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Collaboration Between the clinic and the kitchen cabinet. A study assessing the development of functional foods in relation to genomics
Collaboration P1009-2 WaterSigns-using positive metaphors about water
Collaboration KB-01-009 Spearhead 3: Sector knowledge and knowlede exchange
Collaboration Cell cycle & growth regulation of G1 progression in the ongoing cell cycle
Collaboration A15-agrocorridor project
Collaboration Roll over dam
Collaboration Summerschool Climate and the Hydrological Cycle
Collaboration RC 2006: Ecosystem Modelling and Scenario Development for Environmental Management
Collaboration Programming study on developments in research and society with respect to the relation between food (products), consumer behaviour and health
Collaboration Space for Geo-information
Collaboration Aquaterra
Collaboration WaterSigns-using positive metaphors about water
Collaboration Cooperation in a context of crisis: public-private management of marine fisheries in South Asia
Collaboration Vegetable oils and fats in the animal chain
Collaboration Perspectives Ocean Farming / Sustainable use - Sea on land
Collaboration The effects of a green living environment on individual and social well-being
Collaboration Geo-information for Environmental Assessment and Disaster Management, Institutional Strengthening of the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Phase 2
Collaboration Sustainable Consumption in Transition
Collaboration The link between odors and illness: how health cognitions affect odor perception
Collaboration Production of CO2 neutral transport fuels and bioplastics from biomass
Collaboration Centre for Biosystems genomics
Collaboration The Role of Development Discourse and Practice in the Mounting Ethnic Conflict over Natural Resources in the Drive towards Agro-Pastoralization on the Central Plateau in Burkina Faso
Collaboration Weather in control
Collaboration Mechanisms of chemical-induced immunomodulation in relation to autoimmune-like phenomena by HCB and other environmental pollutants
Collaboration Quantifying change processes in tropical rain forest areas using remote sensing data; the impact of process resolution and fuzziness on accuracy
Collaboration Iron as key factor for seepage nature
Collaboration Disconnected Innovations. New Urbanity in large-scale development projects: Zuidas Amsterdam, Ørestad Copenhagen and Forum Barcelona
Collaboration Stress effects on structure and stability of microbial communities and ecosystems
Collaboration Internal critical heavy metal content in rainworms as foundations of new soil standards
Collaboration Development and implementation of a model for the description of speciation of heavy metals in soil
Collaboration Pilot monitoring 'Vecht'
Collaboration Microbiological characterisation of contaminated soil and groundwater
Collaboration Stimulated anaerobic in situ biorestauration of chloroethane
Collaboration Ecological evaluation systems brackish waters
Collaboration Water quality and nutrient control surface water in low moor polder areas
Collaboration Intrinsic biorestauration; Study of the contribution of extensive biological degradation of VOCI at soil sanitation
Collaboration The development of a decision supporting system for the design, dimensioning and engineering of bioventing and biosparging systems
Commissioner Large mammals and drought in Africa (I and II)
Commissioner Towards Sustainable Land Management
Financier Beech forest dynamics along the altitudinal gradient in Southeastern Carpathians
Financier Sowing in the autumn season - Exploring benefits of green care farms for dementia patients
Financier Design of reusable digital learning material within the area of Process Engineering
Financier Design of digital learning material for process engineering
Financier Consumer-oriented food innovations based on insect-cell biomass: a general approach
Financier My Food, individual behaviour
Financier Retention and enhancement of potential health promoting compounds in fruit juices by new technological approaches
Financier Biofunctionality of soybean tempeh: effects on some pathogenicityfactors of diarrhoea-associated bacteria
Financier Improved understanding and utilization of the biofunctional potential of proanthocyanidins
Financier Towards a better understanding of the forming and modeling of Maillard derived non-volatiles in complex food systems
Financier Wheat gluten and celiac disease
Financier Modified silicon nitride surfaces for food applications
Financier Investigation of antioxidative compounds in some aromatic plants cultivated in Lithuania
Financier Regulation of lipase expression in Aspergillus niger
Financier System biology of organic acid secretion in Aspergillus Niger
Financier Global analysis of time-resolved fluorescence microspectroscopy and applications in biopolymer dynamics
Financier In vitro and in vivo interplay between human quinone reductase and (health-promoting) flavonoids
Financier Understanding the hydrological implications of hillslope form
Financier Valuation of conservation scenarios for olive farming on sloping and mountainous land.
Financier Managing natural resource conflicts: the role of empowerment. A case of forest conflicts in Ghana
Financier Stimulation of fish larval defence mechanisms against infectious diseases
Financier Sensitive sensing via carbohydrate-modified silicon arrays
Financier New generation of antioxidant peptides from protein hydrolysates: isolation and characterisation of peptides as inhibitors for enzymes causing oxidtive deterioration of food
Financier In vitro bioreactor toxicology
Financier The influence of food components on the bioavailability and uptake characteristics of bioactiv food ingredients, drugs and toxic xenobiotics
Financier Dietary risks and ingredient interactions between (anti)carcinogens from herbs
Financier Design of reusable digital learning material within food chemistry
Financier Modulation of physical and chemical interactions for protein aggregation and gelation
Financier Structure formation of soy proteins by enzyme-assisted fermentation by lactic acid bacteria.
Financier Interaction of pectin within the plant cell wall architecture
Financier Modulation of the bioactivity of phytoestrogens by enzymes of the human intestinal flora
Financier Effects of aggregation on food protein allergenicity
Financier Lipid dependent gene regulation in small intestine
Financier Design of renewable digital learning material within human nutrition and epidemiology
Financier Child obesity in China: determinants and intervention
Financier Structure formation in concentrated protein solution
Financier Investment patterns in Dutch horticulture
Financier Uncertainties in the spatial modelling of soil moisture
Financier PHENOLINK - Linking Phenotype to Genotype
Financier Molecular ecology of the aggregation pheromone cis-vaccenyl acetate, a seminal fluid component in Drosophila melanogaster
Financier Bio-economic modelling of traditional and organic mixed-farming systems
Financier Nutrient use in animal and cropping systems - Efficiency and scales
Financier Plant uptake of organic nitrogen in heathland ecosystems
Financier Human Pathogens in the Organic Production Chain
Financier Sense-making of community-based forest management
Financier Functional analysis of virulence gene from Mycosphaerella graminicola
Financier Interfacial properties in phase separating protein-polysaccharide mixtures
Financier The influence of gravity on the cytoskeleton and the determination of the division plane in plants
Financier Large herbivores searching for food in a spatially heterogenous environment: studying the underlying mechanisms of search efficiency
Financier Virus-indiced gene silencing: unravelling the basis of a mechanims and its exploitation for the analysis of a multitude of individual gene functions in plants
Financier Plant performance and source-sink relations
Financier Best soil and water conservation practices in highland watershed management in Ethiopia
Financier Time and risk in decision-making for environmental and resource economics
Financier Globalisation, sustainability and food risks: reactions by political institutions, economic agents, consumers and other social actors
Financier Research Methodology; perspectives and new developments
Financier Leptin and the mechanism of its effects onpuberty onset the female rat
Financier Chain-risk analysis and monitoring of plant diseases
Financier An economic risk analysis of genetic modification in the pork production chain
Financier Multi-functional forestry and inter-sectoral coordination mechanism, limits and opportunities
Financier Keeping quality of fresh-cut vegetables based on biological maturity and storage conditions
Financier Soil fertility and soil plant interactions
Financier A comparison of mitosis and meiosis by immunocytochemical and biochemical methods
Financier Regional erosion risk mapping in tropical environments through integrated use of multi-temporal SAR in a GIS
Financier Women, Wageningen and the World: Gender, work and study at Wageningen Agricultural College/University, 1918-2003
Financier The identification and analysis of ascites resistance genes in chicken
Financier Spatial information and uncertainty
Financier Development of trajectories for life long learning (Brainport)
Financier Competence management in vocational education
Financier Spatial planning in the face of growing complexity: planning of multiple landuse on the regional level
Financier Economic analysis of integrated crop protection
Financier Modelling the quantitative impact of solid feeds to the protein and energy metabolism of veal calves.
Financier Molecular genetic and cell biological unraveling of the function of HCL, a key gene involved in Rhizobium-induced Medicago truncatula root hair curling
Financier Functional genomics as a tool to identify key genes mediating the hypersensitive response leading to host resistance
Financier Induced defence of Arabidopsis against herbivorous insects: cross-talk with induced defence against microbial pathogens
Financier Cell plate formation in plant cells
Financier Verifying/falsifying the cell biological suppositions of the geometrical cell wall model
Financier Entrance strategies, risks and returns of food and agribusiness chains in Hungary/Czech Republic and Russia
Financier Predicting batch acceptability of horticultural produce
Financier Identification and quantification of innovative management on agricultural firms that participate in production-marketing chains
Financier Making plants resistant to plant parasitic nematodes: no access, no feeding
Financier Dissecting the signal-transduction pathway leading to syncytium formation by cyst nematodes: the role of auxin-induced ethylene biosynthesis
Financier Respiration in fish larvae.
Financier Integrated management of Striga hermonthica in sorghum: mycorrhiza and Striga-suppressive soils as new components in farming systems in north Cameroon.
Financier Bioavalaibility of folate in dairy products
Financier Characterization of sweet potatoes and the use of (modified) sweet potato starch in starch-noodle preparation.
Financier Anaerobic treatment of domestic sewage in subtropical and temperate climates.
Financier Malaria & Environmental change: How do malaria vectors adapt to local and regional induced alterations?
Financier Non-destructive methods to monitor development of plant performance and production quality for supply chain management
Financier Modelling physiological control of quality related processes in the horticultural production chain
Financier Eco-technological research to realise resource conservation in protected cultivation
Financier Functional Biodiversity: Strategic use of nectar and pollen sources to boost biological control
Financier A multi-scale approach for erosion impact assessment in the Andes
Financier Analysis of the effects of (sub)plant and crop-related differences due to cultivar, stage of growth and season in perennial ryegrass on production, quality, selection, and intake characteristics in grass-fed and grazing dairy cattle
Financier Facilitative and competitive interactions between large and small herbivores: the role of density and effects of vegetation structure
Financier Water use and crop productivity
Financier Cellular responsiveness to mechanical loads and the self-organization of myomere architecture in fish
Financier Time-optimal path planning and control of robot manipulators for fruit harvesting
Financier Meaning and quality of place
Financier Bio-economic modelling of traditional and organic farming systems
Financier Making use of water and wind erosion processes in landscape development in the Netherlands
Financier The contested countryside. An analysis of discourses related to uses of and access to the Dutch countryside
Financier Analysis of Urban Fuelwood Consumption and the Environment: An Economic Modelling Approach
Financier Regional contracts: tools for strategic planning; exploring new methods of spatal planning for the advancement of multiple land use
Financier Population dynamics of coccidial infections in poultry: immunity and control
Financier Methodology development for catchment-scale soil erosion modelling
Financier Susceptibility to sprouting in triticale
Financier Management of network relations in high-tech co-operative relationships in agribusiness
Financier Micro economic simulation with cellular automata
Financier Derivatives as a risk management tool in agricultural production chains
Financier Cloning and characterization of avirulence genes of the potato late blight pathogen Phytophthora infestans
Financier Insect parasitoids in multitrophic interactions
Financier Analysis of the effects of (sub)plant and crop-related differences due to cultivar, stage of growth and season in perennial ryegrass on production, quality, selection, intake characteristics, digestion pattern and N utilisation in grass fed and grazing dairy cattle
Financier Quality and production chains with emphasis on grassland systems
Financier Impact of habitual protein intake on the synthesis of acute phase proteins: metabolic and hormonal control of amino acid availability.
Financier Tree structure and development in relation to light and water
Financier Quality of SImulation MODelling Objectified 'QUASIMODO'.
Financier Communication as a policy instrument for inducing behavioural change
Secretariat Prevention of tears in radishes
Secretariat Literature study uniformity strawberry
Secretariat Consultancy: Detection local diseases and pests
Secretariat CERES Research School for Resource Studies for Development
Secretariat VLAG3 Graduate School
Secretariat WIMEK2 - Wageningen Institute of Environment and Climate Research
Secretariat EPS3 Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences
Secretariat VLAG2 Graduate SchoolFood Technology, Agrobiotechnology, Nutritionand Health Sciences
Secretariat El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) events as windows of opportunity for forest restoration in dry regions

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