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Completed research

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Collaboration The Fataluku Language Project
Collaboration The morpho-syntax of two modal categories in Omotic languages of south-west Ethiopia
Collaboration Sahin Sau, an Endangered Language of Southern Mexico
Collaboration A grammar of Abui
Collaboration Typological Database System
Collaboration Cultural evolutionary modeling of patterns in language change
Collaboration Word order and information structure in Makhuwa-Enahara
Collaboration Etymological Dictionary of the Old Frisian Codex Riustringen 1
Collaboration Semantic changes in Dutch causative constructions since the Middle Ages
Collaboration Anarchic Alchemists. Dissident Androgyny in Anglo-American Gothic Fiction from Godwin to Melville
Collaboration Vehe nuhu anahan: Ritual landscape and the interpretation of pre-Hispanic monuments in the Mixteca Alta, Mexico
Collaboration Marie-Anne Barbier, woman writer at the end of the classical age. Internal contradictionss of a culture in transition
Secretariat Documentation and Analysis of West African Sign Languages
Secretariat Letters as loot. Towards a non-standard view on the history of Dutch
Secretariat Adjectival Agreement Asymmetries
Secretariat The syntax and licensing of Gapping and Fragments
Secretariat The Kat River Settlement, 1829-1860
Secretariat Bantu, Chinese and Romance nouns and noun phrases
Secretariat Generative Syntax
Secretariat Formal grammar, computation and interpretation
Secretariat Phonological representations
Secretariat Degree morphology
Secretariat Degree expressions and syntactic structure
Secretariat Degrees across Categories
Secretariat The Phrasal Phonology of Bantu Languages
Secretariat Literary modernity and Gallic antiquity. Reading and writing medieval French literature, 1670-1750
Secretariat African oral literatures, new media and technologies: challenges for research and documentation
Secretariat The Variorum Edition of the Poetry of John Donne: first of two volumes of the texts of the Songs and Sonnets. Contracted by Indiana University Press
Secretariat Electronic Text and the Gutenberg Heritage
Secretariat 'Berlin is in Germany'. The Construction of Collective Memory in Germany after the 'Wende'.
Secretariat The self as other: Binding at the interface
Secretariat The meaning of pain in English Renaissance poetry
Secretariat Giving them back their languages: The endangered Amerindian languages of the Guianas
Secretariat Orthography in a plurigraphic society: the case of Tuareg in Niger
Secretariat The morphosyntactic development of children with a cochlear implant. A comparison with children using hearing aids, normally hearing children and children with SLI.
Secretariat A Typology of Verbal Derivation in Ethiopian Afro-Asiatic Languages
Secretariat Valence-changing categories in Indo-Aryan: a diachronic typological approach
Secretariat Dispositio and Rewriting in French Literature
Secretariat Russian literature of the 18th century
Secretariat The Tocharian subjunctive
Secretariat Tosu: a Tibeto-Burman language of southwestern Sichuan, China
Secretariat A grammatical description of Dirne
Secretariat Chinese final particles and the syntax of the periphery
Secretariat Fifteenth-century scribal habits and the language of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Manuscripts of The Canterbury Tales
Secretariat The language of the Streatham Circle
Secretariat The use of Spanish subjunctive verb forms on -ra and -se in the second half of the 16th century
Secretariat Language diversity and variation
Secretariat Language Use
Secretariat Multiple Parallel Grammars in the Acquisition of Stress in Greek L1
Secretariat The syntax of verbal pseudo-coordination in English and Afrikaans
Secretariat The syntax of heads and phrases
Secretariat Phonology and morphology of Modern Hebrew
Secretariat The referential and the linear dependencies of object clitics clustering
Secretariat Language Faculty
Secretariat A Grammar of Abui (Alor)
Secretariat Vowel and consonant gradation in the Germanic n-stems
Secretariat Prosodic characteristics of Orkney and Shetland dialects: An experimental approach
Secretariat The Indo-Aryan verb through the ages
Secretariat NARRATOR: narrative disclosure of health care knowledge
Secretariat Citizenship and Legitimacy in Municipal Politics: The Cases of Porto Alegre and Santiago de Chile
Secretariat Biography of Nicolaas van Wijk
Secretariat The Language of the Mawayana
Secretariat The Literary Construction of Cultural Identity in Germany after the 'Wende'
Secretariat Word order and information structure in Makhuwa-Enahara
Secretariat One probe - two goals: aspects of agreement in Dutch dialects
Secretariat The Hittite inherited lexicon
Secretariat Innovation impulse Linguistic variation in East Timor
Secretariat A grammar of Sandawe
Secretariat Renaissance Ideas and Early Germanic Literature: Interconnections of Germanic Studies and Humanist Scholarship and Ideology
Secretariat Culture-historic aspects concerning Brazil in the relationship with The Netherlands
Secretariat Periphrastic expressions of tempus, modus and aspect in the Spanish language of Ecuador
Secretariat The Dutch language in its contact with other languages
Secretariat Phonetic correlates and communicative functions of linguistic structure
Secretariat Intonation of the modern standard Chinese
Secretariat Sociolinguistics of Chinese speaking communities
Secretariat Functional grammar
Secretariat Linguistic and pragmatic rhetorical aspects of ambiguity
Secretariat Minimal categorial grammar
Secretariat Logical structure and complexity of formal garmmars for natural language
Secretariat Interaction between syntax and semantics
Secretariat Inner aspect and telicity
Secretariat The postmodern autobiography in the field of tension between theory and reception
Secretariat Tuareg and the Central Saheflan Languages: A History of Language Contact (2001-2005)
Secretariat Land of our Forefathers: Jan Parel, a Khoikhoí prophet in Cape Colonial Society, 1761-1851
Secretariat Cariban-Tupian ('Katu') comparative project
Secretariat Rethinking Modernism: T.S.Eliot, Ezra Pound, and the British Decadent and Anti-Decadent Poets
Secretariat The West-frankish origin of the k-aspiration within 'Churrheintaler' German
Secretariat The complementizer system in Dutch dialects
Secretariat The lords of Quauhquecholan: indigenous historiography of a Nahua cacicazgo
Secretariat Body, hounour, and law in medieval Frisia
Secretariat Production and understanding of Wh-questions of French speaking agrammatic patients
Secretariat Late medieval secular drama and the world of villon

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