic resonance imaging of leukocyte trafficking into the brain in animal models of multiple sclerosis
Financier Pathogenetic and predictive significance of autoimmunity to myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein in experimental demyelinating disease and MS
Financier Development of a novel remyelination-based strategy in MS-patients: assembly and validation of a modified anti-sulfatide antibody capable of inducing (re)myelination independently of environmental cues
Financier The effect of the stress axis on lesion activity and severity of multiple sclerosis
Financier Differential expression of myelin antigens in the CNS and their impact on the clinical course of experimental demyelinating disease and lesion location
Financier Multiple sclerosis (MS) and 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D serum levels
Financier Treatment of voiding dysfunction by neuromodulation and identification of predictive factors in a selected ms patient population
Financier Liquor bank for multiple sclerosis
Financier Netherlands Brain bank for Multiple Sclerosis
Financier Cerebrospinal Fluid Proteomics of Multiple Sclerosis Patients
Financier Echoes of Pathology. Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Studies of the Normal-Appearing White and Gray Matter in Multiple Sclerosis
Financier Feasibility study into the possibility to influence myelin forming cells specifically by means of IGF-I
Financier Magnetic Resonance Imaging Predictors for Disability in Multiple Sclerosis
Financier Grey Matters! MR imaging and hispathology studies of the grey matter in multiple sclerosis
Financier Characterisation of the contact between nerve fibres and myelin forming cells; significance for myelinisation
Financier Research into the possibility to stimulate with special proteins the development of myelin forming cells and the formation of myelin
Financier The role of matrix metalloproteinases and their natural inhibitors during the passage of the blood-brain barrier by white blood cells in MS
Financier The role of Toll-like receptors by inflammations in relation to MS
Financier The regulation of the production of the MHC class I and II proteins involved in the immune system, chemokines and chemokine receptors in multiple sclerosis
Financier Perivascular Macrophages in Neuroinflammation, the role of Scavenger Receptor CD163
Financier Prevention against illness by means of a mouse model for MS
Financier The role of antibodies and Fc-gamma receptors in multiple sclerosis
Financier Study of myelin specific antibodies produced by B cells from the brain fluid of MS patients
Financier The relationship between clinical, immunological and hormonal data during the pregnancy of MS patients
Financier The influence of infections by viruses HHV-6 and EBV on the brain cells
Financier The influence of inflammations on the functioning of the stress system in MS
Financier Evaluation of a psychosocial intervention program for patients with multiple sclerosis

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