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Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Conflicting interests, converging strategies: Political activities of interest organizations
Collaboration Under Construction. The Genesis of Public Value Systems
Collaboration European intergration and social security
Secretariat Representation and Civic Participation in the Netherlands, Denmark & the United Kingdom
Secretariat The density and diversity of interest populations in Brussels
Secretariat Hot issues. The purchase of combat aircraft for the Netherlands Air Force
Secretariat Civil Service Systems in Comparative Perspective project
Secretariat Better regulation in the European union: lost in translation or full steam ahead?
Secretariat The autonomy of European Union agencies: A comparative study of institutional development
Secretariat Why so much diversity? Analyzing the differences in the transposition of EU directives
Secretariat Analyzing European Union policies: the transposition of directives
Secretariat The politics of compliance
Secretariat Explaining European decision making: testing procedural models
Secretariat Federal workforce restructuring: agency responses to external pressures
Secretariat The Concepts of Public and Private in relation to the conceptualisation of public administration
Secretariat Logics of NGO decision making about humanitarian aid
Secretariat Crisis and perspectives on policy change: Swedish counter-terrorism policymaking
Secretariat Institutional reformations in the European Union
Secretariat Integral policy realization: discourses and the development of interorganisational coordination in the prevention of youth criminality
Secretariat Coordinating complex emergencies
Secretariat Crisis and Change. Understanding Crisis-Reform Processes in Dutch and British Prison Services
Secretariat The Renaissance of Public Administration : how is the concept of public administration legally constructed and how does the resulting normative framework relate to the social discourse on public administration, in a comparative perspective?

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