Laboratory of Organic Chemistry


Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Protein immobilisation and positioning in microchannels
Collaboration Enzyme-based nanoscale multistep reactors; ACTS Process on a Chip
Collaboration Chemical and enzymatic process integration for the production of N-chemicals from cyanophycin
Collaboration Solvent impregnated resins (SIR's) for the recovery of low concentration polar organics (ethers & phenols) from water
Secretariat Organic chemical applications of enzymes and micro-organisms inaqueous systems
Secretariat Self Assembled Monolayers (SAMs) on copper
Secretariat Instrumentation / facilities
Secretariat Chemical modification of wear-resistant surfaces for photolithography
Secretariat Ammonia/carbon dioxide nanowire sensors for office and greenhouse applications.
Secretariat DESI-MS for the characterization of (bio)functionalised surfaces, foods and plants metabolomics
Secretariat Chemo-enzymatic synthesis of caprolactam using intermediates accumulated in potato.
Secretariat Applications of enzymatic pyrophosphate-driven selective phosphorylation and activation
Secretariat Isolation, characterisation and application of oxidative enzymes fromchicory roots
Secretariat Development of technologies to organize antibodies on surfaces.
Secretariat Development and hazard assessment of new food technology based nanoparticles.
Secretariat Functionalised silicon nanoparticles in multiplex diagnostic platforms.
Secretariat Ganglioside mimics to detect and deplete pathogenic antibodies in patients with immune-mediated neuropathy
Secretariat Patterning of covalently attached liquid crystals on silicon surfaces
Secretariat Intensified selective recovery of higly water soluble components from fermentation broths
Secretariat DeMiR project: Design of micro/milli-reactors for large scale processing.
Secretariat Engineering of structured oil shells with controlled permeability.
Secretariat Interfacial Forces between Biocompatible Surfaces and Proteins
Secretariat Multi-array HOSFET
Secretariat Conducting polymers on silicon
Secretariat Nanoscale patterning on silicon
Secretariat Inclusion of nanoparticles in watersoluble reversible coordination polymer networks
Secretariat Oligodiacetylenes for organic solar cells
Secretariat Highly selective oligosaccharide production through integration of enzymatic synthesis and peptide affinity under nonconventional process conditions
Secretariat Synthesis and photophysics of Si and Au nanoparticles
Secretariat Permanent pores in hollow polymeric particles
Secretariat Screening for and isolation, analysis and practical applications of antioxidative compounds in Lithuanian plants
Secretariat Chemoenzymatic synthesis of highly reactive epoxy-starch. A new building block for multifunctional starch derivatives and controlledrelease devices
Secretariat Microreactors
Secretariat Production Yield Analysis (PYA) in food processing
Secretariat Modified silicon nitride surfaces for food applications
Secretariat Isolation, analysis and evaluation of natural anti-oxidative compounds from Bulgarian Siderits spieces
Secretariat Isolation, identification and biological activity of grazing resistance promoting kairomones in the Scenedesmus (phytoplankton) -Daphnia (zooplankton) system.
Secretariat Nano Ned: FET's on Silicon
Secretariat Investigation of antioxidative compounds in some aromatic plants cultivated in Lithuania
Secretariat New living polymers in aqueous and in colloidal systems
Secretariat Identification of human volatiles as attractants for blood-feeding mosquitos (analytical chemistry).
Secretariat Highly sensitive sensing via functionalized covalently bound monolayers on silicon
Secretariat Fast electrooptical switching with banana-shaped liquid crystals
Secretariat Hydrogen-bond stabilized columnar liquid crystal phases
Secretariat Amorphous electron-accepting materials
Secretariat Functionalized polydiacetylenes
Secretariat Nitrogen heterocycles from aldehydes via biocatalytic cascades
Secretariat Sensitive sensing via carbohydrate-modified silicon arrays
Secretariat Fast electro-optical switching with banana-shaped liquid crystals (WPC.5325)
Secretariat Steroids out of Carvon.
Secretariat Solar cells with an ordened organic p-n junction.
Secretariat Carvon as chiral starting material in the synthesis of natural products (aromatics, pesticides and drugs)
Secretariat Molecular ordening in amphotropic systems; synthesis and characterization.

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