Completed research

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Collaboration Depression and risk of cardiovascular disease
Collaboration Implementation activities for practice guidelines for physiotherapy in the Netherlands
Commissioner Development and evaluation of a dementia training programme for primary care
Commissioner International comparison of drugs use and Communities that Care (CtC) in the Netherlands and the Unites States
Commissioner Quality improvement program Disaster Relief Hospitals
Commissioner Endevaluation of the program Prevention is better
Financier Onderzoek naar het gebruik en de (kosten)effectiviteit van SneeuwFit online op het aantal en de ernst van blessures bij wintersporters (NL)
Financier Understanding the molecular and cellular basis of Angelman Syndrome
Financier Regulation of foam cell formation
Financier New network models for the analysis of disease interaction, with applications in multimorbidity
Financier Effects of plant sterol and stanol esters on oxyphytosterol concentrations and postprandial metabolism
Financier Leeflijn seksuele ontwikkeling van 9 maanden tot 99 jaar. Ontwikkeling en proefimplementatie van een multidisciplinaire richtlijn. (NL)
Financier Inter-sectoral costs and benefits of prevention: a calculation tool
Financier From 'problem district' to 'power district': does the health of residents benefit? Evaluation of the population health impact of a programme of the Dutch Minister of Housing, Communities and Integration.
Financier Effective Environmental Strategies for the Prevention of Alcohol Abuse among Adolescents in Europe
Financier Determinants of the development of bipolar disorder: two follow-up studies
Financier Openings for humanization in modern health care practices
Financier An RCT study of (cost)effectiveness of Dementia Care Mapping intervention in nursing home settings
Financier Alcohol studies in translational models: behavioural consequences of adolescent exposure and novel approaches to reduce the propensity to relapse
Financier Structure-function analysis of apolipoprotein CI: implications for the treatment of obesitas and diabetes
Financier Empowerment & client participation in policy for and by people with learning disabilities
Financier Cjg's en vrijwillige inzet/2801 (NL)
Financier Early vocational rehabilitation after acquired brain injury
Financier Kosteneffectiviteit van Multi Dimensionele Familie Therapie (MDFT) (NL)
Financier Intensieve thuishulp (IPT) voor multiproblemgezinnen. Effectiviteit, mediatoren en moderatoren van effecten (NL)
Financier Denkbeelden en geheugensteunen toepassen om impliciet risicogedrag met betrekking tot alcoholgebruik te verminderen (NL)
Financier De Pedagogische Civil Society in de praktijk (NL)
Financier Bevorderen van het op adequate wijze nastreven van doelen om psychisch welbevinden te verbeteren van ROC-jongeren met risico op psychische problemen (NL)
Financier Tailored interventions to implement guideline recommendations for patients with anxiety and depression in general practice
Financier Evaluation of the Adherence Improving Self-Management Strategy (AIMS) in HIV-Care: (Cost-)Effectiveness, Methodology, and Evidence Synthesis
Financier Iterative modeling of gene regulatory interactions underlying stress, disease and ageing in C. elegans.
Financier Promoting smoking cessation among parents: Integrating treatment and prevention of nicotine addiction?
Financier Rumination following bereavement: Assessment, working mechanisms and intervention
Financier Preventing depression and anxiety disorders by targeting excessive worry and rumination in adolescents
Financier A multicenter randomized clinical trial investigating the cost-effectiveness of treatment strategies with or without antibiotics for uncomplicated acute diverticulitis (DIABOLA trial)
Financier 'It was different from what we both wanted it to be. Twice I had sex with him and both times it hit home: I got pregnant.' : background of inadequate contraceptive use amongst youngsters
Financier EXBELT: expelling belt restraints from psychogeriatric nursing homes
Financier Sex under the age of 25: Participatory action research on Dutch youth's sexual health
Financier Development and pilot testing of an implementation strategy to increase physiotherapists' adherence to evidence-based guidelines for patients with low back pain: a planned, systematic, and theory-based approach
Financier Prevention of Falls with IT
Financier Improving Care Of the Vulnerable Elders
Financier Needs, risks, and protective factors of adolescents in secure residential care: Identification of a conceptual model based on the Good Lives Model
Financier Determining the cost-effectiveness of an effective intervention to improve adherence among treatment-experienced HIV-infected patients in the Netherlands
Financier Sustainable orphan drug development through registries and monitoring
Financier Inhibition of signal proteins in atherosclerosis
Financier Risk factors, course and outcome of Clostridium difficile infections
Financier Frailty in old age; conceptualization and care innovations
Financier Evaluatie Nieuw Zorgaanbod
Financier Evaluation of the Life Skills curriculum intended for Dutch secondary school students
Financier Effects of Summer School 'Fun at School' on the functioning of children with social problems: a randomized trial on an important school transition
Financier A new approach to aggression in primary schools
Financier Families and Schools Together - FAST Netherlands
Financier Effectiveness of neurofeedback in young people with ADHD-complaints and comorbid disorders: a randomized controlled trial
Financier School, sport and exercise; the influence of the school environment on young people’s sport and exercise behaviour
Financier Diagnostic value of novel biomarkers in patients with chest pain of suspected cardiac origin
Financier Anxiety disorders in children with autism spectrum disorders. A clinical and health care economic perspective
Financier Can fMRI guidance improve the efficacy of repetitive TMS treatment in individuals with verbal auditory hallucinations?
Financier Effectively reporting incidents: a registration and analysis system (RAS) for incidents at different levels
Financier Optimal treatment of rhinosinusitis-like symptoms: Double-blind placebo controlled randomized study with prednisolone versus usual care treatment.
Financier Comparative cost minimization study in treatment of superficial basal cell carcinoma: photodynamic therapy versus imiquimod vs fluorouracil, a randomized controlled trial.
Financier Evaluation of a school-based multi-component programme to prevent overweight in primary school children
Financier Testing an Internet-based Lifestyle Approach
Financier Cost-effectiveness of two strategies to implement the NVOG guidelines on hypertension in pregnancy: An innovative strategy including a computerised decision support system compared to a common strategy of professional audit & feedback
Financier Stepped care in the treatment of patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome: implementation testing in second- and third-line health care
Financier Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: which patients get well, which patients don?t and why don?t they?
Financier 'Let hear of you'; A participatory research to unwanted sexual experiences and behaviour of youngsters
Financier A classification algorithm for low back pain: Matching patients to treatments that they are most likely to benefit from
Financier Effectiveness at a period of time of the Individual Placement & Support model
Financier Study into the possibilities and feasability of e-learing in the implementation of guidelines in youth health care
Financier Alcohol dependence across the brain; from vulnerability to compulsive drinking
Financier Assessment of Perinatal Outcome after Sustained Tocolysis for Early Labour (APOSTEL II)
Financier Validity of the Dutch SDQ als signalling instrument in youth health care for youth aged 13 years and older in comparison with the KIVPA
Financier Validity of the SDQ als signalling instrument in Youth Health Care for children ages 4-6 years, in comparison with the LSPPK
Financier Cost-effectiveness of recurrence risk-guided care of pregnant women with preeclampsia in the previous pregnancy
Financier The impact of parents' chronic medical condition on children
Financier The development of a CQ-index Palliative Care
Financier Tailoring diabetes education
Financier Depression vulnerability: is it really what you think? Understanding the impact of emotion and cognition on the course of depression
Financier Determining optimal intervals for screening and surveillance: using individualized risk estimates to increase cost-effectiveness
Financier The role of auto-reactive B-cell immune response in the modulation of the course of rheumatoid arthritis
Financier Prevalence of latent tuberculosis infection in immigrants in the Netherlands: screening using new tools
Financier Can new MRI techniques predict bone marrow involvement in patients with malignant lymphoma?
Financier Kunnen verloskundigen door het afnemen van een veelbelovende checklist met psychosociale risicofactoren een bijdrage kunnen leveren aan vroegtijdige signalering van problematische situaties in het eerste levensjaar (NL)
Financier Digitisation regulation double diagnosis
Financier ECD implementation project "Zorg voor Beter" (Care for Better)
Financier Promotion of consumption of healthy and cheap foods by underpriviliged families
Financier A new method developed by Youth Halth Care (0-4 yrs) in the signalling of risky parenting situations, included child abuse, and the supporting of families with young children
Financier [Cost]effectiveness of medication withdrawal in older fallers: a randomized controlled trial at the Accident and Emergency Department.
Financier Colonization and infection of the respiratory tract by Mycoplasma pneumoniae in children
Financier An integrated molecular study of human acute myeloid leukemia (AML) with a specific focus on genome wide methylation in patients with aberrant EVI1 expression.
Financier Synthesis of knowledge in innovation processes in general and used in implementation and assurance in the youth sector
Financier Integrating four information linesin the first line connection prevention-curation
Financier Pilot implementation of the 'Diabetes type 2' protocol: taking care of high risk groups
Financier Development and application of clinical prediction models in the presence of multilevel data
Financier Clozapine vs olanzapine as second generation antipsychotic medication (SGA) in the six months treatment of patients with schizophrenia and related disorders and co-morbid substance use disorders (SUD): a multi-centre double blind randomized trial
Financier Evaluation of a culture-specific health education programme in the promotion of changes in life-style and compliance in Afro-Surinam and Ghanese hypertension patients
Financier The value of information in the evaluation of diagnostic and screening tests
Financier Costs effectiviness of stimulating gymnastics and fall prevention of allochtoneous elderly
Financier Development and implemenation of a trainng for general practitioner about motivating conversation about alcohol problems
Financier Mucopolysaccharidosis type II: Natural course, effects of enzyme therapy and health economic aspects. Long-term follow-up of untreated patients and patients receiving commercially available Idursulfase (Elaprase)
Financier The clinical and economic impact of a clinical pharmacy team on surgical patients; a randomised cost-effectiveness study
Financier Interactive and broad application of the website (sexuality, relation and choice of partners) in the lessons about citizenship for pupils in the senior secondary vocational education (MBO) as a part of a healthy lifestyle
Financier Cost-effectiveness of an injury prevention program in male amateur soccer
Financier Vulnerable people paticipate in districts: co-operating support systems for and by vaulnerable people. A development and research project
Financier Analysis of 3R opportunities in the development, preclinical testing, production and routine quality control of vaccines
Financier Comparing the effectiveness and costs of bevacizumab to ranibizumab in patients with exudative age-related macular degeneration (COSD).
Financier A national search to replacement, refinement and reduction of animal experiments
Financier Mucopolysaccharidosis type VI: Natural course, effects of enzyme therapy and health economic aspects. Long-term follow-up of untreated patients and patients receiving commercially available galsulfase (Naglazyme)
Financier De interactie tussen omgevings- en individuele kenmerken van lichamelijke activiteit: naar gerichte ontwikkeling van effectieve interventies in lagere sociaal-economische groepen en ouderen
Financier Promotion of movement within primary health care: study into conditions and strategies for the continuation of movement behaviour
Financier The developments of Youth Health Care guidelines for skin abnormalities: signalling, diagnosis and treatment-/care- advices
Financier Mechanisms of neuro- and cytotoxicity of local anesthetics and their adjuvants
Financier Tips for Scripts
Financier Cyber polyclinic, an interactive meeting place for children with chronic affection and their medical treatment officers
Financier A double-blind randomized trial in school cildren on the effects of sugar-sweetend or sugar-free beverages on body weight and body fatness
Financier Efficient designs in cluster randomized trials: fewer clusters by including baseline outcome as a covariate?
Financier Pancreatitis, verY earlY compared wiTH delayed start Of eNteral feeding; PYTHON, a randomised controlled multicenter trial. Dutch Acute Pancreatitis Study Group
Financier Implementation and evaluation of an occupational therapy intervention at home for dementia patients and their primary caregivers
Financier Nurse led follow-up care for head and neck cancer patients
Financier Evaluatie ontwikkeling netwerkrichtlijn subfertiliteit, met vernieuwende input van patiënten (via WIKI's) in het kader van het KKCZ-programma
Financier Reviewstudy regarding primary prevention of child maltreatment
Financier Feasibility Study Children of Divorce Intervention Program (CODIP) in the Netherlands
Financier CAREFUL: Pharmacy Coordinated ADE Reducing Efforts For Use in all Levels of healthcareImplementation study
Financier The stories we live by: The adaptive role of reminiscence in later life
Financier Participation of the visually impaired elderly: determinants and intervention
Financier CT Colonography in faecal occult blood test positives
Financier Family matters? Parental influences on primary school children's energy balance-related behaviours and weight
Financier Community health promotion programs
Financier The Youth Health Care and prevention of overweight
Financier Costs and effects of laparoscopy versus laparotomy in women with early endometrial cancer
Financier Anxiety in Non-Clinical Children
Financier The Active plus project changing physical activity behaviour in older adults
Financier Evaluation advertisement order of drugs
Financier Cost-effectiveness of the Australian medical sheep's pelt
Financier IMPLEMENTING LIVELY LEGS Poliklinische en transmurale implementatie van het LIVELY LEGS programma voor leefstijlbegeleiding bij ulcus cruris patiënten
Financier Smoking and a history of depression: Study of the effectiveness of a smoking-cessation intervention consisting of couseling-by-telephone and a self-help work file for smokers with a history of depression
Financier Psychological Characteristics and Treatment of Chronic Depression
Financier Stepped care for depression and anxiety: from primary to secondary care
Financier Effectiveness of intensive community-based care for persons with complex addiction problems: Contribution of specific program components
Financier Antidepressiva and the development of the brains
Financier The value of internet discussion groups for people with rheumatoid arthritis, breast cancer and fibromyalgia
Financier Eavaluation Quicker Better evaluation 3
Financier Pallaitive day care: missing link in the care for palliative patients. Study into the desirability, efficiency and quality of palliative day care in The Netherlands
Financier Implementation of a course (group education) for patients with chronic disorders and serve fatigue complaints in order to improve self-reliance in daily living
Financier The development of an Internet-module psycho-education for borderline patients
Financier Case management in palliative home care
Financier Receptor tyrosine kinases as new targets in the treatment of childhood acute myeloid leukaemia
Financier Development of new neurobiological strategies to treat patients with cocaine dependence
Financier Boosting impulse control in addiction. Pharmacological neuroimaging studies
Financier Prevention of rheumatoid arthritis
Financier A developmental perspective on the etiology of alcohol use and comorbid traits
Financier E-mental health interventions for harmful alcohol use: research methods and outcomes
Financier Endophenotypes of adolescent substance use
Financier Dopamine transmission during habitual responding for natural reinforcement
Financier Developmental trajectories of substance use and externalizing problems from early adolescence into young adulthood
Financier Cannabis dependence: predictors, course and treatment seeking
Financier A Joint Approach: Brain structure and function in heavy cannabis users and their relationship with future use
Financier The cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway of the intestine: a neuro-immune feedback loop with great therapeutic potential
Financier Energy homeostasis in the fatty acid oxidation-deficient heart
Financier Combating antibiotic resistance by integrating molecular biology and mathematical modelling
Financier A state-of-the-art genetic modifier screen in the rat to identify novel mechanisms mediating serotonin homeostasis and related behavioural abnormalities
Financier A functional screen to identify genes controlling hematopoietic stem cell selfrenewal and senescence
Financier Maladaptive changes in striatum and cortex function in the development of cocaine addiction
Financier Hemoglobin Regulation and Erythropoiesis: A journey from laboratory to disorders
Financier Beyond clinical diagnosis: the prognostic value of unrequested information in diagnostic imaging
Financier A backbone to systems biology and multifactorial disease: systems biology of mineralization, bone formation and osteoporosis
Financier Which active adolescent is 29 years later an inactive adult?
Financier Sportclimbing injuries in the upper extrimity
Financier Load and Capacity-part 2
Financier Effectiveness of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy in Jumping Athletes with Patellar Tendinopathy
Financier Defining the characteristics of effective exercise intervention in type 2 diabetes
Financier The glycosylation of myelin-oligodendrocyte glycoprotein in the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis
Financier Primary hrHPV testing in cervical screening: the arguments
Financier Transmission of HPV infections: the role of the male
Financier Reducing suicidal ideation: effectiveness of a web-based self-help intervention: a Randomised Trial
Financier Programming Study overweight for the target group children and young adults (under 18 years)
Financier Prevention of depression and anxiety in later life: a randomised trial of integrative reminiscence versus no prevention
Financier Prevention of depression and anxiety in adolescents through the Internet: a randomised controlled trial
Financier Interventions to promote the health of older construction workers
Financier Implementation of Internet-based preventive interventions for depression and anxiety: with or without support?
Financier Fear is a bad counselor : a study on determinants of ritual use of fear appeals in prevention practice
Financier Communities that Care: Effectiveness of a community intervention strategy for the prevention of alcohol and drug use and other problem behavior of youngsters in the Netherlands
Financier Gezin aan bod' (The family?s turn): A study into the effects and implementation of the Strengthening Families Programme (SFP)
Financier Willingness of high-risk groups to take part in haemoglobinopathy screening
Financier Preconception care for all and medicalization; an interdisciplinary study into the ethics of preconception care in practice
Financier Participatory ergonomics to prevent low back pain and neck pain at the workplace
Financier Implementation of a non-smoking competition for young people via Local Health Authorities or Addiction Treatment and Information Centres
Financier Implementation of a new concept for active primary prevention of diabetes type II in a primary care environment
Financier Cost-effectiveness of CT screening to identify individuals at risk for cardiovascular events: a computer simulation study
Financier Cost-effectiveness of an individually-tailored long-term worksite health promotion programme on physical activity and nutrition
Financier Research program on patient safety and complex care (PSCC)
Financier Implementation of interventions for preventing adverse drug events in high risk patient populations in primary care and in care and cure institutions, by a team of doctors and (hospital) pharmacists
Financier Effect of Medication Review and Counselling of Community Pharmacists of Patients discharged from the hospital on Medication safety and compliance
Financier Inventory and selection of measurement instruments in the aspects-measurement of the quality-of-life in patients with no curative treatment options
Financier Quality indicators for palliative care
Financier Palliative sedation in practice after the introduction of the guidelines of the Dutch Medical Association: a study in two regions
Financier Added-value of intense care-coaching in the treatment and support of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) patients
Financier Sharing the Burden of Deciding. How Physicians and Parents Make End-of-Life Decisions
Financier Partners in palliative care? Perspectives of Turkish and Moroccan immigrants and Dutch professionals
Financier A randomized trial in cancer-related fatigue in palliatively treated patients: protocolized patient-tailored treatment of physical symptoms (PPT) vs care as usual (CAU)
Financier On one's own legs: Prevention of functional disabilities and decline in mentally retarded adults
Financier Effective interventions for clients with mild intellectual disabilities and behavioural problems
Financier National lifestyle campaigns 2003-2006
Financier Development adequate use of theories on campaign development
Financier Evaluation of life style campaigns: feasible ideal
Financier Breakthrough project Double diagnosis
Financier Breakthrough project Anxiety disorders
Financier Added value of certification in Mental Health Care: a study on measurable effects of quality systems according to the HKZ standards
Financier Added value of certification, applied in integrated care of patients with kidney function disorders
Financier The combination of molecular targeted drugs with radiotherapy in rectal cancer - towards individualized therapy
Financier Individual Patient Data (IPD) meta-analysis of diagnostic and prognostic studies in obstetrics, gynaecology and reproductive medicine
Financier Dysregulation of circadian rhythmicity induces insulin resistance and disturbs glucoregulation
Financier Deregulation of HIF1 and mTOR as a cause of Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome
Financier Pilot project primary health care and acute care
Financier Choosing from the care supply in dementia: how to help patients and volunteers?
Financier Tools development for care effectiveness performance indicators in the basic set of performance indicators used in mental health and public health organisations in 2006
Financier Consumers opinion on the quality of diabetic care: development of measuring instrument CQ Index Diabetes Version 3
Financier Effect and specification of selection-supporting information and support of selection processes on the selection by clients and/or their representatives in care for the mentally retarded
Financier The scientific substantiation of the use of the CQ Index: data collection, external validity and presentation method for consumers
Financier The influence of health insurance companies on the choice of care by insurants
Financier The reliability and validity of the CQ index hospital care for foreign patients
Financier Building & Securing Labour and functioning in guidelines
Financier VOBO-Z validation in the early signalling of manifest problems in the raising and development of young children
Financier Child abuse signalling on the Emergency Medicine Department in Utrecht: is it effective?
Financier Signalling psychosocial problems in children between 0 and 4 years of age in youth health care
Financier Prolonged grief in children and adolescents: Assessment, correlates and treatment
Financier Effectivity of the integral empowerment program POWER for allochtonous adolescents
Financier Effectivity of 'Alles Kidzzz': an indicated intervention for externalised problems at primary school
Financier Plan indicator study and pilot implementation JGZ standard Secondary Prevention of Child Abuse
Financier Multisystemic Therapy in The Netherlands: Implementation and Effectiveness
Financier Evaluation Safety Net Youth - research phase 2
Financier Intensive home visiting program for multiproblem families: Effectiveness, mediators and moderators of effects
Financier Vision on IT: participation in society by using ICT
Financier Study on the effect of innovative Electronic Mobility Aids (EMA) on participation of visual impaired and blind persons
Financier Effects of visual stimulation and visual training on children with visual impairment
Financier Counselling, prescription and instruction-effects of closed circuit television systems in rehabilitation of visually impaired adults
Financier Participation of immigrants in developing an inclusive Healthy Living programme: securing and developing a methodology for achieving participation of targeted groups of immigrants in health promotion
Financier Interventions in the art of living. To a systematic assessment of effectiveness
Financier Health promotion for benefits recipients, phase 2
Financier Diversity in participation
Financier Cannabis Intelligence Amsterdam (CIA) blowing more clever for and by allochtoneous youngsters
Financier High resolution thermal analysis of RF exposure guidelines
Financier EMF exposure characterisation using personal exposimeters and an Activity Exposure Matrix (EMF AEM)
Financier EMF effects on the innate immune system at the molecular, cellular and whole animal level
Financier Effects of a gradual home care programme in the prevention of anxiety and depressive disorders in the elderly
Financier Assessment of the Cumulative Exposure of Children to Electromagnetic Fields
Financier Transmural care for hand eczema; a randomised controlled trial and cost-effectiveness evaluation
Financier The efficacy of ‘Radioguided Occult Lesion Localization’ (ROLL) versus ‘Wire-guided Localization’ (WGL) in breast conserving surgery for non-palpable breast cancer: a randomized controlled trial
Financier Prevention of clinical urinary tract infections in vulnerable very old persons
Financier Surveillance after polypectomy - Towards efficient guidelines
Financier Selection of preterm neonates at risk for neurodevelopmental disorders by segmentation of the brain using MRI
Financier Primary G-CSF prophylaxis during the first two cycles only or throughout all chemotherapy cycles in breast cancer patients at risk of febrile neutropenia
Financier Pharmacogenetic testing in the clinical setting: is screening for TPMT genotype a cost-effective treatment strategy? The first prospective randomized controlled trial within the Dutch health care system
Financier Neurodevelopmental outcome after neonatal hypoglycemia: a multi-center randomized controlled trial comparing intensive treatment versus expectant glucose monitoring in 'high risk' newborns
Financier Multicentered Randomized Controlled Trial to Test the Cost Effectiveness of Urodynamics in women with symptoms of Stress Urinary Incontinence in whom surgical treatment is considered
Financier Induction of labour versus expectant management in women with preterm premature rupture of membranes between 34 and 37 weeks (PPROMEXIL-studie)
Financier Implementation of structural feedback by means of perinatal audit to caregivers in cases of perinatal mortality in the northern part of The Netherlands (IMPACT)
Financier Implementation of screening and treatment of high-risk fracture patients by an osteoporosis nurse-practitioner
Financier Implementation of Intensive Insulin Therapy (IIT) in Critically Ill Patients, Targeting at Normoglycemia while Preventing Hypoglycemia
Financier High throughput and comprehensive resequencing of cardiomyopathy genes by CHIP based DNA-sequencing technology (CardioCHIP)
Financier HELPING HANDS - Comparing short-term and sustained effects of strategies to improve nurses' adherence with hand hygiene prescriptions
Financier Evaluation of the potential of Real-Time 3-Dimensional Echocardiography in the assessment of right ventricular function in adult congenital heart disease: comparison of RT-3D echo with MRI
Financier Evaluation of l-caldesmon as biomarker for brain tumor monitoring
Financier Endoscopic Tri-Modal Imaging for improved detection of early neoplasia in the gastrointestinal tract
Financier Effects and costs of a combined screening and treatment program for elderly (aged 75 years and over) with depressive symptoms in general practice
Financier Effectiveness of adenoidectomy in children with recurrent upper respiratory tract infections
Financier Effectiveness and costs of post-diagnosis treatment in dementia coordinated by multidisciplinary memory clinics in comparison to treatment coordinated by GPs. (AD-EURO study)
Financier Diagnostic value of an innovative non-invasive diagnostic to determine the grade of atherosclerosis before sternotomy in patients scheduled for cardiac surgery
Financier Cost-effectiveness of the Demands and Capacities Model based treatment compared to the Lidcombe programme of early stuttering intervention: Randomised trial
Financier Cost effectiveness of a collaborative stepped care intervention for anxiety disorders in the primary care setting
Financier Computer-assisted Minimally Invasive Total Hip Surgery (MIS): a randomised controlled trial into the effectiveness compared to traditional Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA)
Financier Are post-splenectomy patients in the Netherlands managed according to international guidelines?
Financier A randomized controlled trial to assess the effectiveness of aspirin and anticoagulant treatment in women with unexplained recurrent miscarriage: ALIFE study (Anticoagulants for LIving FEtuses)
Financier ACCURATE: Asthma Control Cost-Utility RAndomized Trial Evaluation Goals of asthma treatment: how high should we go?
Financier A randomized clinical trial of urinary incontinence in older women: cost-effectiveness of protocolized assessment and evidence-based treatment
Financier A randomised controlled trial comparing the cost-effectiveness of pelvic floor muscle exercise versus the TVT (O)® procedure for female moderate to severe stress urinary incontinence
Financier Validation and implementation of the Embryonic Stem cell Test as an animal-free alternative for developmental toxicity testing
Financier Development of validated organotypic in vitro models leading to improved therapy of skin cancer
Financier Development and validation of a novel strategy to reduce the use of transgenic and knockout mice
Financier Effects of permanent support using diabetes support groups for type 2 diabetes patients in lower social-economic classes
Financier Beyond expectations: the effectiveness of a theory driven intervention to achieve and sustain optimal self-management in patients with type-2 diabetes
Financier Efficacy of web-based cognitive behavioural treatment for adolescents with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Financier Anesthetic induced cardioprotection: from bench to bedside and retour
Financier Randomized controlled trial to reduce falls and fear of falling in frail elderly
Financier Management and modelling of diabetes and its complications
Financier Depression and anxiety in family caregivers of persons with dementia
Financier Oxydative stress and microvascular perfusion in kidney transplantations
Financier Doctor performance assessment. Development and impact of a new system
Financier Identification of genes involved in the pathogenesis and prognosis of myelodysplastic syndromes
Financier Ethnic differences in psychiatric care consumption. A cohort study into care consumption by patients with a psychotic or mood disorder based on the psychiatric case regiter of the city of The Hague
Financier Intestinal failure in prematures with Necrotizing Enterocolitis
Financier Clinical and molecular characterization of childhood cancer susceptibility syndromes
Financier Bone Marrow Dysfunction as Underlying Mechanism for Impaired Endothelial Progenitor Cell Mobilization
Financier Permanent morbidity after treatment of pituitary tumours: a human model of hypothalamic pathophysiology?
Financier Environmental Influences on Physical Activity among Adolescents
Financier Co-ordination of research, policy, practice, and training in the Academic Collaborative Centres for evidence-based public health care
Financier Acceptance of vaccination in orthodox protestant groups
Financier A longitudinal investigation of environmental and personal determinants of energy-balance behaviours in youth
Financier A new programme for prenatal screening for Down's syndrome in the Netherlands: informed participation and non-participation
Financier Early detection of Hereditary Breast Cancer by methylation fingerprinting in nipple aspirates
Financier Outcome and determinants of outcome in traumatic brain injury
Financier CP Transition Study South-west Netherlands: Determinants and course of functional status in adolescents and young adults with cerebral palsy
Financier Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing versus stabilisation in the treatment of traumatised asylum seekers and refugees: a randomised controlled trial
Financier Evaluation of genomic profiling in the prediction of complex diseases: towards a standardized and dynamic approach
Financier Chlamydia Screening Implementation Project Netherlands
Financier Assessing implicit and explicit drug-related cognitions in an Ecological Momentary Assessment setting
Financier Cilia (mal)function in the retinal system
Financier Defective regulation of cytokine signalling in macrophage-mediated inflammation and excessive tissue repair in human spondyloarthritis
Financier GSK-3B: central regulator of skeletal muscle plasticity
Financier Non-antibiotic prophylaxis for recurrent urinary tract infections
Financier Mechanisms involved in liver failure following hepactomy: implications for treatment
Financier Decreased arginine de novo synthesis as cause of multiple organ failure during sepsis: mechanistic studies in experimental and human sepsis
Financier An unexpected early causal role for TNF/NFkappaB signalling in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
Financier Hipfractures and nutritional screening
Financier Mechanisms underlying propagation of apoptosis in the heart following ischemia and reperfusion
Financier The dissemination of the healthy diet program; Krachtvoer for Dutch prevocational schools
Financier Strategies to promote the consumption of unknown healthy foods
Financier Community projects: the ever lasting promise?
Financier Research programming in the field of youth care and support
Financier The impact of orientation and mobility training on mobility, participation and quality of life in older adults with visual impairments; a randomized controlled trial
Financier Telomere length in cardiovascular disease; differential expression and prognostic value
Financier Psychosocial burden after abortion
Financier Molecular mechanisms of CD8+ T cell memory formation
Financier Cannabis as a cause of psychosis; an ecogenetic study linking cannabis-induced dopamine response to psychotic mechanisms and experiences in daily life
Financier Gene Ontology Based Analysis of Gene Expression Data
Financier Regulation of mRNA translation by hypoxia in vivo: contribution to hypoxia tolerance and potential for therapy
Financier Cellular interactions within the bone marrow microenvironment: a question of fate
Financier Reproductive hormones and FXR: the yin and yang of bile homeostasis?
Financier Single nerve cells in health and disease: A longitudinal tracking study using multichannel surface electromyography
Financier The interplay of genetic and environmental factors in the development of anxious depression in children and adults
Financier Involvement of the amygdala in the development of alcoholism
Financier Ethnic differences in hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia and the role of contextual factors: A comparative analysis between the Netherlands (the SUNSET study), and the UK studies (the Newcastle Heart Study and Health Survey for England)
Financier Investigation of the beneficial effects of HDL on atherosclerosis
Financier Development of an in vitro fibrosis model to study the effect and toxicity of anti-fibrotic and anti-inflammatory drugs (drug targeting preparations) in the human liver
Financier The molecular mechanism of Atp8b1-deficiency
Financier Choosing a health insurance company: a balanced choice?
Financier Accuracy and cost-effectiveness of diagnostic testing in patients with abdominal pain in general practice: a decision model based on systematic reviews
Financier Measuring motor outcome in childhood: prognosis and evaluation
Financier Effectiveness of the RSI QuickScan in relation to primary and secondary prevention of repetitive strain injury
Financier Prevention of persistent amblyopia by electronic recording of compliance, education of parents and child, and psychological intervention in case of low compliance
Financier Effective Detection and Treatment of Amblyopia: addressing noncompliance
Financier Prevention of aggression and conduct disorder in elementary school children by means of a classroom intervention and a combination of a classroom and a parent intervention
Financier Group living homes for older people with dementia. Concept and effects
Financier Injured Body, Injured Soul? Predicting and Preventing Posttraumatic Stress Disorder after Injury
Financier Effects of preventive fall training in osteoporosis
Financier What is the mechanism of tooth movement during orthodontic interference?
Financier Stem cells in normal and malignant muscle development
Financier Clinical utility of testing for hypercoagulability in patients at risk of venous thrombosis
Financier Molecular dissection of AIRE (autoimmune regulator) -driven ectopic antigen expression
Financier Role of altered calcium and sodium handling in repolarization lability and arrhythmogenesis
Financier Functional characterisation of E-cadherin signalling in breast cancer progression and metastasis.
Financier Is type I collagen synthesis a critical modulator of melanoma progression?
Financier Regulatory T-cells and immunity: regulating the regulators
Financier Control and quantification of confounding by indication in non-randomised studies
Financier V(D)J recombination under control
Financier Making up your mind: Molecular determinants in the development of the mesocortical circuitry
Financier Probing paralysis; cataplexy versus the physiological weakness of sleep
Financier Role of the chemorepellent Slit and its receptor Roundabout in the regulation of hematopoietic stem cell migration.
Financier The role of accumulated DNA damage in cognitive decline: Potential mouse models for accelerated aging of the brain
Financier Molecular mechanism of renal magnesium wasting
Financier Uncoupling protein 3 and the protection of skeletal muscle mitochondrial function; a transgenic approach
Financier Host restriction factors of HIV infection in the Amsterdam Cohort Studies
Financier Pathogens map the way; Nano-domains as pathogen docking and signaling platforms on antigen presenting cells.
Financier Innate Immune Evasion
Financier White matter disorders in children: from magnetic resonance to basic defect
Financier A unique and versatile dynamic posturography platform
Financier A SPECT/CT Platform for Molecular and Structural In-Vivo Imaging in Small Animals
Financier Super Resolution 4Pi microscope for imaging fixed and living cells and tissues
Financier Flow cytometric multicolor analyser
Financier 3-D imaging cryomicrotome with adjustable resolution and micro sampling capabilities
Financier Application of Atomic Force Microscopy to measure the interaction forces between infectious microorganisms and biomaterials surfaces.
Financier The opening up of the Amsterdam cohort studies
Financier The Dutch Families First Effectiveness Study
Financier Safety management in the long-standing care
Financier A Dutch Healthcare Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
Financier Evaluation and optimization of a safety checklist covering critical safety risks in surgical patients.
Financier Drug surveillance in the IC-department
Financier Development and Application of Measurement Methods Focusing on Medication Related Problems in Elderly Hospitalised Patients
Financier Secondary fall prevention in hospitals using fall incident registration systems
Financier Patient safety in general practice: analysis of the consequences of unsafe events
Financier The development of an helping hand for patient safety
Financier Preconditions in the safely reporting of incidents
Financier Quality of out-of-hours primacy care in the Netherlands
Financier Programming study chronic diseases and sports and physical activity
Financier Adduction-related groin injuries in athletes; regular care and a novel treatment approach.
Financier Improving mobility in diabetic patients through resistance training
Financier The effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a proprioceptive balance board training programme for the prevention of recurrent acute lateral ankle sprains; a randomised controlled trial.
Financier Infrastructure for scientific research in the Maastricht University Center for Sports, Physical activity and Health
Financier Development of a research infrastructure for the Groningen 'Academic Center for Sports, Movement and Health'
Financier Infrastructure for research on Sports, Physical Activity and Health.
Financier Strengthening municipal control regarding the quality of collective prevention in healthcare
Financier Pillar 1: Benchmark Public Health Services
Financier Project implementation HKZ schema JGZ
Financier Pillar 3a: support of implementation of Netherlands Public Health Services
Financier Pillar 0. Preparation to HKZ scheme's and reinforcement implementation task areas
Financier Opportunities for intersectoral health policy to stimulate physical activity in children
Financier Knowledge in process: Study of evidence-based local health policy
Financier Respiratory effects of fire smoke exposure in firefighters and the general population
Financier Fatty acid status in normal cognitive ageing
Financier Balancing risks and benefits in primary prevention. Development of an individualised approach
Financier Prevention of knee osteoarthritis
Financier Self-management of vascular risk factors
Financier Vaccine-development to combat the emergence of vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium
Financier Stimulation of smoking cessation in Turkish immigrants in The Netherlands: a community based intervention
Financier The use of selective antibiotic decontamination of the digestive tract compared to the use of live lactobacilli to prevent hospital acquired infections in Intensive Care patients
Financier Fall prevention exercise for people at high risk for bone fractures owing to the effects of osteoporosis: a rondomised study into the effect of an adapted programme
Financier Development, implementation and evaluation of a tailored based physical activity intervention for the over fifties
Financier Leading questions in research concerning the mentally restricted
Financier The development and the testing of an evidence-based guideline for nurses and caretakers to decrease the agitation and related problem behaviour of demented eldery people
Financier Identification and treatment of nausea and vomiting in adults with an oncological illness in the palliative stage
Financier Handling repulsive behaviour while eating and drinking by demented people. A guideline for caretakers
Financier Strategies for improving community health care for the elderly
Financier The development and testing of an evidence-based guideline for nurses and caretakers aimed at an effective way of dealing with suicidality in patients suffering from schizophrenia or a related psychotic disorder
Financier SAFE OR SORRY? Development and testing of a evidence based inpatient safety program in the prevention of common complications
Financier Plan of Approach improvement trajects
Financier Multilingual communcation books for (older) allochthonous clients in the (somatic) care
Financier Culture specific hypertension education in primary care
Financier Test implementation of developed complete approach for the promotion of a more healthy lifestyle and empowerment of female migrants with chronic non-specific pain complaints
Financier No hit in the air - Effectiveness analysis of the program Empowerment in primary education
Financier Evaluation of emprovement and broadening of health care on sexuality and reproduction
Financier Primary centre sexual and reproductive health southern South-Holland
Financier Treatment of HPV positive penile and cervical cancer by induction of HPV E7-specific T cell immunity through DNA vaccination
Financier Suicide gene therapy of hematological malignancies with herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase gene transduced allogeneic donor T-lymphocytes in the context of allogeneic stem cell transplantation. A phase I/II clinical feasibility study
Financier Gene Therapy of Primary Immunodeficiencies
Financier T cell receptor gene therapy of metastatic melanoma: a phase I clinical trial
Financier Gene therapy for LPL deficiency
Financier Corticosteroid injections in trochanter pain syndrome: a randomised clinical trial in general practice.
Financier Acute infectious conjunctivitis in a new perspective; diagnosis and treatment in general practice
Financier Randomised controlled trial of the treatment of warts in general practice
Financier Improving dissemination of and exposure to Internet delivered behavior change interventions: a study of determinants and strategies
Financier The development of an empowerment quality instrument as a part of the Preffi 2.0
Financier Particpation of the target group Allochtoneous people phase 1
Financier Is 'To Fat' working? Research on the potential effects of the documentary series 'To Fat'.
Financier The first year outcome of twin pregnancies in the Netherlands with a focus on costs; a registry-based study
Financier Timing of myocardial contraction and relaxation mapped with high temporal resolution MRI tagging and 3-D strain analysis:
Financier Continuous flow registration for early detection of hepatic artery thrombosis after liver transplantation. Innovative technology reducing retransplantation rate?
Financier Treatment of medication-resistant hallucinations with repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.
Financier Intervening in Stress, Attachment and Challenging Behaviour. Effects in Children with Multiple Disabilities
Financier State-of-the-art study into factors influencing the development of addictive behaviour of children and adolescents
Financier Genome stability, longevity and neurodegeneration
Financier Interaction between genetic polymorphisms of the multidrug resistance (MDR1) gene and digoxin as determinants of diastolic dysfunction and increased cardiovascular and total mortality.
Financier The role of heat shock proteins and age-related Neurodegeneration: a genetic epidemiological study
Financier The cerebellum in aging: cognitive function
Financier Towards operationally defined reference values for thyroid function tests
Financier Diabetes and Mitochondrial Aging Genes (DAMAGE) study.
Financier Early shockroom CT scanning in trauma patients
Financier Redesigning care routes after reports on severe mono- and multi-trauma patients in centres for paramedic care, general practice, and emergency care.
Financier Time, competence and results as trauma chain's efficiency indicators
Financier The clinical relevance of perfusion-CT in the acute phase of head injury
Financier Terminology and frameworks of reference for implementation strategies in health care
Financier Literature study in the adequacy of patient legislation
Financier National development of syndrome specific decision aid for care demanders via internet
Financier Development of a questionnaire for measuring client experiences Care for handicapped people
Financier New in old. Evaluation of a multidisciplinary integrated care model and studies in residential care homes
Financier Therapeutic management of colorectal cancer patients with liver metastases based on the presence of disseminated tumor cells in bone marrow.
Financier Optimising Circulating Blood Volume after Subarachnoid Haemorrhage
Financier Epileptic Source Localization with EEG-correlated functional MRI
Financier Health care efficciency and cost-efficacy of rapid diagnostic testing of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Financier The cost-effectiveness of NT-pro-brain natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP) guided therapy of chronic heart failure.
Financier E-health in caring for patients with atopic dermatitis. An economic evaluation comparing usual care with Internet-guided monitoring and self-management training by a nurse practitioner.
Financier Exercise therapy in patients with peripheral arterial disease: The costs and effectiveness of physiotherapeutic supervision with or without therapy feedback versus a 'go home and walk' advice.
Financier Incidence of errors in the intensive care: Effects of increased awareness and of improved communication by the introduction of explicit daily goals
Financier Ovarian cancer treatment in the Netherlands; the effect of care provider on the outcomes of treatment between 1996-2003
Financier Validation of the 'Trimbos and iMTA questionnaire on Costs associated with Psychiatric illness' (TiC-P) for measuring health care utilisation and production loss.
Financier Outcomes beyond health
Financier FOAM-study. Cost minimization study comparing surgery versus duplex guided foam sclerotherapy of varicose veins: a randomized controlled study
Financier Primary maximal necrosectomy versus a minimally invasive step up approach in patients with necrotising pancreatitis; PANTER, a randomised controlled trial. Dutch Acute Pancreatitis Study Group.
Financier Effectiveness of bracing patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis
Financier Improving the early diagnosis of myocardial infarction in primary care: the added value of a rapid assay to detect heart-type FABP, a novel marker of cardiac injury.
Financier The cost-effectiveness of ST analysis of the fetal electrocardiogram as compared to fetal blood sampling for intrapartum fetal monitoring: a randomised controlled trial
Financier Optimal blood transfusion management in elective orthopaedic surgery
Financier Percutaneous vertebroplasty in the treatment of osteoporotic vertebral fractures
Financier Patient tailored monitoring of patients with asthma and COPD
Financier Motivational interviewing embedded in planned diabetes care for Type 2 patients: effectiveness and efficiency in general practice especially to improve guideline recommendations on diet and exercise
Financier The Manchester Triage System in paediatric emergency care
Financier Patient-centred implementation of elective single embryo transfer (eSET) in in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).
Financier The relationship between the cost-effectiveness of blood safety measures and the distribution of patients receiving blood
Financier Cost-effectiveness of decision rules for the use of CT for minimal head injury
Financier Prediction Models and Decision Support: Chances and Challenges
Financier Micrometastases and Isolated tumour cells: Relevant and Robust Or Rubbish? The MIRROR study in breast cancer
Financier To test or not to test for thrombophilia after a first episode of venous thromboembolism: a randomized controlled trial to assess effects on clinical outcomes, quality of life, and costs.
Financier Implementation of the WIP guideline 'Prevention of infections due to urethral bladder catheterization'
Financier Pregnancy-induced hypertension and pre-eclampsia after 36 weeks: induction of labour versus expectant monitoring. A comparison of maternal and neonatal outcome, maternal quality of life and costs?
Financier Wild at heart and weird on top. The implementation of outpatient schema therapy for borderline personality disorder in regular mental health care
Financier Cost-effectiveness of care for patients with type 2 diabetes, an evaluation of an innovative shared diabetes care model ("Ketenzorg model").
Financier Transmural nutritional support
Financier Randomized trial of timing of delivery in early preterm fetal growth restriction based on early and late fetal Doppler venous changes versus cardiotocography. Acronym TRUFFLE = Trial of Umbilical and Fetal Flow in Europe.
Financier Demands for (health) care in the helpseeking process of people with a visual impairment
Financier Longitudinal measurement of the older patient's vision-related quality of life
Financier The use of low vision aids by pre-school children. Training with a magnifier
Financier Prognostic factors for long-term quality of life of visually impaired adults after an intensive rehabilitation program
Financier Implementation of a validated pain measurement instrument, the Checklist Pain Behaviour (CPB), and (non-)pharmacological pain protocols in severely mentally retarded children
Financier Pre-implantation embryo-endometrial signalling
Financier Regulation and modulation of growth
Financier Altered gene copy number of inhibitory IgG receptors in Kawasaki Disease; consequences for coronary artery lesions
Financier Imaging the preterm infant's brain
Financier Postconditioning: A new component of nature's defense against myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury
Financier Anti-tumor therapy with an adeno-associated virus (AAV) suppressing the KRAS oncogene by RNA interference.
Financier Development and communication of environmental health indicators on the local scale
Financier Traffic related air pollution and health. Part B: Traffic density and related attributable morbidity in the Netherlands (Noord-Holland and Flevoland).
Financier "Traffic related air pollution and health" Part A: Different ways of traffic participation and influences on exposures and respiratory system
Financier Consumer information handicapped people sector. Quality of care
Financier Performance Indicators for Choosing Health Care Users: Sense or Nonsense?
Financier Evaluation of the Academic Collaborative Centre Limburg
Financier Development of in vitro immune response models to study immunogenicity of vaccine (antigens)
Financier Cannabis and development of human cognition and brain function
Financier Preventing Adolescent Cannabis Use in the Netherlands and the United States
Financier Impaired decision-making in adolescents: A vulnerability factor for the development of substance use and abuse
Financier Sound Effects
Financier A search for missing pieces of the puzzle; the development of asthma and atopy. Innate immunity genes and environment
Financier The influence of extracellular matrix pathology on the muscular function: Ehlers-Danlos syndrome as a model
Financier STI Prevention in Local Public Health: From Theory to Practice
Financier Campaign plan 'Safe sex Campaign 2006-2007'
Financier Determinants of adolescent behaviors and environmental factors relevant for hearing conservation and Intervention Mapping for prevention of hearing loss in adolescents aged 12-18 years
Financier Eating and moving with the Calorie checker and the Locomotor test indicator
Financier Combined strategy GBI's (Health promoting institutions) of a region on the theme lifestyle
Financier Verkenning van de wenselijkheid en mogelijkheden voor invoering van primaire- en secundaire preventie van hemoglobinopathieën
Financier Self-management of COPD and its exacerbations
Financier Approach motion poverty and falling accidents with not western allochtoneous elderly
Financier New horizons in the characterization and treatment of acute myeloid leukemia
Financier Physical activity 'Around the clock 2005'
Financier Summer holiday campaign alcohol and safe sex
Financier Alcohol Information and Prevention Project (AVP): Driving back excessive alcohol consumption and promoting moderate alcohol consumption through local policies supported by mass media activities
Financier Prognostic factors for the activities of daily living of patients with a post-hypoxic encephalopathy caused by cardiac arrest
Financier Tick-host-pathogen interactions in Lyme borresliosis
Financier Prevention and intervention strategies in acute pancreatitis
Financier The genetic basis of coronary collateral formation - a molecular-epidemiological approach
Financier Research toward the mechanisms of resistance against Disease Modifying Anti-rheumatic Drugs (DMARDs) in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis patients
Financier Reduction of (passive) smoking in children and adolescents
Financier X-chromosome Inactivation Counting and Choice
Financier Mental practice based rehabilitation training aimed at improving arm function and performance of daily activities in stroke: a randomised clinical trial
Financier Passive smoking reduction information campaign
Financier Research to muscular diseases from the perspectieves of the clients: Validating step-by-step plan of the research planning by client organisations in the revalidation
Financier Stimulation of smoking cessation in the adult Dutch population
Financier Consumer information system for assistance to psychological problems
Financier Perspective of patients in revalidation research?
Financier Life style campaign focused on people with a high risk for diabetes type 2
Financier University nursing home network (UNHN): an infrastructure for patient care, education, training and research
Financier The role of estrogens in the regulation of epiphyseal growth and maturation.
Financier The relationship between smoking cessation and weight gain: a problem exploration
Financier Perinatal modulators of respiratory outcome After preterm birth
Financier Targeting the humoral immune system of patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Financier Keratinocyte gene expression in psoriasis and eczematous diseases
Financier Identificeren en valideren van transcriptomics biomarkers voor toxicologische screening van stoffen; ontwikkeling van een ToxIDChip
Financier Information on safe sleeping and prevention of smoking in the presence of young children for immigrant parents and parents woth low socio-economic status
Financier Implementation of pilot study of the Nurse-Family Partnership - a preventive intervention targeting the physical, emotional and cognitive development of unborn infants and their mothers in high-risk populations in the Netherlands (VoorZorg-project)
Financier Development of an in vitro stem cell assay for (regulatory) developmental neurotoxicity: a feasability study
Financier Development and evaluation of influenza vaccination implementation program for health care workers in nursing homes
Financier Engaging General Practice in the prevention of patients with Alcohol problems.(GPA project)
Financier Self-Management of Asthma Supported by Hospitals, ICT, Nurses and General practitioners.
Financier Outbreak management: towards a model for the next crisis
Financier Modulation of ischemic injury: from concept to clinical application
Financier Copy number variation and mental retardation
Financier Chronic hepatitis C: For what patients therapy is useful?
Financier Characterization and optimization of HIV-specific humoral immunity
Financier A genetic approach to common factors in inflammatory disorders, with a focus on the intestinal epithelial barrier
Financier Role of Lgi2 and Lgi3 in Mouse Nervous System Development
Financier Dendritic cells at the interface of tolerance and immunity
Financier Targeting BMP and LRP5 signaling to control bone formation
Financier Molecular, biochemical and neurophysiological brain analysis in migraine. From patients to transgenic mouse models, and back
Financier Development of an intestine-liver microfluidic biochip for ADME-Tox studies
Financier Effects of the crisis-card on the number of crises and involuntary admissions: a randomised study
Financier Motivational interviewing in non-compliant and cannabis using patients with first-episode psychoses: a randomised controlled trial
Financier Ambivalent connections: Improving community mental health care for non-psychotic chronic patients perceived as 'difficult'
Financier Symptoms of borderline personality disorder in adolescents. Assessment, treatment and parental factors
Financier Gender Dysphoria in Adolescents. Mental Health and Treatment Evaluation
Financier Effects and indicators of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for cannabis use in psychosis
Financier Are depression trials generalizable to clinical practice?
Financier The measurement of remoralization. An extension of contemporary psychotherapy outcome research
Financier Between dream and sleep. Towards evidence based nursing care for sleep problems
Financier Cognitive impairments in schizophrenia: social cognition and cognitive rehabilitation from a clinical perspective
Financier Implementation of a multiple intervention aimed at optimising prescription of antibiotics for respiratory tract infections, embedded within the new practice accreditation of the Dutch College of General Practitioners; a randomised controlled trial
Financier The prevention of lower extremity physical activity injuries; a school-based randomised controlled trial in children aged 10-12 years
Financier The impact of a web-based interactive computer-tailored intervention on weight gain related behaviours in youth.
Financier Leefstijladvisering door praktijkverpleegkundige in vergelijking met gebruikelijke huisartsenzorg: de effecten op lichaamsgewicht en gedrag op langere termijn
Financier Prevention of dementia by intensive vascular care (pre-diva)
Financier The costs and health effects of phytosterols enriched margarines (Benecol; Becel Pro-Activ)
Financier Long-term high-risk human papillomavirus incidence and clearance in population based cervical screening, as retrieved from a second screening round in the POBASCAM study
Financier Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Towards an optimal cardiogenetic strategy
Financier Convergence of hemodynamics and neural genes in vascular development
Financier Effectivity of an online self-help intervention programme for smoking cessation support
Financier Human genomic disorders and genome architecture
Financier Novel insights in the pathophysiology of insulin resistance; A molecular genetic approach
Financier Identification of pre-clinical osteoarthritis: the first step for early treatment
Financier Children of mothers who were postpartum depressed: early intervention and developmental outcomes in their first school years
Financier Statistical methods for analysis of complex genetic data structures
Financier Dissection of signal-sensor systems driving the secretion of virulence associated proteins through the flagellar nano-secretion machinery
Financier Autonomic nervous system functioning in major depression and anxiety disorders
Financier Prevention of a panic disorder: a randomised clinical trial and attached a costs-effectiviness study
Financier Long-term effectiveness of a breast cancer screening programme for young women with a familial/genetic susceptibility
Financier Genome-wide identification of genes acting in the double-strand break response pathways of C. elegans
Financier Genetics of common Epilepsies: Innovating methods for detection of genetic risk factors for common diseases.
Financier The etiology of Alzheimer disease: an innovative hypothesis of depression, vulnerability and biological interaction
Financier UMA TORI; development and evaluation of an STI/HIV-prevention intervention for women of Afro-Surinamese and Dutch Antillean descent
Financier Evaluation of 'Schoolgruiten': Determinants, effects and differences according to ethnic background and socio-economic status.
Financier Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Precursors - Developmental Origin and Transcriptional Control
Financier From hypothesis towards data-driven analysis of neuroreceptor studies with positron emisison tomography (PET)
Financier Potential therapeutic targets to enhance reverse cholesterol transport for protection against atherosclerosis
Financier How human metapneumovirus evades innate immunity
Financier Molecular control of dendritic cell development - the role for transcription factor GATA-1
Financier Prevention of depression and sleeping disorders in an early stage of dementia: activation of the biological clock by means of light
Financier Human Lymphoid Organogenesis
Financier Long-range temporal correlations in brain activity in health and disease
Financier The Prevention and Incidence of Asthma and Mite Allergy (PIAMA) study: novel strategies for prevention of asthma and allergy in children
Financier GO4IT The effectiveness of a group intervention programme on the lifestyle of adolescents with obesity.
Financier The Activity, Lifestyle and Nutrition and Therapy study (ALANT)
Financier Participation in family and community activities of young children with a developmental disability
Financier Dismantling Computer Tailoring Adaptations for Smoking Cessation.
Financier Prevention of nosocomial Staphylococcus aureus infections after rapid detection and eradication of S. aureus carriage in patients at risk; a randomized placebo controlled multi-centre trial
Financier Inguinal Hernia Management: Operation or Observation? A randomised controlled multicentre trial
Financier Suffering in silence. Studies about screening for major depressive disorder in primary care
Financier Perioperative strategy in colonic surgery; LAparoscopy and/or FAst track multimodal management versus standard care (LAFA study)
Financier FDG-PET for avoidance of futile direct laryngoscopies under general anaesthesia with taking of biopsies in patients with suspicion on recurrent laryngeal carcinoma after radiotherapy
Financier Programme Innovation in Chronic Low Back Pain Rehabilitation; a Transform project
Financier Skin problems of the stump in lower limb amputees
Financier Medication errors and adverse drug events in hospitalised patients; methodological issues and computerised intervention
Financier Identifying bottle-necks in integrated care
Financier Support drawing up VIP's Geestkracht (distribution and implementation plan)
Financier Breakthrough project schizophrenia II
Financier Conditions for the regional implementation of the national core curriculum anxiety disorder
Financier RCT Triple P level 5
Financier (drinking less) in in practice, test implementation of an online self-help site for problem drinkers
Financier Systematic implementarion of integrated double diagnosis treatment with mobile healt care teams
Financier Implementation of Assertive Community Treatment in the Netherlands: the interest of model faithfulness and the quality of the implementation
Financier Promoting of the introduction of Informative 'living room gatherings' for elderly Turkish and Maroccan women
Financier Research to the effectiveness of 'In search of giving meaning to life', a course around the own life story for elderly people with depressive complaints
Financier Care for Vulnerable Older Persons: Need, Utilization and Appropriateness
Financier Nation-wide implementation of psychological education for relatives of schizophrenics
Financier Improving and simplifying diagnostic evaluation of esophageal cancer with a combination EUS-FNA and PET
Financier Reduction of alcohol use by young adolescents
Financier Balancing stress and recovery in sports
Financier Evaluation of the Life-Book Method
Financier The effectiveness of supportgroups of people suffering from psychosis: a randomized controlled trial
Financier Child Safety Campaign
Financier Safe aging
Financier Tailored behavioral and cognitive treatment in recently diagnosed fibromyalgia patients at risk: a randomized, controlled trial
Financier AGORA: health promotion and epidemiology join forces to improve evidence-based health promotion for the elderly people. B
Financier AGORA: health promotion and epidemiology join forces to improve evidence-based health promotion for the elderly people. A
Financier Considering care: a clinical and economic evaluation of schema therapy for personality disorders
Financier The Mandometer method versus conventional treatment; predictors of early treatment efficacy and relapse in anorexia nervosa patients treated with the Mandometer method or conventional treatment
Financier AMUSE: Amsterdam Maastricht Utrecht study on Safety and cost-Effectiveness of a diagnostic decision rule for suspected deep venous thrombosis in general practice
Financier A randomized controlled study of the effect of pre-operative physiotherapy of patients with elevated risk to develop pulmonary complications after cardiac surgery
Financier Genes involved in immune related responses observed with asthma
Financier Course and prognostic determinants of the recovery of the Sit-to-Stand (STS) transfer after a stroke
Financier Safe prescription of psychotropic drugs to children
Financier Long-term consequences of ecstasy abuse: towards understanding the role of individual variation
Financier A Collaborative approach to tailored whole-school health promotion
Financier Self stimulation to a healthy life. Empowerment in the health care promotion: concepts: procedures and research methods
Financier The development, implementation and evaluation of an action learning program for professionals in the health promotion and prevention
Financier Large-scale characterization of static and dynamic interactions of the E. coli membrane protein assembly machinery
Financier Opioid receptors and addiction: a genetic approach
Financier Cue-reactivity and craving in heroin dependent patients: a neuroimaging study using both SPECT and fMRI
Financier in everyday practice: test-implementation of an on-line self-help site for problem drinkers within different settings
Financier Cannabis use and lack of medication compliance as risk factors of poor outcome in patients with first episode psychoses: a long-term prospective study
Financier Addiction in anxiety and depression: a 10 year prospective study of co-morbidity, communality of risk factors, public health consequences and barriers to effective care
Financier From cram care to professional care: from handing out methadone to proper nursing care in methadone maintenance treatment. An action research into the development of nursing care in outpatient methadone maintenance clinics in the Netherlands
Financier The implementation of a guideline on the management of the lumbosacral radicular syndrome among general practitioners, physiotherapists, radiologists, neurologists, neurologic surgeons and orthopedic surgeons: a shared care project in two hospitals
Financier On Your Own Feet : Care preferences and competences of young people with a chronical disease or handicap on their way to adulthood
Financier Pharmacogenetic aspects of ACE inhibition in stable coronary artery disease
Financier Framing Health Education Messages
Financier Elucidation of the molecular mechanism underlying CRB1-associated blindness
Financier Supporting resilience in very preterm infants. The effect of the Infant Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Program in very preterm infants and their parents
Financier Testing the transtheoretical model of behaviour change
Financier Understanding consumers’ attitudes toward novel food technologies
Financier Strategies to promote consumption of unknown healthy food products
Financier Vita & Froet; the development and evaluation of two Interventions to promote fruit and vegetable intake among primary school children
Financier ATP infusions in palliative home care
Financier The lipolytic Pathway in the Obese Insulin Resistant State
Financier Gene expression in adipose tissue
Financier Risk-benefit evaluation for the use of flavonoids as functional food ingredient
Financier Dietary lignans: intake, bioavalability and molecular mechanisms in realation to malignant diseases and coronary heart disease - 2
Financier Cognitive decline and early signs of depression in elderly people: The efficacy of N-3 fatty acid supplementation
Financier Effects of environmental stress on bacterial virulence and its implications for the risk assessment in food
Financier A genomics approach to study stress response and virulence in Salmonella typhimurium
Financier Prevention of overweight at children and youngsters: training of parents
Financier Interculturalization: diagnostic evaluation on immigrant patients with low back complaints ( ideal)
Financier Cost effectiveness of an intensive group training protocol compared to physiotherapy care according to the KNGF-guidelines for sub-acute and chronic low back pain: a randomized controlled trial
Financier Gender differences in the development of chronic musculoskeletal pain: impact on prevention strategies
Financier Diagnosis and prognosis of hand and wrist complaints in general practice
Financier Dizziness in older patients in general practice: a diagnostic challenge
Financier A microgenomics approach to identifiy genes involved in a sexual plant reproduction
Financier Beyond reverse cholesterol transport: characterization of novel anti-atherogenic functions of high density lipoproteins
Financier Cross-talk between receptor tyrosine kinases and ß-catenin signaling during tumor initiation and progression
Financier Creatine transporter deficiency, a novel X-linked mental retardation syndrome; pathophysiology, treatment and prevalence
Financier Role of ISWI chromatin remodeling factors in hematopoietic development
Financier Molecular classification of familial breast cancer
Financier Epigenetic causes of facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy
Financier Immune reactivity in chronic hepatitis B: a paradigm for successful antiviral treatment
Financier Exploring the zebrafish as a genetic model for cancer
Financier Long-distance regulation of Shh expression in the limb
Financier Neuron-glia interactions in the CNS. Implication of CXCR3-signaling in excitotoxicity- induced neurodegeneration
Financier Mechanisms involved in the transition from primitive to definitive hematopoiesis and hematopoietic stem cell self-renewal
Financier A study into the roles of matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors and the development and prevention of hepatic steatosis in mice
Financier The role of heme and heme oxygenase in modulating the immune system
Financier Migraine mutations and CGRP release inducing blood vessel dilatation
Financier The rim of diffusely infiltrating brain tumours: visualizing the invisible with magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy
Financier Macrophages and neurodegeneration in multiple sclerosis
Financier The role of the novel calcium channels TRPV5 and TRPV6 in bone metabolism
Financier How the hepatic vagus and the melanocortin system are involved in the response against fat-induced obesity
Financier A multi-model approach to P-glycoprotein-sphingolipid interactions; from model membranes to cell biology
Financier Molecular mechanisms underlying myelopoiesis: Id proteins at the cross-road of hematopoiesis and leukemia
Financier The role of integrated stress response in determining the tolerance of tumor cells to cycling oxygen
Financier Deciphering the role of Y-chromosomal genes in spermatogenic failure: a genomic and transcriptomic approach
Financier Two-photon microscope for in vivo imaging
Financier Functional and molecular MR imaging of small laboratory animals
Financier Xenogen IVIS(tm)100 imaging system with fluorescence module: imaging of fundamental biological processes in the living mouse using bioluminescence and fluorescence
Financier Temperature gradient capillary electrophoresis platform for mutation scanning
Financier A computer-based system to generate and process food frequency questionnaires for valid assessment of dietary intake in the Netherlands
Financier The involvement of circulating vascular smooth muscle cells in the development of occlusive vascular disease
Financier Prevention of myocyte remodeling in atrial fibrillation by heat shock proteins: mechanisms and possible applications
Financier Maturation of renal endogenous stem cells (RESC) reiterates molecular mechanisms of embryonic nephrogenesis
Financier Mitotic checkpoints and chromosomal instability in cancer
Financier Molecular basis of CD8+ T cell subset differentiation
Financier Cytotoxic T cell activation by dendritic cells: do different types of dendritic cells have specialized functions?
Financier Regulation of cytokine bioactivity as a means of atherosclerotic plaque stabilization
Financier The role of the olivocerebellar system in movement control: an in vivo electrophysiological approach
Financier High throughput analysis of SNPs for the study of major complex traits and diseases
Financier Photon detection equipment for real time non-invasive in vivo bioluminescent imaging
Financier Inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) for the analysis of metal-based anticancer drugs in clinical samples
Financier Unraveling the role of NM41 in thyroid development and function
Financier Redirecting neutrophils in antibody-based therapy of cancer
Financier The role of plasma fatty acids versus beta cell triacylglycerol
Financier Intracellular mechanisms that regulate the coordinate attachment and detachment in migrating leukocytes
Financier Genetic epidemiology of hyperhomocysteinemia
Financier Involvement of bone marrow derived cells in the development of diabetic vascular complications. A clinically applicable concept?
Financier Coregulators and corticosteroid signalling in the brain
Financier Protein engineering to unravel novel anticoagulant structure-function relationships of protein S
Financier Killer immunoglobulin receptor expression on CD4+ T cells: causes and consequences
Financier Axonal and dendritic morphogenesis: do Wnts affect the trees?
Financier Characterisation of the pathway downstream from the polycystic kidney disease 1 (PKD1) gene by selective gene disruption
Financier The effect of Angptl4 on atherosclerosis development: exploration of Angptl4 as a novel putative therapeutic target for atherosclerosis
Financier A genomics and bioinformatics approach to identify heart failure susceptibility mechanisms in rats and humans
Financier Interactions between stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes and adult cardiac cells
Financier Bone marrow transplantation in renal diseases: from pathogenesis to therapy
Financier Ultra-high-resolution small-animal SPECT imaging
Financier To correct the fault within ourselves: re-setting the immune system in chronic arthritis
Financier Signaling functions of pathogen recognition receptors on human dendritic cells
Financier Role of neuropeptides in disorders of energy balance
Financier Unraveling the T-cell repertoire to understand CD4 depletion and regeneration in HIV infection
Financier Disorders of Sex Development and Germ Cell Cancer
Financier Divide, differentiate or die? Molecular mechanisms regulating hematopoietic cell fate decisions
Financier Recycling of the fatty acid transporter FAT/CD36 as target for treatment of type-2 diabetes
Financier Multi-photon excitation microscopy and fluorescence lifetime imaging for drug research
Financier Multicolor imaging equipment for the spatio-temporal resolution of dynamic microcompartmentalization of macromolecules and small solutes in living cells
Financier The way to move: plasticity in 3D visuo-vestibular interactions
Financier Real-time confocal 4D imaging of fast and long-term processes in living tissues and cells
Financier Actively-shielded agradients for high performance in vivo MR imaging and spectroscopy of cerebrovascular disease models
Financier MYOLAB system: 130 channel surface EMG system for the characterisation of motor units
Financier Vital imaging of molecular processes in organs and intact animals by two-photon (lifetime) laser scanning microscopy
Financier Multi-photon excitation microscopy for advanced biomedical imaging
Financier Typhoon: a sensitive and versatile laser scanning apparatus for the detection of nucleic acids and proteins in a wide variety of applications
Financier The GronoRun study - Incidence, risk factors and prevention of injuries in novice and recreational runners
Financier Research to the implementation possibilities of a demand directed intermediate care programm
Financier Effects of a nursing intervention among elderly persons with dementia symptoms and their central volunteers
Financier An efficient prevention and treatment of decubitus in the home situation by means of an adequate use of anti-decubitus materials
Financier Regulation of the imprinted gene type III iodothyronine deiodinase: its role in human fetal development and in disease
Financier The relationship between values, attitudes and behavior
Financier FDG-PET in patients with colorectal liver
Financier Analysis of LASA-data (Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam )
Financier Optimization of the reach of the Liberman modules
Financier Monitor patients/consumers movement
Financier The role of cardiac progenitor cells in myocardial regeneration
Financier Nutritional elevation of intestinal derived apoA-I; a new strategy to lower CHD risk
Financier Health state valuations: bridging the gap between the imagined and the real
Financier Role of translesion DNA synthesis in immunity and cancer development
Financier Role of molecular motors during plasticity and learning
Financier Myoclonic dystonia: borderland between neurology and psychiatry
Financier Mechanisms of pattern recognition and innate resistance against Candida albicans infection
Financier Imprinting of CD8+ T cells
Financier Functional genetic studies of protocadherin-1 in asthma: interaction with cigarette smoke exposure
Financier Citrullination, a key process in the development of rheumatoid arthritis
Financier Causes of cognitive decline and dementia in the very old
Financier Development of a panel for allochtonous care consumers
Financier Inventory best practices for client support
Financier Profils of patients in the complementary treatments: one-year monitoring in acupuncture, homeopathy and natural medicine
Financier Tabula Rasa: Towards A Better Understanding of Lasting Adherence- Research And Systematic Analyses (of existing databases and literature)
Financier Stimulating to self-care: a study to the use of effective communication strategies for patients with daily complaints in the general practice
Financier Situational feedback by chronic pain
Financier Follow-up terminal home care for Turkish and Moroccan clients: a study among health workers in the home care, general practioners and indication health workers
Financier Break through depression among demented persons: development and implementation of a supporting programme for demented persons and their family living at home
Financier Help the informal care: project for the improvement of home care technology by voluntary workers
Financier Paramedical care in nursing homes: the explanation of the differences
Financier The Snuffie story book: guiding toddlers and pre-schoolers with diabetes mellitus to live a healthy life
Financier Prognostic factors of chronic pain in a cohort of low back pain patients
Financier Sex differences in the development of chronic musculoskeletal pain: impact on prevention strategies
Financier Psychological factors as predictors for the transition from acute to chronic neck pain: measurement and meaning
Financier Development and evaluation of a school-based intervention programme for the prevention of lower extremity sports-related injuries; a randomized controlled trial in children aged 12-15 years
Financier Functional Prognosis of Long-term Outcome After Traumatic Brain Injury
Financier The clinical assessment of energy expenditure in pathological gait
Financier Comorbidity and aging in rehabilitation patients with sequelae of poliomyelitis: the influence on activities (the CARPA study)
Financier The use of antidepressants: influence of doctor-patient communication
Financier The Dutch disciplinary system for health care: an empirical study
Financier Reserved procedures in Dutch health care: practice, policies and perspectives of physicians, nurses and management
Financier Decision making on prenatal screening
Financier Determinants of the variation between general practioners in the recognition and treatment of anxiety an depression
Financier Biomechanical determinants of the jumper's knee in volleyball
Financier Immunological pathomechanisms in vitiligo: from breaking tolerance to autoimmunity
Financier Application of fluorescence diagnosis and photodynamic therapy in psoriasis and cutaneous premalignancies of the skin
Financier Regulation and subversion of HPV16-specific immunity in cancer patients
Financier Mosiac: the improvement of the prevention and the primary crisis centre after sexual and domestic violence against allochtonous women
Financier Study to the limits
Financier Sexuality and the self: a study to sexe-, social- and cultural differences in sexual self concept in explanation of unwanted pregnancy among youngsters
Financier Quality of life
Financier Pilot implementation Quality control of lending aids
Financier Mental slowness after stroke: assessment and treatment
Financier The effectiveness of an education and activation program in acute and sub-acute shoulder complaints presented in general practice
Financier Adaptations in the movement control of the upper extremity in people with cervical paraplegia
Financier Preconception counselling in general practice
Financier Unravelling the causes of dementia. An epidemiologic approach
Financier The role of nitric oxide signaling at the Drosophila neuromuscular junction
Financier The mechanism of particulate air pollution-induced progression of atherosclerosis
Financier The doctor within: autoregulatory transgene expression for tailor-made treatment of arthritis
Financier T cell-mediated immune regulation in rheumatoid arthritis
Financier Screening for cis-regulatory DNA elements of the Ink4a/ARF locus by means of Chromosome Conformation Capture (3C)
Financier Peptide and protein aggregation in vivo
Financier NFAT: a transcriptional platform for heart failure
Financier Dendritic cells and lymphotropic viruses. Who is fooling whom?
Financier Functional characterisation of vasculin, a novel vascular protein differentially expressed during atherogenesis
Financier Dynamic organisation and interplay between repair and transcription in living cells
Financier Diagnostic prediction rules: innovative methods to improve their applicability
Financier Detection of vulnerable plaque with coronary vessel wall magnetic resonance imaging
Financier Chemical dissociation in traumatised alcohol-dependent patients: a neurobehavioral study using neurocognitive, neuroimaging and physiological data
Financier Calorimetry in mouse models to determine gene-environment interactions in the balance between energy intake, storage and expenditure
Financier Calcium intake, vitamin D status, and risk for type 2 diabetes mellitus
Financier Bypassing vaccination: cancer immunotherapy with ex vivo programmed T cells
Financier Analysis of intracellular transport of class II MHC and migration of antigen presenting cells during the initiation phase of immune responses
Financier An integrated in vivo and in silico study of the interplay between DNA repair and gene transcription
Financier Addiction and severe psychopathology: a randomized controlled study comparing the efficacy of inpatient and outpatient integrated treatment of dual diagnosis patients
Financier A troublesome ménage à trois: dendritic cells, Th2 cells and regulatory T cells in asthma
Financier The development of a shortened recovery program to reduce hospital stay
Financier Maastricht breast carcinoma study: optimalisation of ultrasound diagnosis
Financier Screening methods by Chlamydia antibody titer for tubal factor subfertility.
Financier Elective single embryo transfer
Financier The development of advanced PCR methodology for PGD
Financier Risk-benefit evaluation of the use of flavonoids in functional foods and foodsupplements
Financier Biochemoprevention of colorectal neoplasia: interactions between plant foods and polymorphisms in coding as well as regulatory DNA sequences
Financier Benefit-risk evaluation of flavonoids in foods and their use as functional food ingredients, task 4
Financier Care for the elderly; an exploration of perceived needs, demands and service use
Financier Effectiveness of health education, based on the self-efficacy theory, on the self-management of chronically ill people
Financier Determination of the function of the fasting induced adipose factor FIAF, a novel hormone implicated in energy metabolism
Financier National implementation within the preventive youth health care of the guideline Assesment of Visual Disorders
Financier Implementation of the guidelines for sprays in the home situation
Financier Attenuation of alveolar fibrin formation in acute lung injury and pneumonia
Financier Genetic and environmental determinants of hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis activity: implications for comorbidity of somatic and psychiatric ill-health.
Financier Prevention of incontinence
Financier Structural embedding of community intervention
Financier Helping Families Change. The adoption of the Triple P-Positive Parenting Program in the Netherlands
Financier Ethics-study in KOPP-interventions
Financier A quasi-experimental study to the effects of a recovery programme for persons with serious mental limitations
Financier Effective labour rehabilitation for persons wiht serious mental disorders: systematic implementation of the IPS-model in The Netherlands
Financier Core programme anxiety disorders
Financier Implementation of care programmes in the MHC
Financier Empowerment
Financier Take into account with the differences in ethnicity and education level in the use of screening instruments for psychological disorders in the office for Youth Care
Financier Moroccan volunteers for youngsters (16-25 years) with psychotic and schizophrenia complaints
Financier Volunteer aid for childern and youngsters with chronic psychiatric disorders
Financier Implementation of the course "Coping with depression' performed by the General Social Work (AMW)
Financier Improved cooperation between preventive Youth Health Care, family doctors and paediatricians in clinical settings
Financier A supplement to the inventory concerning the bottlenecks in the treatment of fertility problems among Turkish and Moroccan persons
Financier Inventory of the bottlenecks in the treatment of infertility among Turkisch and Moroccan persons
Financier Molecular mechanisms involved in the cell entry of Dengue virus
Financier Caregivers, partners in stroke rehabilitation
Financier Involving older patients in their general practice care
Financier The role of peroxisomes in bile acid biosynthesis; identification of the underlying defect in patients with a deficiency of bile acid biosynthesis of unknown etiology and studies on the hepatotoxicity of bile acid intermediates
Financier Nuclear Receptors and Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia type 1 (MEN1)
Financier Intestinal flora as a regulator of "peripheral" tolerance for self-antigens
Financier Prognosis in Cystic Fibrosis: Trends and Predictors
Financier Diabetic retinopathy imaging: implications for treatment
Financier Involvement of creatine kinase-mediated ATP supply in actin-based plasticity of brain cells
Financier Effects of naltrexone on abstinence and alcohol-related expectancies in French and Dutch alcohol dependent patients with and without a family history of alcoholism: a randomised clinical trial
Financier A randomized controlled evaluation of spirometry expert support in general practice
Financier Unraveling early post-entry events in lentiviral transduction
Financier The development of new enteral nutrition interventions to prevent gut barrier failure in relation to sepsis
Financier Molecular basis and biological impact of the biological clock
Financier Thyroid hormone transporter 1 (THT1): physiological function for a novel transmembrane protein
Financier Pain-related fear and attentional processes in the development of chronic disability in neck pain patients after a motor vehicle accident
Financier Mammary tumorigenesis in conditional tumor suppressor gene knockout mice: disease progression, gene discovery and cellular pathways
Financier Evaluation of non-invasive diagnostics of atherosclerosis in the risk assessment of cardiovascular diseases
Financier Molecular mechanisms underlying hippocampal and cerebellar learning
Financier The neural basis of automatization of cognitive functions: an investigation involving schizophrenic patients, healthy subjects and primates
Financier Genetic susceptibility factors in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Financier Preoperatieve galwegdrainage bij patiënten met geelzucht ten gevolge van een obstructie
Financier Genetic and environmental factors predicting the autonomic and vascular effects of adenosine
Financier Role of IL-10 in innate immune responses in interleukin-10 deficient mice
Financier The role of organellar bile salt transporters in cholesterol and bile salt homeostasis
Financier Effects of environmental endocrine disruptors on male and female reproduction
Financier Chemistry-based functional proteomics: new tools for immunology and cell biology
Financier Changes in social networks and psychosocial development of visually impaired adolescents and young adults: a longitudinal study
Financier Two-photon laser-scanning imaging of cellular aspects of cognition and attention deficits
Financier Cerebral amyloid angiopathy: a rational therapeutic target for Alzheimer's disease
Financier Aetiology of spina bifida in selected mouse mutants with phenotypes that closely resemble the human condition
Financier Colorectal liver metastases: local therapy and molecular aspects
Financier Protein engineering of factor V, a coagulation factor with procoagulant and anticoagulant properties
Financier Protein engineering and selective exchange of cardiac contractile proteins in human cardiomyocytes
Financier Evasion of antiviral host cell responses: tricks and treats by RNA viruses
Financier Functional connectivity in controls and Alzheimer's patients using resting state fMRI
Financier Role of polymorphisms in ADP receptors P2Y12 on platelets in the pathogenesis of arterial thrombosis and effectiveness of treatment with ADP receptors blockers
Financier Dissecting polycystic liver disease using a combined genetic and cell biological approach
Financier The genetic cascades and spatial organization of secretory vesicle docking
Financier Mechanisms of protein sorting within multivesicular bodies in maturing dendritic cells studied by live cell imaging
Financier Human gamma globin gene activation to treat thalassemia and sickle cell anemia
Financier Genetic risk factors, gene-environment and gene-gene interaction in venous thrombosis
Financier The bifunctional, pro-inflammatory cytokine macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) as a catalyst of atherogenesis: identification of the atherogenic MIF domain and of the genes affected
Financier Microenvironmental regulation of Multiple Myeloma and Malignant Lymphoma. The role of HGF, Wnts, heparan sulfate proteoglycans, and N-cadherin
Financier Primary immunodeficiencies, Mycobacterial infections, and cytokines
Financier Genetic and micro-array based profiling of primary cutaneous B-cell lymphomas
Financier The role for BORIS and CTCF in the mechanism of genomic imprinting
Financier Identification and functional implications of proteins involved in the apical sorting of aquaporin-2 water channels and ROMK potassium channels in health and disease
Financier The role of the Wnt pathway in vascular growth during development and after myocardial infarction
Financier Characterisation of Drosophila mutants sensitive or insensitive to genotoxic stress
Financier The effect of a friendship program in addition to a regular social network program in reducing loneliness among older people with visual impairment
Financier Cognitive deficits and altered stress sensitivity: two pathways to psychosis?
Financier A high-throughput system for SNP-analysis in population/case control studies of complex traits and diseases
Financier Lipodystrofie bij HIV-geïnfecteerde patiënten: effecten van PPAR-gamma agonisten en metformine op de vetstofwisseling en insulinegevoeligheid
Financier Neutrophil apoptosis: new routes of mitochondrial suicide
Financier Nature and relevance of the instability of activated thrombin-activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor, a novel inhibitor of fibrinolysis
Financier Multilevel interactions in the vestibular system: a matter of balance
Financier Linking cell signalling and epigenetics: regulation of Polycomb Group function and its implications for embryogenesis and oncogenesis
Financier Recruitment of myofibroblasts into myocardial scar tissue: a new therapeutic strategy to prevent heart failure after myocardial infarction
Financier Memory formation in cell assemblies of limbic corticostriatal structures: ensemble recordings and interventional approaches
Financier Methodological challenges of subgroup analyses in IPD meta-analyses
Financier Mechanism of action and regulation of sclerostin, a new negative regulator of bone formation
Financier PGS for aneuploidies in IVF
Financier Micromechanical analysis of osteoporotic bone in-vivo
Financier CCP-specific immunity and its relevance for arthritis
Financier Genetic control of hematopoietic stem cell development
Financier Intensive back training protocol for low back pain
Financier Relevance of bile salts in pathogenesis, treatment and complications of gallstone disease
Financier Surveillance of patients with Barrett's oesophagus
Financier The blood-brain barrier in neuro-inflammation
Financier Genetic epidemiology of multiplex MS families
Financier Self-management for chronically ill older people
Financier Palliative terminal care for persons with chronic, progressive muscular diseases
Financier The surplus value of sexe and culture specific care for the treatment in the Mental Health Care in general and especially for depression and alcohol addiction
Financier Renewal of the review for offender care
Financier Development specifications for measuring of patient characteristics in substance abuse treatment
Financier Knowledge network fall prevention
Financier Website partnerchoice, partnership and sexuality for Turkish, Moroccan and Hindostan youth
Financier Development and evaluation of sexe specific groupscounseling directed to sexual healthy behaviour for girls and young women in the context of the youthwork and the primary sexological care
Financier Determinants of court-ordered admission and course of illness in patients with severe mental illness. A prospective study
Financier Feasibility study national benchmark CVA-chain care
Financier Acculturation stress as explanation for the increased dence of schizophrenia among immigrants
Financier Kick the habit! Implementation of rapid detoxification in the treatment of opioid dependence
Financier The effectiveness of situational feedback to the self-management of low back pain using innovative communication technology
Financier Program file second Evaluation Act Organ Donation (WOD)
Financier Influential coherence: child, family and the general practice care
Financier Assistance for the informel care: project for the stimulation of the home care technology use by volunteers
Financier Evalution of the Act medical scientific research with human beings WMO (Act social support)
Financier Manual video 'Under the skin'
Financier Networks by internet: internetcommunity for and by elderly persons. The stimulation of self-sufficiency among elderly persons
Financier Handbook allochthonous care consultant (follow-up)
Financier An analysis of the information search behaviour and -use of national policy makers working in the field of the preventive health care in Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports
Financier From A to Self-supporting. Independent use of hoists: looking for solutions in relation to the most weak chain
Financier Good Use: an implementation project directed to more, better and more safety use of transfer medical aids at home
Financier Housing wishes of young nursing home inhabitants. Development of quality instruments and the start of promotion of interest
Financier Housing wishes in scaffolding. Need for housing wishes-research on the interface between independent living and living with AWBZ care
Financier Clients on quality of life: towards a demand oriented support of residents of dwellings for physically handicapped people in their quality of life inside and outside the housing facilities
Financier Home care programmes Wound treatment with vacuum sealing
Financier The improvement of independant and adequate administer of eye drops in the home situation
Financier Database home care technologies for target groups
Financier Implementation, evaluation and monitoring of the guideline client profiles in the social addiction care
Financier Improvement of addiction expertise: an education programme
Financier Transparency in the food system as a determinant of sustainability in food choice: the cases of meat and fish
Financier Telekit, support for patients with asthma and COPD on distance
Financier Prevention of chronic tiredness: effectivity of an early intervention by family doctors among patients with chronic psychological tiredness in the labour situation
Financier Implementation of the modular education systeem for (labour)physiotherapist
Financier Effectevaluation of the intervention "Moving without worries'', an intervention directed to the reducing of depressive complaints and stress complaints among LSES (Lower Social-Economic Status) women in the age of 20 to 55 years in underprivileged neighbourhoods
Financier Volunteer aid in other cultures
Financier Knowledge transfers of perceptions for the construction of science based evaluation of interventions directed to the health improvement
Financier A national co-ordinated local juvenile health monitor to support local and national policy on preventive juvenile health
Financier "Straks lekker slapen en gezond en veilig weer op"; A life style programme for the improvement for a safe night's rest and get up without fallling among elderly persons
Financier Meat, milk and eggs; analysis of animal food environment relations
Financier Development and evaluation of forensic psychiatric home care
Financier Panic and public health: diagnosis, prognosis and consequences
Financier The role of genetic factors and life events in the development of anxiety and depression
Financier Chronobiopsychosocial perspectives of old age major depression. A Randomized Placebo Controlled Trial with Bright Light
Financier Qualitative intervention study to the background of overweight and the possibilities of prevention among Turkisch and Moroccan women in the age 25 to 45 years
Financier Mobility and leisure : an analysis of problems for transport and accessibility in leisure activities for handicapped persons
Financier Test implementation of Strengthening Families in the addiction treatment. A preventive family directed groupsprogramme for children from parents with alcohol and drugs addiction problems
Financier Long term results of the individual rehabilitation approach: a follow-up on the randomised study to the effectivity of the IRB
Financier Effectiveness of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation approach (PR) in the Netherlands. A multisite Randomised Clinical Trial
Financier Routine outcome monitoring and learning organizations in substance abuse treatment
Financier Physicians application of brief interventions for patients with excessive alcohol consumption and smoking habits in a general hospital
Financier Community Reinforcement Approach and Vouchers in Cocaine Dependence: Development and preliminary Testing of a Dutch Cocaine Treatment Protocol
Financier The control over their own life. The youngsters in the nursing home as director over the own housing and living situation
Financier Seks under 25
Financier Sexual health of people with disability and chronic illness
Financier "Healthy talent". Health and child-rearing information and advice for and by refugees
Financier Signal Transduction and Ageing
Financier The effect of hepatitis b vaccination among risk groups
Financier Inventory of monitor projects alcohol and drugs
Financier Use of night life drugs in Rotterdam, San Francisco and Hong Kong
Financier Endothelial NO synthase and angiogenesis
Financier The use of the internet to make rheumatoid arthritis self-management interventions assessable for patients and health care providers
Financier Order out of chaos? Assessment and treatment of executive disorders in brain-injured patients
Financier Nothing left? How to keep on the right track. Spatial and non-spatial attention processes in neglect after stroke
Financier Prediction and monitoring upper-extremity motor recovery after severe stroke. Clinical and neurophysiological studies
Financier The effect of somatosensory stimulation on postural control in post-acute stroke patients with and without hemi-neglect
Financier The control of gait after stroke. An electromyographic approach to functional recovery
Financier Allele specific inhibition: a novel cancer therapy using genotype specific drugs
Financier The effect and cost-effectiveness of a preventive propriocepcis and balance board training programme on the risk of sustaining acute lateral ankle injury
Financier The cost-effectiveness of back schools in occupational health care
Financier The Amsterdam 'Sherbrooke model' Evaluation Study (ASE study): effective prevention of chronic low back pain by integration of ergonomic measures, social medical guidance and early return to work
Financier Regulation of gene expression during hypoxia
Financier Cost-effectiveness clinical study on infliximab treatment in rheumatoid arthritis
Financier Mechanistic study on the effects of infliximab therapy in rheumatoid arthritis
Financier Low back pain in general practice. Should treatment be aimed at psychosocial factors?
Financier Early detection and prevention of overweight
Financier Quality of life of visually impaired working age adults
Financier Alife@Work. The effects of a distance counseling lifestyle program for weight control among an overweight working population
Financier Health and health care utilization of asylum-seekers and refugees in the Netherlands
Financier Optimal care for nursing home residents with swallowing disorders
Financier Effectiveness of a minimal intervention for psychological distress carried out by the general practitioner; a pragmatic randomized controlled trial
Financier Anxiety, Depression and Cognition in Later Life
Financier The (cost-)effectiveness of an intervention of practical, emotional and informational support provided by a nurse for the primary care-givers of dementia patients living at home
Financier Frailty and vitality: the impact of chronic conditions and depressive symptoms
Financier The effect of a home-visiting programme provided by nurses that offers preventive care to older and frail people
Financier Cognitive-behavioural therapy for deliberate self-harm
Financier SAFE but SORRY; theory, assessment, and treatment of pain-related fear in chronic low back pain patients
Financier Cognitive behaviour therapy for anxiety disorders among children
Financier Expectations of complainers by complaint handling (WKCZ)
Financier The judgements of patients and the quality within the healt care
Financier Implementation of quality instruments within 2 mental welfare regions
Financier Effectivity of step-by-step plan for the systematic improvement of existing guidelines
Financier Ascending projections from spinal cord and brainstem to periaqueductal gray and thalamus
Financier Activities in day services for people with profound multiple disabilities
Financier Neuronal mechanisms of high frequency stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus in Parkinson's disease
Financier Evaluation and implementation of guidelines for matching and referral in addiction treatment centres in The Netherlands
Financier Living with a chronic disease: client perspective in medical indication and supply practice
Financier Evaluation of CPAP equipment at home
Financier Implementation of effective integrated support programmes for people with dementia living at home and informal care
Financier Paramedical care in nursing homes: an inventory research to the size, needs assessment and content
Financier Guidelines sensible use for sprays at home
Financier Rheumanet Leiden; working together on rheuma in the district of Zuid-Holland Noord
Financier The law of Lasagna: determinants of disappointing and successful inflow of patients in scientific research in general pratice
Financier Effectiveness of 'Problem Solving Therapy' carried out by nurses in general practice for frequent visitors with psychic complaints
Financier Dopamine and opiate craving in the human brain: an imaging approach
Financier Cue-exposure for alcohol-dependent patients: generalisation of the extinction of craving
Financier Self-Regulation in Pathological Gambling and Related Disorders. A Neurocognitive and Psychophysiological investigation
Financier Role of gene-environment interactions in alcohol addiction
Financier Gender bias in scientific research and guidelines development for Dutch health care
Financier Process evaluation
Financier MENTAL PRACTICE: the improvement of walking ability with CVA patients in the late phase
Financier Reintegration of immigrants with paraplegia
Financier Sexuality aid in second-line mental health care
Financier Sexuological training of rehabilitation professionals
Financier Effects and costs of phototherapy at home with children with Icterus Neonatorum
Financier Client councils in the home care and the 'participation in quality'
Financier Effects and costs of blood transfusion at home
Financier Feedback please. Stimulating the participation of the individual client in the quality care in the homecare
Financier Guideline demand directed complaints service and -handling in the health care
Financier Use of health care research: when and in what way?
Financier Nursing care with patients with chronic diseases / self-managament
Financier The neurobiology, psychophysiology and clinical characteristics of distinct pathways to craving in alcoholics
Financier Mutual dependence of professionals: "pain or gain"
Financier An inventory of the desirability and feasibility of a personal cell bank. The ethical, legal, technical and financial aspects and the societal need. An international comparison
Financier Follow-up study on joung adults of 19 years of age who were born prematurely in 1983 (POPS-cohort)
Financier An intervention aimed at the prevention of excessive increase in weight during pregnancy
Financier Behavioral journalism as innovative method to promote healthy behaviour
Financier 2 ounce of vegetables, 2 pieces of fruit? Of course! A comparative study of 2 stimulation interventions directed on the habit formation of vegetables and fruit consumption among pupils within primary education
Financier The allochtonous care advicer in the neightbourhood: bridge between client and social worker
Financier Integration of computer-aided health and behaviour measurements, risk selection and health education via Internet in the daily practice of the youth health care and in the health policy of primary schools
Financier Development, implementing, evaluation and passing on empowerment trainingprogrammes to allochtonous youngsters
Financier National en regional knowledge network for innovation of care farms
Financier Community report: Cape Verdeans in Rotterdam
Financier In Gesprek voor Geboorte A programme to improve communication between obstetricians and allochthonous women
Financier Promotion of physical activity of people with rheumatoid arthritis. Feasibility and effectiveness of a group movement programme with individual coaching using the internet (Cyber training)
Financier LIFE 21 Involve youth in the age of 12-18 in the interpretation of their own healthy lifestyle by means of active participation
Financier Excessive alcohol consumption of young adults on holiday: innovation and evaluation of prevention methods
Financier The validity of stages of change: a study to the fundamental and practical implications of the stages-of-change concept from the transtheoretical model, applied to consumption of vegetables and fruit
Financier Determinants of Subbehaviors of Healthy Living
Financier Knowledge network Culture & Health
Financier Native country and supplementary indicators for ethnic origin in health (care) research: validity and relevance
Financier Research into the effects of the abolition of the brothel ban on the non regulated prostitution
Financier Evaluation Law on blood provision
Financier Inventory study into the no-fault-compensation-system
Financier Support clients? self-direction and demand-led care
Financier Eating Disorders and Treatment from Different Perspectives
Financier Better informed vascular disease patients through the involvement of nurse practitioners
Financier To a demand-directed diet care
Financier Disease perception by chronically ill Moroccan patients and moral dilemmas in health care
Financier The double-faced head of the own responsibility: about the complexity of the ideal for the active patient
Financier Chronic fatigue: implementation of a cognitive behavioural rehabilitation on the Eastern and Southern Netherlands
Financier Implementation of innovation in the care for chronically ill patients
Financier The quartermaster
Financier Dutch mediation bank human material
Financier Bottlenecks and solutions in the implementation of the registration of ethnic origin in health care institutions
Financier Methodology and material for the purpose of prevention of sexual violence with migrants and the care of migrant victims in particular women and children
Financier Prognosis of the functional outcome on the long term of neurological diseases (FuPro II)
Financier Research designs for health care research: interdisciplinary agreement and assessment of appropriateness
Financier Coping with Itch, a nurse-led intervention
Financier Supervision at home
Financier Survey and reports diagnose, follow-up treatment and aftercare Systemic Vasculitis
Financier Neonatology, chronic health problems and coordination of care
Financier Is rehabilitation ready for sex?
Financier Education towards demand
Financier Jump to demand directed care
Financier Client-centered rehabilitation
Financier Social activation with care
Financier Student counsellors project
Financier Education program: chronically sick and handicapped pupils for the teacher's education within the regular primary education
Financier Psychosocial care as part of the analysis and treatment of patients with gastrointestinal motility disorders
Financier Development of a method for conditioned freezing of in vivo human prostate tumour models (PC-xenografts)
Financier Development and validation of an in vitro model for rheumatoid arthritis
Financier Regulation of the cardiovascular system
Financier Prediction of hepatotoxic responses in humans: A toxicogenomics-based parallelogram approach
Financier Reversible immortalisation of chondrocytes
Financier Development of an in vitro system to test the effect and toxicity of anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic drugs in the human liver
Financier Combination of serological methods for the determination of diphteria and tetanus antibodies in the activity search of diphteria and tetanus vaccines
Financier An in vitro model for ischemia reperfusion injury
Financier Joint advancement of expertise for physiotherapists, occupational therapists and remedial therapists (Mensendieck and Cesar) regarding work relevant factors that are important in the regular treatment and counseling of employees with complaints and diseases of the locomotor apparatus
Financier Reduction of the physical load and increase of the productivity through the introduction of ergonomic tools in the building industry
Financier Approachable screening and treatment of alcohol problems in the general practice
Financier Implementation of the protocol ADHD for drug addicts, by the regional learnings networks of results scores, among four institutions for the care and treatment of drug addicts
Financier Development of an intake instrument assessing patient characteristics in substance abuse treatment
Financier Drugs prevention for asylum seekers. Development of assessment technics and intervention protocols to the cause of institutions for the care and treatment of drug addicts and relief of asylum seekers
Financier One step forwards. The development from experimental to regular intervention strategies for drug addicts who are using cooked cocaine on the street
Financier Evalution of the centres for homeless drug addicts in the city of Utrecht
Financier Evaluation of the 24- hours facilities for drug users in the city of Utrecht
Financier Preventing the use of gateway drugs in early adolescence: a comparison between the US and the Netherlands on actual drug use and pathways towards use, as well as on the impact of preventive interventions
Financier Neurotoxicity of XTC: causality, course and clinical relevance
Financier Regional adjustment and implementation of a care program for clients with a double diagnosis
Financier Developement and implementation of guidelines for needs assessment in the care and treatment for drug addicts
Financier Suitable and coherent care for long-lasting drug addicts in accessible relief centres
Financier Peer education as prevention strategy for migrant youth in the Netherlands
Financier Long term addiction careers and the incidence of abstinence
Financier Drug treatment careers of immigrant versus native drugusers
Financier Electronic patient files related education in health care curricula: state-of-the-art and developments
Financier Evaluation of a toolbox of ICT applications in care
Financier Design, introduction and control of a EPD-infrastructure
Financier Integration via the electronic patient file of reporting, decision making support, order communication and protocols in the care chain
Financier Breaking point: a communication machine as entry-EPD
Financier 'Medwerk' (knowledge network for labour related disorders) in the region of Groningen
Financier Medwork in the Province of Limburg (districts North and South)
Financier Medwork in the Province of Zeeland
Financier 'Medwerk' (knowledge networks for labour related disorders) in the region of Amsterdam/Almere
Financier 'Medwerk' (knowledge network for labour related disorders) in the region of West-Brabant (Tilburg /Breda)
Financier Medwork in the district of Oost Brabant (Eindhoven/Den Bosch)
Financier Medwork in the district of Twente (Enschede/Hengelo/Almelo)
Financier Medwerk (knowledge network for labour related disorders) in the region of Friesland
Financier 'Medwerk' (knowledge network for labour related disorders) in the region of Utrecht (included Gooi and Vechtstreek)
Financier 'Medwerk' ( knowledge network for labour related disorders) in the region of Rotterdam/Rijnmond and Dordrecht
Financier Medwork in the districts of Noord-Holland (North) and Kennemerland
Financier The legal position of the employee with social medical counselling
Financier Improvement of the regional occupational curative collaboration in the (re)activation of patients with locomotor apparatus ache complaints
Financier Early detection of psychosis: the efficacy of an early detection program in Amsterdam
Financier Prevention of aggression and conduct disorder in elementary school children by means of an integrated set of universal, selective and indicated interventions
Financier Parent management training and social problem solving skills training with population based preschool children at high risk for conduct disorder
Financier Prediction and prevention of psychosis in youngsters entering regional institutions for ambulatory mental health care institutions
Financier The GALM effect study: changes is physical activity, health, and fitness of sedentary and underactive older adults aged 55-65
Financier Youth health care- standard for position/scoliosis
Financier Primary prevention of complicated grief in the aftermath of suicides. Region-wide implementation of a brief, nurse-led, cognitive behavioural, family-oriented, primary care and evidence based approach
Financier A healthy Asylum seekers centre
Financier The course 'coping with depression' for Turkish and Moroccan persons with depressive complaints: a pilot project
Financier Prevention of anxiety and depression in later life: a programme testing the feasibility and effectiveness of a generic stepped-care programme for the elderly at high risk of developing anxiety and depression
Financier Sporting without injuries. Acion program directed to the prevention and care of sport injuries
Financier Effectivity of risk-communication and implementation-intentions as strategies for the improvement of hepatitis B vaccination among homosexual men
Financier Managing new public health: from prevention project cardiovascular diseases to administrative anchoring of prevention
Financier Public ethical evaluation of prevention for cardiovascular diseases
Financier Perceptions on (secondary and tertiary) preventive care in the academic population of the Academic Medical Centre (University of Amsterdam): towards ethnicity specific preventive care approaches in cardiovascular disease and asthma
Financier Atopic dermatitis. Risk factors, interventions and costs
Financier Is not-searched also not desired? Ethical problems regarding information on laboratory results not searched for in prenatal genetic diagnostics
Financier Implementation of optimal preventive care for diabetics by means of the Diabetes passport
Financier Development prevention cours ' coping with depression by elderly persons
Financier Alcohol Information and Prevention
Financier Stimulating and impeding factors by the adoption of interventions in the preventive mental health care
Financier Effect evaluation of the screening on congenital hypothyroidism in The Netherlands
Financier Effectiveness of safety advice in the child health centre according to the method of 'Safety information cards
Financier Cost effectiveness of present and alternative screening strategies of immigrants on tuberculosis
Financier Detection, Intervention and Prevention of Depression in People aged 55 and over in the 'E-Knowledge District' [Kenniswijk] Eindhoven
Financier Effectivity of online self-help module 'less drinking' for problem drinkers
Financier Long term effects of changes in lifestyle on glucose tolerance and adherence to the intervention program in subjects with impaired glucose tolerance
Financier Prevention of childhood anxiety disorders: a comparison of the effects of child cognitive-behaviour intervention, parental cognitive-behaviour intervention, and no intervention in a Dutch community sample of at-risk children
Financier Individual education about safe sex to men and boys with homosexual contacts: integration within the hepatitis-B vaccination program
Financier Integrated approach of chronic pain complaints of minority women: development of a method to create an infrastructure for a healthy life
Financier Food-steps: Lifestyle interventions at the workplace: the effects of modifications of the worksite building and canteen on physical activity and dietary habits
Financier Primary prevention of bed-wetting: how effective are two technics often used by parents for the toilet training for children at night
Financier Efficacy and cost benefit of screening and subsequent preventive measures to avert the occurrence of pressure ulcers in hospitalised patients
Financier Prevention of falling incidents with elderly people
Financier A randomized trial of early detection of asthma-related symptoms in pre-school children at preventive child health centers in The Netherlands
Financier Evaluation of screening for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS)
Financier Better check of hypertensive aged patients. A multidimensional life table approach
Financier Feasibility and effects of developmental care in the Dutch NICU setting
Financier An effect- and process evaluation of two intervention methods which aimed at improving vegetable and fruit consumption of schoolchildren with low SES and their parents
Financier Activated visit for and by allochthonous elderly persons
Financier Effectiveness and costs of combined influenza and pneumococcal vaccination in young children with recurrent respiratory tract infections: a general practice-based randomized controlled trial
Financier Development and evaluation of two innovative health communication technologies aimed at a combination of diet and physical activity changes among patients with high blood pressure and the general population
Financier The effectiveness of smoking prevention in the junior department of primary education
Financier Efficiency of preventive RSI intervention for screen workers
Financier Experimental Evaluation of Risk-Reduction Counseling as Part of HIV Testing in STD Clinics
Financier Development and evaluation of a cessation of smoking intervention consisting of counseling on the telephone and bibliotherapy for smokers with a depression history
Financier Home visiting program for older persons with poor health status
Financier More effective consumer campaign by better pilot study. A testing of the surplus value of experimental research technics in comparison with the traditional technics
Financier European Randomised Study of Screening for Prostate Cancer (ERSPC) - section Rotterdam: follow-up and evaluation
Financier Effectiveness of a prevention coaching programme for employees with a high risk of absenteeism due to occupational stress related psychological disorders
Financier Effect of the preventive programm 'F.C. de World' on the affective, social and cognitive compentencies of refugee pupils in the age from 8-12 years old
Financier Evaluation of a new method of screening psychosocial problems in 5-6 year-old children used by child public health specialists (jeugdartsen)
Financier Intervening after the loss of a spouse: is it (cost-)effective and for whom?
Financier Promotion of social participation and prevention of loneliness among Ridderkerk older adults
Financier Effects of three interventions among partners of demented persons living at home
Financier Prevention of child abuse and neglect and of emotional and behavioural problems by early intervention in families at risk
Financier Preventive intervention of behavior problems in early childhood: The role of attachment security, parental sensitivity, and parental disciplining in the mergence of antisocial behavior
Financier Prevention of psychological and behavioural problems among 8-16 year old children from psychiatric patients: a randomized study
Financier Societal and normative criteria in the empirical evaluation of prevention
Financier Evaluation of the effectiveness of vaccination against measles with a view to eradication of the measles virus
Financier Effectiveness and efficacy of the use of influenza vaccinations on a national scale with elderly people
Financier Assessment of the time from infection with high-risk human papilloma virus (HPV) until the origin of cervical cancer by testing normal archive smears of women with cervical cancer for high-risk HPV
Financier Effectiveness of various forms of vitamin D suppletion with or without calcium in elderly in nursing homes in The Netherlands
Financier More effective preventive material by cognitive-psychological perceptions
Financier A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, single-centre trial on the efficacy of tibolone and raloxifene for the maintenance of skeletal muscle strength, bone mineral density, balance, cognitive function and mood/depression in late postmenopausal women (>70 years) with an increased fall risk
Financier Massage to prevent pressure ulcers: Knowledge, beliefs practice and effectiveness
Financier Effect-evaluation of new groups: More moving for the elderly (MBvO gymnastics)
Financier Computer tailored information to influence nutrition, smoking and exercise habits; testing the application at the community level
Financier Process- and effectevaluation of a community-based intervention program to improve determinants of health in deprived neighbourhoods in Eindhoven
Financier Evaluation of universal HIV-screening of alle pregnant women in Amsterdam
Financier Integration Part-timers among medical specialists
Financier Dosimetric quality control of beta sources for radiotherapy in the clinic
Financier Wheezing Illnesses Study in Leidsche Rijn (Whistler): a novel approach to detection of high risk children
Financier Magnetic resonance imaging and computer tomography: applications in colorectal cancer surveillance and evaluation of Crohn’s disease
Financier Promotion of a physically active lifestyle among inactive adolescents and young adults by means of an activity monitor and an individually tailored advice using internet technology
Financier Early diagnosis and prevention of overweight
Financier OMEGA environmental factors. And genetic predisposition for asthma
Financier The protective effect of breastfeeding against atopic diseases: dependence of the effect on maternal atopic constitution and perinatal influences, expressed in protective factors in breast milk.
Financier Barriers to early service use by adolescents and young adults with psychiatric problems
Financier Family screening for primary hemochromatosis: iron status and illness-related phenomena, cost effectiveness and expectations for population screening
Financier Choices and dilemmas in expensive preventive therapies
Financier Physical strain, functional capacity and mechanisms of restoration of mobility in the rehabilitation process of persons with a spinal cord injury (SCI): a research programme
Financier Cardiovascular risk profiling during routine breast cancer screening: an innovative approach to improved case-finding
Financier Health effect screening: development of instruments for analysing and influencing administrative processes in the interest of public health and for analysing and quantifying impact on public health
Financier Health impact assessment: development of instruments for the analysis and quantification of the impact of policy on public health
Financier What tests are needed for finding the cause of antepartum fetal death? Development of a national protocol
Financier Preconceptional screening for carriers of haemoglobinopathies and/or cystic fibrosis, dependent on ethnic background: feasibility of a combined offer in the Dutch population
Financier Evaluation of a multifactorial intervention aimed at the prevention of falling incidents and the consequences thereof in psychogeriatric nursing home patients
Financier Development and testing of a measuring instrument for life quality among elderly persons with dementia in nursing homes
Financier A prospective study into the spreading and early tracing of tuberculosis in Northern Holland by means of DNA fingerprint (RFLP) analysis
Financier Construction and validation of comorbidity indexes for nursing home patients
Financier The importance of age at menopause in optimising cardiovascular risk profiling in women
Financier Music therapy for dementia. The effects of music therapy in reducing behavioural problems in elderly people with dementia
Financier Pregnancy and different ethnic living habits
Financier Screening of Turkish children for language development disorders: assessment of norms and the applicability of the Turkish version of the Lexilist of the Schlichting test for language production
Financier Fetal growth retardation and the development of blood pressure: a prospective cohort study
Financier Parental psychopathology, child-rearing practices and infant maladjustment
Financier The prevention of developmental and behavioral problems of very preterm infants and parental stress through the use of developmental care: an intervention program for infants and parents
Financier Interactive Tobacco Control for Adolescents: Effects and Impact.
Financier Prevention of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in elderly males; the effects of an increased urine output on symptoms and bladder functioning
Financier HPV 16 peptide vaccination in the prevention of cervical carcinoma: a phase II study on the immunological response to vaccination with HPV 16 peptides in healthy volunteers
Financier The efficacy of problem-solving interventions in deliberate self-harm patients: a randomised controlled trial among adolescents and young adults.
Financier Mild vitamin B12 deficiency and impaired cognitive function in old age: the efficacy of oral vitamin B12 supplementation.
Financier Help seeking in general practice for behavioural/emotional problems of children and adolescents.
Financier The effectiveness of swaddling in excessively crying babies; a randomised controlled trial
Financier The development and evaluation of a transmural coordination model for the medical support to mentally handicapped persons who are going to live extramural
Financier Integration of mentally handicapped pupils within regular primary education
Financier Development and evaluation of the course: Day care for seriously mentally handicapped persons
Financier The development of transcategorial home car for mentally or multiple handicapped persons in regional perspective
Financier Towards an optimal intervention of general practitioners in mentally handicapped people and people with non-inborn brain damage
Financier Clinimetric properties of the Dutch version of the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM)
Financier A randomised controlled study into the effect of preoperative physiotherapy in patients with an increased risk of developing postoperative pulmonary complications after open heart surgery
Financier Contribution of clients in the development of a multidisciplinary guideline for anxiety disorders
Financier Performance of 3D-CT colonography in a screening population at high risk for colorectal cancer, in terms of reproducibility, accuracy and patient acceptance as compared with conventional colonoscopy
Financier A randomized clinical trial of a targeted prevention to moderate alcohol use and alcohol related problems in adolescents at risk for alcoholism.
Financier Prevention of iatrogenic neurological impairment in schizophrenia: the Schizophrenia Termination Of Pharmacotherapy (STOP) trial
Financier Assessing the psychological distress and mental health needs of unaccompanied minors in the Netherlands
Financier The application of ATP (adenosine trifosfaat) infusions within the palliative care
Financier Palliative care and medical decisions in the terminal stage of patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Financier Executive training palliative care for general practitioners
Financier Implementation of a guideline for the use of restriction of freedom interventions in the care for people with a mental handicap
Financier Development of an individualised education programme aimed at stimulation of the self-management behaviour of patients with type 2 diabetes, based on the "self-efficacy" theory
Financier Geriatric intermediate care: feasibility of application by nurses
Financier A pilot project to optimal self-reliability for clients and minimal physical load for relief workers and volunteers in bathroom and toilet from an integral point of view on ADL possibilities and limitations with assistance of a flexible and adaptable sysytem of appliances and adaptations
Financier Development of interactive locomotor test indicator
Financier The relation between work stress and locomotor apparatus complaints
Financier Development of backpain within the working population
Financier Course of limitations in activities in elderly patients with osteoarthritis of the hip or knee
Financier The efficacy of a customized light-weight 'full-contact' carbon-kevlar knee-ankle-foot orthosis (KAFO) on walking, activity pattern and wearing comfort in former polio patients, in comparison with a conventional KAFO
Financier Cerebral palsy and the transition to adolescence
Financier 'Ethics of care': towards a new moral perspective on the multidisciplinary nursing home care for demented elderly
Financier Unbearable suffering. A study into suffering in end-of-life cancer patients and requests for euthanasia
Financier The construction of a dementia-specific Quality of Life instrument rated by professional caregivers in residential settings: the QUALIDEM
Financier The effect of a phased care protocol on depressed nursing home residents
Financier Aspiring to Healthy Living. The Development of a Programme for Healthy Living in a Diverse and Dynamic Society
Financier Anxiety in late life. Moving toward a tailored treatment
Financier Optimal care for nursing home residents with swallowing disorders
Financier Recuperation of functional walking skills after CVA
Financier Predictive value of cytokines and clinical factors in patients with fever
Financier The (training) effects of handbiking during and after the rehabilitation of persons with a paraplegia
Financier Pheriperal electrical nerve stimulation in Alzheimer's disease
Financier Modifeid Work Intervention and Musculoskeletal Sickness Absence
Financier Prevention of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Complaints
Financier Successful ageing: modelling the role of physical activity
Financier Secular trends in cause-specific mortality among the oldest old in seven European countries
Financier Perinatal mortality in Europe: an outcome indicator for the quality of antenatal and perinatal care
Financier Improving Health Related Behavior in Deprived Neighborhoods
Financier Sequential diagnostic tests and logistic regression
Financier Computer-assisted health education and intervention for adolescents
Financier Malaria in West-African immigrants in the Netherlands after visiting their home country: reasons for insufficient use of malaria prophylaxis
Financier Activity-friendly neighborhoods for children. Measurement of physical activity and environmental correlates
Financier Interpersonal psychotherapy for late life depression in general practice
Financier Prevention of prolonged disability due to stress-related neurasthenia. Effectiveness and feasibility of a systematic intervention by social workers in primary care
Financier The care of the general practitioner for the depressed elderly
Financier The contribution of clients' councils to the quality care system of institutions
Financier The influence of the organization of care on the quality of care for the elderly with psychogeriatric problems
Financier Development and evaluation of an intervision method on behalf of allochtonous clients in extramural care
Financier Depression in dementia. Development and testing of a nursing guideline
Financier Development, implementation and evaluation of a training program for reducing involuntary urine loss in older women living in homes for the elderly
Financier The occurrence of comorbidity in patients with neurological and psychiatric diseases in general practice and its impact on the use and quality of health care
Financier Wnts and worms: from nematodes to vertebrates
Financier Asylum seekers, refugees and their underaged children: an epidemiological study into the health problems, care demands and the looking voor help
Financier Financial position of people with a chronic disease before and after the revision of the income tax 2001
Financier Weighty Thoughts; a cognitive approach to the treatment of obesity
Financier Grab and hold. Randomized controlled trial of the effectiveness of an outreach treatment program for chronic, high-risk crack abusers
Financier A comparison of individual risk factors for the use of alcohol and drugs among adolescents in France and the Netherlands
Financier Participation of patients in national multidisciplinary development of the mental health care
Financier Drinking in a Dry Culture Alcohol use among second-generation Turks and Moroccans: Measurements and Results
Financier Prevention-intervention risky living habits in youth care
Financier Promoting physical activity in the rehabilitation setting
Financier The effectiveness of a worksite physical activity programme on physical activity, fitness, musculoskeletal disorders and absenteeism from work
Financier The (cost) effectiveness of back schools for chronic and recurrent low back pain
Financier Behavioural risk factors for coronary heart disease among Turkish and Moroccan people, aged 10-30: prevalence, determinants and current preventive practices (priority 1.3)
Financier Targeting of CRH-receptor antisense probes to and in the central nervous system: application in neuropsychiatry
Financier Spatio-temporal processes in living cells studied by multiphoton laser scanning microscopy
Financier At risk of depression and anxiety. Studies into the interplay of personal and environmental risk factors
Financier Survivors at risk: a controlled evaluation of a psycho-educational intervention in those bereaved through suicide
Financier Universal neonatal hearing screening in the Netherlands
Financier Neural disorders in Williams syndrome
Financier Lower respiratory infections as a terminal event in US and Dutch nursing homes
Financier Optimizing the social and physical ambiance during mealtime in Dutch nursing homes: Implementation, evaluation of effect with respect to quality of life, nutritional status, and self-care ability, and nationwide dissemination of results.
Financier The role of folic acid and vitamine B12 in colorectal carcinogenesis in genetically different individuals.
Financier Dietary factors and genetic susceptibility as determinants of mutation and methylation of cancer genes in colerectal adenomas and carcinomas
Financier The effect of supplementation with nutrient dense foods on the intellectual and physical functionality of psycho-geriatic patients.
Financier Folic acid, homocysteine and prevention of atherosclerosis.
Financier The effect of vitamin and mineral supplementation on immune response and respiratory infections in elderly.
Financier The effect of a PACE intervention in general practice on determinants and levels of physical activity: a randomized trial
Financier Optimal use and cost-effectiveness of treatment modalities in geriatric medicine
Financier Knowledge of genetics relevant for medical practice among recently qualified physicians
Financier Health enhancing physical activity for elderly, living in homes for the aged - a controlled trial evaluating the effects of a physical fitness training program on physical fitness, functional ability, experienced health, quality of life, social networks, obstipation and related disorders ..
Financier Relationships between life-style risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and early signs of atherosclerosis: the Amsterdam Growth and Health Longitudinal Study
Financier Possibilities and barriers for the implementation of a preconceptional screening programme for cystic fibrosis
Financier The effect of educational information about minor ailments on the self-care behaviour and health care demand of Turkish and Dutch inhabitants of disadvantaged districts of The Hague: evaluation of an intervention
Financier Psychological impact of screening and early treatment of type 2 diabetes
Financier Functional organization of the limbic corticostriatal circuitry: from microcircuits to behavioral correlates - II: Behavioral ectrophysiology in the freely moving rat
Financier EDOCRA - Effectiveness of two methods of detoxification combined with the administration of an opoidantagenist and a biopsychosocial rehabilitation based on the Community Reinforcement Approch
Financier Cues and contexts in exposure treatment & relapse prevention
Financier Brief intervention for problem drinking among hospital patients
Financier Development and evaluation of an educational intervention targetted at optimising adherence to measures to prevent asthma in children with a familial allergic disposition
Financier Compass rose: a care and rehabilitation programme for young schizophrenic people
Financier Implementation of structured, cyclic care for the population of diabetes 2 patients in Amsterdam with particular attention for the care of allochthonous people, who make up 40% of this population
Financier Supply and demand of care for long-lasting care-dependent patients in a MultiFunctional Unit (MFU) region
Financier Effects of back belts with caregivers and nurses in home care: a pilot study
Financier Evaluation of the eating disturbances
Financier Inter institutional testing GGZ
Financier COTG guidelines new care forms GGZ
Financier Development en implementation of a protocol aimed to improve the coöperation between the general practitioner and the occupational physician
Financier Recovery of mobility in the treatment of paraplegic patients - II-V
Financier Recovery of mobility in the treatment of paraplegic patients - I
Financier Rehabilitation technical aids
Financier Functional load, load capacity and mechanisms of recovery of mobility in the rehabilitation of paraplegic patients
Financier Development, implementation and evaluation of a behavioural intervention package (BIP) for prevention of chronic shoulder disability. A randomised clinical trial comparing BIP and GP care in patients with subacute shoulder complaints
Financier Functional recovery of gait after stroke
Financier Effectiveness of a systematic intervention with overstrain in the general practice
Financier The comparative effectiveness of behavioral couple therapy in the treatment of alcohol use disorder
Financier Innovative care and treatment of drug addicts: implementation effective social care methods with the aid of consensus directives
Financier Prevention of hip fractures by external hip protectors in elderly persons at high risk
Financier 'Parents to be' .The effectiveness of systematic population-based preconception advice and counselling initiated by GPs
Financier Health and cost-effectiveness evaluation of an integral prevention programme aimed at reducing the incidence of cardiovascular disease in Zuid Limburg, The Netherlands (Hartslag Limburg, project E5)
Financier Intensive interference of Turkish and Moroccan patients with psychic, psychosomatic and social problems in general practice
Financier Clinimetrics and Functional Outcome One Year After Traumatic Brain Injury
Financier Evaluation of a randomized study of screening for adenocarcinoma of the prostate (ERSPC)
Financier Genetics of individual differences in smoking initiation and persistence
Financier Municipal health initiatives in the neighbourhood. Process evaluation of neighbourhood oriented health interventions according to the community approach, and development of a scenario for transfer to other municipalities
Financier Positive and gay: safer sex by principle
Financier Promotion and support of breastfeeding by health counseling : a ransomised intervention trial of the efficacy of lactation protocol in the home care setting
Financier Research into stimulating and obstructing factors resulting in guidelines for the implementation of standards for youth healthcare
Financier Fluoride application. Retrospective research into the effect of fluoride applications on preventing of dental decay among riskgroups
Financier Evaluation of the effectivity of an anti-bullying programme on primary schools
Financier Research into prevention of relapse in movement programmes for seniors (fifty-plus)
Financier Strenghtening of positive interaction among depressive mothers and their babies: a research into the effect of a preventive programme among mother and child
Financier Development and evaluation of a programme for strenghtening of psychic strenght and prevention of depressive symptoms among children of 10-12 years old
Financier Cognitive behavioural treatment for childhood obesity
Financier Determinants of alcohol use, cue exposure and relapse prevention
Financier The need for care by people with rheumatic arthrosis
Financier Inventory of conditions for a successful implementation of prevention: development and evaluation of a measuring instrument.
Financier Cost-effectiveness analysis of screening for peripheral arterial occlusive disease and subsequent risk factor modification for the prevention of myocardial infarction and stroke: a computer simulation study.
Financier Secondary prevention of familial colorectal cancer (FCC)
Financier Effect of an exercise programme on the prevention of diseases related to a retarded colon passage time.
Financier Clinical study of the value of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) genotyping in the treatment of serial abnormal cervical cytology Pap 2/3a mild dyskaryosis (Pap 3a1): consequences for referral and treatment.
Financier The effect of vitamin D supplementation on muscle strength, functional mobility and quality of life of elderly women (> 70 years of age) with a marginal vitamin D status
Financier The benefits of dietary phyto-oestrogen intake. A randomised intervention with respect to cardiovascular disease, fracture risk, ability to perform activities of daily life, well-being and cognitive function.
Financier Effectiveness and efficiency of preventive quattro-care for cardiovascular diseases in general practice located in deprived neighbourhood.
Financier Oropharyngeal decontamination with chlorohexidine and chlorohexidine/colistine for the prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia in ventilated intensive care patients
Financier Postmaturity: prevention and understanding of pathophysiology.
Financier Quality and effecitiveness of the use of antimicrobial medicines in the surgical prophylaxis in Dutch hospitals: choice, timing, duration, scale, costs and effect on infection prevention.
Financier Risk perception, decision-making and psychological well-being of pregnant women who are offered prenatal screening for congenital defects
Financier Use and abuse of medicines/drugs and behavioural disturbances: a study into the effectiveness of a combination of preventive interventions.
Financier The rythm of depression. The course of recurrent depression and prevention of relapse using cognitive therapy
Financier Late-life depression in primary care: a randomized controlled trial designed to improve detection, diagnosis, treatment and outcome
Financier Smoking cessation for COPD patients in general practice: implementation and evaluation of an intensive strategy.
Financier Screening and counseling of elderly in general practice: active participation of patients for pointing out functional health problems.
Financier A randomized study into the effectiveness of the addition of home training uroflowmetry to outpatient treatment in dysfunctional voiding at child age.
Financier Development and validation of a cost-effective DNA-diagnostic protocol for mental retardation.
Financier Early detection of pancreatic carcinoma in families with the Familial Atypic Mole Melanoma (FAMMM) syndrome.
Financier Practice-relevant knowledge on medical genetics with recently graduated physicians.
Financier The cardiovascular risk profile among (Hindu and Creole) Surinamese individuals: is it necessary to differentiate guidelines for screening?
Financier Prognostic value of coronary artery calcification detected by electronic beam tomography in the general population.
Financier SMART: Second Manifestations of ARTerial disease. What is the prevalence of a secondary vascular disease in patients with a primary vascular disease? Is a screening meaningful?
Financier Medical and psychological effects of prophylactic surgery in women genetically predisposed to breast and ovarian cancer.
Financier Smoking among allochthonous people: leads for prevention.
Financier Effectiveness and efficacy of screening on risk factors for cardiovascular disease in youngsters.
Financier Extramural monitoring of resistance against antibiotics.
Financier Survivors at risk. Preventing psychiatric morbidity in those bereaved through suicide; a controlled evaluation of a psycho-educational intervention for high-risk families.
Financier Hereditary predisposition, determined by the GP: can a positive family history be used as a valid identification instrument for primary prevention of asthma in children?
Financier Learn Young, Learn Fair – development and evaluation of a stress management programme for fifth and sixth graders
Financier The individual sensitivity to addiction: disturbance of social attachments at young age and the underlying neurochemical mechanisms
Financier Sick and tired; psychological and physiological aspects of work-related stress
Financier Motivation for change in the addiction: studies in assessment
Financier Bottlenecks in the care for people with rare chronic diseases
Financier Multi-Sensory Stimulation in 24-h Dementia Care. Effects of snoezelen on residents and caregivers
Financier Psychological problems and disorders of children
Financier Early development and the thyroid hormone state in Down syndrome
Financier Ageing of the circadian system and memory
Financier Disuse and chronic low back pain
Financier Stumbling over obstacles in young and older adults
Financier Prevention and treatment of chronic posttraumatic stress disorder
Financier Determinants, Risks & Dynamics of Staphylococcus aureus Nasal Carriage
Financier Determinants of customer satisfaction with addiction care
Financier Risk and protective factors in the etiology and course of schizophrenia in its early phase
Financier The importance of the family history for early detection and prognosis of asthma in children in the first five years of live in general practice

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