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Completed research

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Collaboration Hygieia: a new conceptual approach
Collaboration Kinship and coins. Ancestors and family on Roman imperial coinage under the principate
Collaboration Urbs et Augustus. The city of Rome in politics and representations of power during the reign of the Constantinian dynasty
Collaboration Beginning of Doom. Statius Thebaid 5.499-753: introduction, text, commentary
Collaboration City and sanctuary in Hellenistic Asia Minor. Constructing civic identity in the sacred landscapes of Mylasa and Stratonikeia in Karia
Collaboration The impact of empire on market prices in Babylon
Collaboration The Dream in Antiquity: Aspects and Analyses
Collaboration Plato's Pragmatic Project. A reading of Plato's Laws
Collaboration Echoing Hylas. Metapoetics in Hellenistic and Roman Poetry
Collaboration Valuing coins, coining values: friendship after money
Collaboration The World of the Fullo. Work, economy and society in Roman Italy
Collaboration Harbouring Discontent. The pragmatics of atimia-terminology in the legal sphere of classical Athens
Collaboration The sacred landscape of Attica, 1000 to 600 BC
Collaboration Archaeology and demography: a re-appraisal of the evidence
Collaboration Demographic developments in Italy (202-88 BC)
Collaboration Classical and Provincial-Roman Archaeology
Collaboration Greek, Latin, Ancient Christian Greek and Latin, Medieval and Neo-Latin
Collaboration On the Agora. Power and public space in hellenistic and roman Greece
Collaboration The Periegetes of Dionysios of Alexandria
Collaboration Emotion in a process of change. Principles and genesis of its literary representation, with special attention for 'love' and 'anger' in Hellenistic literature
Collaboration The Julio-Claudian imperial women: ideology, image and reality
Collaboration The cause of the Social War (91-88 B.C.)
Collaboration Religious communication in Sophocles plays and fragments
Collaboration The hellenizing of the Roman sports culture
Collaboration Power and Status. Administration,appointment policies, and social hierarchies in the Roman Empire, AD 193 - 284
Collaboration Coining Images of Power. Patterns in the Representation of Roman Emperors on Imperial Coinage, A.D. 193-284
Collaboration Hugo Grotius' Occasional Poetry (1609 - 1645)
Collaboration Choral behavior of a dramatic character: The chorus in Aeschylus’ Septem contra Thebas in comparison to non-dramatic choruses of young women
Collaboration Poetry as Window and Mirror. Hellinistic poets on precedessors, contemporaries and themselves
Collaboration The architecture of a Functional Discourse Grammar
Collaboration Discourse phenomena in Latin narrative texts
Collaboration Markedness and Definiteness in the Noun Phrase in Classical Greek
Collaboration Discourse Modes and Bases. A Study of the Use of Tenses in Vergil’s Aeneid
Collaboration Latin particles
Secretariat Latin colonization in Italy before the end of the Second Punic War Colonial communities and cultural change
Secretariat Classical Humanism and the Challenge of Modernity. Debates on classical education in Germany c. 1770-1860
Secretariat Family, Community and Divinity in Pindar's Victory Odes
Secretariat Portraying Witnesses. The apostles in early Christian art and poetry
Secretariat Interpreting particles in dead and living languages
Secretariat Ancient Greek Ekphrasis: Between Description and Narration
Secretariat Writing to Survive. A Commentary on Sidonius Apollinaris Letters Book 7. Volume 1: The Episcopal Letters 1 – 11
Secretariat Nothing but Love. Gender and the Canonization of Women Poets in Ancient Greece
Secretariat Augustine on the Relations between the Living and the Deceased. A Discourse-Linguistic Commentary on De cura pro mortuis gerenda
Secretariat 253 AD: the emperor and the basis of his power in a year of swift take-overs
Secretariat Of horses and men - developments in Greek cavalry training and warfare (550-350 BC) with a focus on Athens and Xenophon
Secretariat The other poet. The ancient reception of Hesiod
Secretariat A Commentary on Silius Italicus’ Punica 13. Intertextuality and Narrative Structure
Secretariat Plautus' Pseudolus: a dramaturgical commentary
Secretariat Audible punctuation: performative pause in homeric prosody
Secretariat Worlds full of signs: ancient Greek divination in context
Secretariat Three Studies in Epicurean Cosmology
Secretariat Lateinische epistemische Partikeln. Nempe, quippe, scilicet, videlicet und nimirum
Secretariat Public representation of women
Secretariat Sacerdotes piae. Priestesses and other female cult officials in the western part of the Roman Empire from the first century B.C. until the third century
Secretariat Variants in the poetry of Johannes Secundus (1511-1536): genetic studies.
Secretariat A literary commentary on the Theriaca of Nicander of Colophon.
Secretariat Healing Speech, Wandering Names, Contests of Words
Secretariat Joining the Athenian community. The participation of metics in Athenian polis religion in the fifth and fourth centuries B.C.
Secretariat Public land in the Roman Republic: a social and economic history of the ager publicus’
Secretariat The reign of emperor Heliogabalus and its perception from ancient to modern times
Secretariat Seneca's theology in its philosophical context
Secretariat Stoicism and traditional aspects of Greco-Roman culture
Secretariat Soul and pneuma in the hellenistic philosphy and the early christian period. A search for the continued effect of the 'aristotelian' dualism
Secretariat Explanation and teleology in Aristotle's philosophy of nature
Secretariat Classical Receptions and Traditions
Secretariat Impact of Empire
Secretariat Philostratus 'Vita Apollonii'
Secretariat Ammianus Marcellinus 'Res Gestae'
Secretariat Text and World view: The novel and historiography in late antiquity
Secretariat Hellenistic and Imperial Literature : Greek and Latin poetry and prose of the Hellenistic period and the Roman Empire
Secretariat Textual Cohesion: Greek and Latin linguistics
Secretariat Proclus on nature. Philosophy of nature and its methods in Proclus' commentary on Plato's Timaeus
Secretariat Aliquid ad mores. The prfaces and epilogues of Seneca's Naturales Quaestiones
Secretariat Testimonials of Social Identity and the Birth of the Athenian Citizen Body in Sixth-century Athens
Secretariat Between grammar and rhetoric. Dionysius of Halicarnassus of language, linguistics, and literature
Secretariat Cicero narrator. A linguistic analysis of Cicero's narrative technique in his forensic speeches
Secretariat Citizens, elites and benefactors: the politics of public generosity in Roman Asia Minor
Secretariat Sôphrosynê
Secretariat Becoming being. On Parmenides' transformative philosophy
Secretariat The Hellenistic Royal Court. Court Culture, Ceremonial and Ideology in Greece, Egypt and the Near East, 336-30 BCE

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