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Completed research

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Collaboration Root mortality Buxus II
Collaboration sustainable approach fungus diseases
Collaboration Energy saving and cultivation length shortening spathiphyllum
Collaboration Red spider mite control
Collaboration Geo hydrology on groundwater removal
Collaboration Het Nieuwe Telen bell pepper
Collaboration Schoon en middelenvrij
Collaboration Integrated management thrips
Collaboration Network "Farming with future"
Collaboration Biovar
Collaboration Grazing
Collaboration Farming for Nature
Collaboration Specially organic
Collaboration Biofruits+, farmers network in apple and pear production
Collaboration Cultivation and Market Introduction of new organic vegetable crops
Collaboration Knowledge transfer blue services
Collaboration Swamp filter can more
Collaboration Environmental hallmark French beans and red cabbage in a "Noord Brabantse" chain
Collaboration Uproot quality celeriac
Collaboration Agricultural groundwater management 2005
Collaboration Entrepreneurs with guts
Collaboration Biokas (network for organic growers, researchers and advisors)
Collaboration The effect of glasshouse climate on the occurrence of Botrytis cinerea in Gerbera flowers
Collaboration Blue services
Collaboration The Taste of Tomorrow; part Fruit
Collaboration BO-07-005 System innovation integrated farming systems in open cultivations
Collaboration Growersnetwork dealing with crop specific application rates for minerals
Collaboration Product quality in the organic fruit supply chain
Collaboration Biofruits+, farmers network in apple and pear production
Collaboration Finalisation farmersnetwork for organic flowerbuld production
Collaboration Supporting claims that organic hardy nursery stock products have an additional value over conventional products
Collaboration Information network for the organic mushroom industry
Collaboration Practical network organic vegetables in greenhouses
Collaboration Management of nematodes and other soil-borne pathogens in organic cultures of greenhouse flowers
Collaboration Emission free organic cycle greenhouse
Collaboration Functional Agro Biodiversity: 'Healthy crops in a biologically rich and divers environment'
Collaboration Bio tree cultivation - innovation and transformation to organic tree cultivation
Collaboration Index figures in the organic layer breeding
Collaboration Grass/clover in practice
Collaboration Systematic and the handling with crop protection
Collaboration Resilient water management pays!
Collaboration Experiment with higher summer levels in the Friesian peat meadow areas
Collaboration Exploration feasibility diamond glass
Collaboration Socio-technical network rose / energy
Collaboration Practice network organic fruit cultivation
Collaboration Stimulate organic agriculture in Zeeland (province)
Collaboration Supply chain development in organic agriculture
Collaboration Cross-border organic farming
Collaboration Organic agriculture: innovation and transition 2002-2005 (BIOM 2002-2005)
Collaboration Bioveem II (organic dairy farming and management)
Collaboration Expert system development for cultivation in greenhouse soil
Collaboration Precursor farms; Cultivate with perspectives
Collaboration Integrated outdoor cropping systems 'Meterik'; Cultivate with perspectives
Collaboration Integrated arable farming systems 'Vredepeel'; Cultivate with perspectives
Collaboration BIOKAS
Commissioner Together sustainable enterprising
Commissioner Bioveem 2001-2005
Commissioner The chain approach of organic poultry farming
Commissioner Organic greenhouse
Commissioner Fertilizing organic leek during cultivation
Commissioner Stimulating sale organic tree cultivation
Commissioner Organic, you taste it, you expire it
Secretariat Consultancy: Soil isolation in Chrysanthemum
Secretariat Client driven variety research onions
Secretariat Consultancy: Fertilisation christmas trees
Secretariat effective spraying without emissions, phase 1
Secretariat Powdery mildew control in roses in Africa
Secretariat Snails
Secretariat Consultancy: Quality improvement cutting by pulsed radio frequency
Secretariat Consultancy: Root quality in poinsettia
Secretariat Vein Discoloration on howea fosteriana
Secretariat Botrytis approach flowering potplants
Secretariat Plant resistance in Hydrangea
Secretariat Decision Support Systems for Sclerotina
Secretariat Consultancy: Exploratory study carrot aphid
Secretariat Goed door grond
Secretariat TopModel4All
Secretariat Treatment pruning wounds
Secretariat Optimalization root function glasshouse vegetables
Secretariat Consultancy: Stomata opgenings in development
Secretariat Het Nieuwe Telen chrysanthemum
Secretariat Het Nieuwe Telen tulip
Secretariat Consultancy: Influence climate on plant temperature
Secretariat Leaf apexes resolved !
Secretariat Sustainable cultivation of hydrangea
Secretariat Recover the cause of curled leaf on tagets
Secretariat Consultancy: Climbing frame screen
Secretariat Galland soldier control and other weeds
Secretariat Research on cause failure in zantedeschia
Secretariat Air washing Gelderse Vallei/Utrecht Oost area
Secretariat Leaf blight bell pepper, follow-up
Secretariat Preliminary study development stage growing points
Secretariat Mortality braeburn
Secretariat Cultivation control spathiphyllum, follow-up
Secretariat Small leaf on potplants
Secretariat Sensorsymposium
Secretariat Additives chrysanthemum
Secretariat Integrated crop management amaryllis
Secretariat Effects of Clean Light on bell pepper
Secretariat Consultancy: Quarantaine organisms
Secretariat Inventory: Inventory macrolophus
Secretariat Consultancy: Hemerocallis gall midge
Secretariat Consultancy: Leaf edges prunus laurocerasus
Secretariat Labour saving in strawberry
Secretariat Consultancy: Bio products against aphids in bell pepper
Secretariat Cultivation possibilities mini kiwi in The Netherlands
Secretariat Relation C and N and the effects on growth of orchids
Secretariat Compact plants by integrated growth regulation, Phase 2
Secretariat Sprouting induction Cambria and Miltonia
Secretariat Development botrytis monitor rose
Secretariat Follow-up optimisation root function rose
Secretariat Darkening on chrysanthemum
Secretariat Follow-up handling Foxglove aphid
Secretariat Consultancy: Reduction inhibiting substances
Secretariat Effectivity leaf nematode control
Secretariat Consultancy: Leaf fall in prunus laueocerasus
Secretariat Integrated control of nematodes
Secretariat Residu content apple and pear
Secretariat UVc against pathogen fungi
Secretariat Wilddamage control
Secretariat residue management in head cabbage
Secretariat Working within crop protection agents
Secretariat Prevention and control thicken stem- en roots on saintpaulia
Secretariat Collng application on growth en development of rose
Secretariat Application control light in potplant cultivation
Secretariat Cultivation control strawberry according the airc-greenhouse principle
Secretariat Optimalization liquid supply under growing mushrooms
Secretariat Research on watersupply hydrangea
Secretariat Mucor in strawberry
Secretariat Monitoring conditioned rose cultivation
Secretariat Air heating rose
Secretariat Quantification of performance of cultivation mats
Secretariat Understanding and optimalisation of the root function on greenhouse vegetables
Secretariat Influence application darkening scheme short day - cooling on gerbera
Secretariat Growsense II
Secretariat Effective application techniquesmTrees
Secretariat CO2 effect in cultivation of Medinilla
Secretariat Effect of phosphate reduction on other (major elements) on annual flowers
Secretariat consultancy: Prevention residue norm exceeding
Secretariat Consultancy: Collecting residue data strawberry
Secretariat Consultancy: Thicken stems- and roots
Secretariat Consultancy: Falling out on Zantedeschia
Secretariat Consultancy: Residue data blanched selery
Secretariat Consultancy: Residue data in endive
Secretariat Fungus control with UV
Secretariat Fungus diseases control with UV irradiation
Secretariat Actionplan nematode control
Secretariat 40 kg bell pepper
Secretariat Integrated management in tub- and terrace plants
Secretariat Planttype and labour in strawberry
Secretariat Consultancy: N-measurement techniques on strawberry cultivation
Secretariat Perception methods echinothrips
Secretariat Plant sensors & modeling glass strawberry
Secretariat Consultancy: Residuegegevens aardbei onder glas
Secretariat Prevention of falling-out by knot rot storage phase hydrangea
Secretariat Energy checklist
Secretariat Direct aeration
Secretariat Smart control
Secretariat Effective application techniques
Secretariat Chinese Minimum Herbicide Dose
Secretariat Pure water in the Bommelerwaard area
Secretariat Nematode index
Secretariat Functional agrobiodiversity in the Hoekse Waard area
Secretariat FAB/RIGO
Secretariat Functional agrobiodiversity in the province of Flevoland
Secretariat Agro biodiversity and sustainable soil management in the province of Limburg
Secretariat Flevolandse doperwten gecertificeerd voor duurzaam telen achter het glas
Secretariat Organic network agv
Secretariat Coalition for sustainable vegetables
Secretariat Precision crop protection
Secretariat Alternative crop protection with UVc-light
Secretariat Vane closed
Secretariat Optimum cultivation with minerals
Secretariat Demo energy bulbs
Secretariat Practical reports crop protection
Secretariat Damage oak stocks
Secretariat Pratylenchus vulnus, Rootlesion nematode
Secretariat Cockchafer grub
Secretariat Growth control climbing plants
Secretariat Fusarium in cutting
Secretariat Sustainable approach fungus diseases
Secretariat Root mortality conifers
Secretariat Brown discoloration oculations
Secretariat Prevention and control of redbay ambrosia beetle in yucca
Secretariat Prevention leaf-, flower-, bud fall
Secretariat Improving cultivation methode tub-plants
Secretariat Expansion crop measurements Makes Sense, GrowSense
Secretariat Temperature integration systematic cultivation begonia
Secretariat Poinsettia cultivation on low energy use
Secretariat Spiders greenhouse horticulture
Secretariat Semi-closed cropping systems in rose
Secretariat Plant sensors and modelling optimization management chrysanthemum
Secretariat Optimization application additives on hydrangea
Secretariat Optimization assimilation ilumination on ficus
Secretariat Cause and approach thicken stem- en roots on saintpaulia
Secretariat Research on control of sprouting and growth helleborus
Secretariat Research on Aulacorthum solani
Secretariat Research on effects/economic feasibility carbondioxide in palm cultivation
Secretariat Reduction inhibting substances hydrangea
Secretariat Long term effect application darkening screen on gerbera
Secretariat Quantifying performance cultivation mats
Secretariat Influence additives effectivity pointsettia
Secretariat Influence day-length and illumination on annual flowerings
Secretariat Growth control ilex verticilla
Secretariat Phosphate buffer annual summer flowers
Secretariat Emelts in summer-flowers
Secretariat Economic feasibility of illumination on ficus
Secretariat Sustainable production tub plants
Secretariat Consultancy research influence circumstances cultivation and delivery container plants
Secretariat Consultancy influence irrigation material on N and P uptake potplants
Secretariat Consultancy inventory flower edges cyclames
Secretariat Compact plants by integrated growth regulation
Secretariat Botrytis in gerbera
Secretariat Flowering control spathiphyllum
Secretariat Leaf sharpen on dianthus
Secretariat Fusarium foetens control in begonia
Secretariat Duponchelia fovealis control
Secretariat Illumination research alstroemeria
Secretariat Illumination possibilities on annual flowerings
Secretariat Approach bottleneck Giant African Millipede control in palms
Secretariat Web manure processing rules
Secretariat Sustainable pear cultivation in West Brabant
Secretariat Weed control in transition

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