Nature Conservation and Plant Ecology Group


Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration ME-1 Integrated observations and modelling of greenhouse gas budgets at the ecosystem level in The Netherlands
Collaboration Novel and putative ascomycetous plant endophytes
Secretariat Effect of infrastructure on insect populations.
Secretariat Ecological optimization of dynamic coastal defence.
Secretariat Natuurbeleid tussen theorie en praktijk.
Secretariat Effects of cattle, horses and red deer on shrubs and trees with chemical and/or mechanical plant defences in wetlands and floodplains.
Secretariat Feedbacks of vegetation change to surface energy balance and seasonal thawing of permafrost
Secretariat Greenhouse gas emission and its spatial and temporal variability in Dutch fen meadows, influenced by water level manipulation.
Secretariat Albedo - Definitions, Uncertainties, and Sensitivities
Secretariat Model analysis of long-term effects of climate change on plant species composition and carbon sequestration in bogs
Secretariat Determinants of photosynthesis and soil respiration in Northern Botswana
Secretariat Botanical diversity in the coastal ecosystems of the south-west of the Netherlands
Secretariat Origin of soak systems on Irish raised bogs
Secretariat Systems of management and control in nature conservation
Secretariat Carbon balance estimates and resource management
Secretariat Forest Carbon - Nitrogen Trajectories
Secretariat Podzolization under Kauri (Agathis austails): for better or worse?
Secretariat Predicting succession on a national scale
Secretariat Vegetation dynamics and nature management in lichen-rich coastal and inland sand dunes (Violo- and Spergulo-Corynephoretum)
Secretariat Expansion of thermophylic neophytes in grassland communities under climate change
Secretariat Effects of Climate change and N deposition on competition and carbon sequestration in bog ecosystems
Secretariat The effects of ecological roadside management on fauna
Secretariat The effect of hydrology and temperature on the competition between Sphagnum species in Raised Bogs
Secretariat The spatial scale at which agri-environment schemes are effective in protecting or restoring farmland biodiversity
Secretariat Plant uptake of organic nitrogen in heathland ecosystems
Secretariat Grassland plant species diversity as affected by the introduction of belowground organisms: implications for plant competition
Secretariat Establishment and extinction: the dynamics of local plant populations in a regional perspective
Secretariat Influence of landscape elements on dispersal of marshland songbirds
Secretariat The importance of plant communities in road-verges as habitats for insects.

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