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Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration 100% organic manure
Collaboration Organic Dairy Goat production
Collaboration Manure application in spring time on clay soils when growing winter wheat
Collaboration Utilization of urine nitrogen on late grazing
Collaboration Closing nutrient cycles in Salland
Collaboration Short chains broiler keeping (phase 1)
Collaboration To make organic beef more valueable by chain cooperation
Collaboration Precision cultivation and defenite riding tracks in the organic agriculture
Collaboration Scenario-studies Inter-sectorial co-operation: Rape
Collaboration Scenario-studies Inter-sectorial co-operation: Inspiring practical examples
Collaboration Scenario-studies Inter-sectorial co-operation: Consequences
Collaboration Scenario-studies Inter-sectorial co-operation: Non-organic inputs (future)
Collaboration Traceability
Collaboration Improvement risk control
Collaboration Innovation nature, landscape and water directed farms
Collaboration Assessment safety organic pigmeat
Collaboration White engine on green fuel
Collaboration Operation 'De Marke'
Collaboration Reduction of the administrative burden on new Ministry of Agriculture, Nature conservation and Fisheries legislation
Collaboration Entrepreneurship and developments related to the revisited GLB
Collaboration Entrepreneurs in motion
Collaboration Entrepreneuring in networks: case animal
Collaboration Prenatal stress in pigs
Collaboration Environmental- welfare friendly high tech pig-sty
Collaboration Towards a greater water persistent ability of Dutch sandy soils, content and organization of transition
Collaboration Low-cost emission-monitoring
Collaboration Measurement methods: Spearheads for future research
Collaboration Clustering emission-lacking systems for RAV
Collaboration Optimum manure management on pig farms, for reduction of gaseous emissions by management and technique
Collaboration BO-03-423 Co-financing AKK-projects
Collaboration BO-01-417 Changing watermanagement
Collaboration Sustainable fertilization of grass-clover swords on sandy soils of Aver Heino
Collaboration Prioritising of natural behaviour on layers
Collaboration Genetic variability of grass/clover mixtures
Collaboration Quantitication of the effects of tears of grassland on de Nitrogen- and Phosphate processes
Collaboration Managing and optimizing grass-clover mixtures
Collaboration Manure quality, animal and plant production, soil quality and mineral losses
Collaboration Functional biodiversity
Collaboration Care agriculture
Collaboration Accessibility agricultural culture landscape
Collaboration Nature broad, network practical farms agricultural nature conservation
Collaboration Nature, landscape and water on practical centres and test farms
Collaboration BO-07-400-V Multifunctional farming systems
Collaboration Platform labour organic cultivations
Collaboration Topsoil + Precision cultivation in organic arable farming
Collaboration BO-05-398-I Developing management instruments aimed at diminishing mineral releases in agriculture
Commissioner Bioveem 2001-2005
Financier Mineral project environmental co-operatives VEL and VANLA
Secretariat Facilitating farmers in organic agriculture through subsidy based government arrangements
Secretariat Opportunities for sustainable regional bio-ethanol production in the North Eastern part in the Netherlands
Secretariat RIO Porktunities: Reflexive (re)design of an integrally sustainable pig production system
Secretariat Dairy sector Ethiopia
Secretariat Reduction of emissions in the manure chain
Secretariat Knowledge questions in Knowledge exchange and communication in sustainable agriculture
Secretariat Facilitating animal husbandry networks
Secretariat Traceability system cattle and meat
Secretariat Welfare on Circus animals
Secretariat Desirability and possibilities for breeding polled cattle
Secretariat Towards a more natural birth process in extremely muscled beef cattle
Secretariat The development of a welfare monitoring system for heifer calves
Secretariat Welfare-Comfort Class Stal
Secretariat Group housing of sows during early gestation
Secretariat Reducing tail docking in the pig industry
Secretariat Animal Welfare
Secretariat Assistance in preparing a strategic plan to improve welfare of horses in the Netherlands.
Secretariat Adaptive capacity of farm animals to environmental conditions inpractice
Secretariat Transport of animals
Secretariat Support to international animal welfare policies
Secretariat The development of expertise on training in the context of monitoringanimal welfare
Secretariat The contribution of food products from animal origin to human Toxoplasma infections. Knowledge needs
Secretariat Van der Hoeve pigs
Secretariat EconWelfare: Good animal welfare in a socio-economic context: Project to promote insights in the impact for the animal, the production chain and society of upgrading animal welfare standards
Secretariat Institutional control and dosage
Secretariat Animal health and copper and zinc dosage
Secretariat Contribution evaluation RAD
Secretariat VMBO and green (agricultural) knowledge
Secretariat Welfare windows; a new opportunity window on animal welfare governance.
Secretariat Decreasing foot pad lesions in broilers
Secretariat Fine-tuning of the implementation of the European broiler welfare directive
Secretariat Implementation of the broiler welfare monitor
Secretariat Dairy chain Malaysia
Secretariat Fly Control in Organic Pig Production Systems
Secretariat Environmental load from the outdoor run and pasture of organic sows.
Secretariat Process technology to improve protein digestibility of protein richfeed stuffs for piglets.
Secretariat Silages to replace compound diets in gestating sows.
Secretariat Developments around meat of non castrated male organic pigs
Secretariat Improving vitality of piglets by feeding strategy
Secretariat Cost price organic pullets and eggs
Secretariat Closing nutrient cycles in Overijssel
Secretariat Dairy chains Turkey
Secretariat Milk production on antibiotic free dairy farms
Secretariat Adaption methodology fine dust
Secretariat Update calculation method for fine dust emission from livestock houses
Secretariat Test of alternative for hydrochloric acid in brine baths
Secretariat Project BO-05-005-014 iPerspectives of new floors for dairy cattle with respect to ammonia and methane.Project BO-05-005-014 iiInventory of the perspective of urease inhibitorsProject BO-05-005-014 iiiEmission reduction in dairy houses: Environmental perspective on new floor systemsProject BO-05-005
Secretariat Measurements and studies of the ammonia emissions and other gaseous pollutants from potentially low-emission systems to facilitate implementation in practice
Secretariat Alternative measures for red, fine dust
Secretariat Reduction of emissions in the manure chain
Secretariat Self assessment for farmers, pilot study
Secretariat Animal husbandry networks, 4 year results and communication
Secretariat Excretion management
Secretariat Dairy farming and economy
Secretariat Koeien & Kansen subproject communication
Secretariat Advisory dairy farms
Secretariat Animal health and dust
Secretariat Towards ComfortClass husbandry for gestating sows
Secretariat Koeien & Kansen, subproject project organisation and scientific coordination
Secretariat Increasing economic results of dairy production by using individual real time process data
Secretariat SABRE Genomics : Sustainability
Secretariat Manure treatment
Secretariat Home grown protein sources
Secretariat Alternative measures to reduce fine dust emission from animal houses.
Secretariat Moulting techniques for organic farming
Secretariat Validation 100% organic feed with local feed substances on commercial farms
Secretariat Effect of crude fibre and methionine content in feed on performance, slaughter yield and external quality of organic broilers
Secretariat Communication Pigs 2008
Secretariat Not yet allocated budget
Secretariat Cost price organic broilers
Secretariat Chinese pork chain
Secretariat Smell pollution and -distribution
Secretariat Reflexive design & effective reformism
Secretariat Anchoring of system innovative projects
Secretariat Farmers Ethics
Secretariat Biomarkers for high quality healthy pork produced in optimized porkchains
Secretariat Chances and constraints of diversity in multiregime collaboration in technological development
Secretariat Fine dust emission from livestock production
Secretariat Support to FAO and Asian region, preparing country reports and the global report 'State of the World's animal genetic resources' and 'Global Action Plan'
Secretariat Group housing of rabbits
Secretariat Housing systems broiler breeders
Secretariat Development welfare monitor finsishing pigs
Secretariat Communication and knowledge transfer
Secretariat Tears of grassland: experimental
Secretariat Farm economical perspectives of organic animal husbandry
Secretariat Knowledge transfer organic animal husbandry
Secretariat Biovar
Secretariat Technical aspects organic dairy farming (Aver Heino)
Secretariat Reduction of the administrative burden for the primary entrepreneur
Secretariat Design, building, filling project database
Secretariat Alternative strategies to improve animal health on organic dairy farms
Secretariat Food safety poultry chain
Secretariat Impact of extreme water logging on agriculture: grassland
Secretariat Harmonization of methods for calculation of national ammonia emissions
Secretariat Development and international harmonisation of measuring protocolsfor emissions from animal houses of ammonia, odour and dust
Secretariat Loss norms for phosphate on grassland under practical condition: consequences for mangement and environment
Secretariat Risk assessment of antibiotics and coccodiostatic use
Secretariat The future of intensive livestock farming
Secretariat Inventory horse management in the Netherlands
Secretariat Risks of inundation for dairy production
Secretariat Corporate Social Responsibility: meaning for effective government of feed safety
Secretariat Beyond feed conversion
Secretariat Keeping poultry indoors
Secretariat Knowledge transfer manure processing
Secretariat Development, evaluation and application of a model to reduce methane emission as a result of enteric fermentation in the gastrointestinal tract of dairy cows.
Secretariat Measurements on Spruyt
Secretariat Analysis of results of regional ammonia emission research in anational perspective
Secretariat International knowledge circulation
Secretariat Inventory risks from abroad
Secretariat Risk assessment in the animal feed stufs chain
Secretariat Campylobacter on site test (2005)
Secretariat Control of Salmonella Java in the poultry farming (2005)
Secretariat Research growth tick population in nature areas
Secretariat Chain oriented monitoring- and surveillance development
Secretariat Implementation of new diagnostic technologies in food safety chains
Secretariat Legal demands of sampling methods
Secretariat Quality Pork Chains
Secretariat Towards a more natural birth process in extremely muscled beef cattlebreeds
Secretariat Report feather pecking in laying hens
Secretariat Voeding van varkens met een hoge gezondheidsstatus
Secretariat New alternative for castration with the help of proteomics
Secretariat Prediction of feather-pecking and robustness with neuro-physiological parameters
Secretariat Enhancement of the European position
Secretariat Towards a good life for commercial pigs
Secretariat Landscape development at farm-level - meadowbird management
Secretariat KB-08-005 Integral analysis animal health and animal welfare
Secretariat Cannibalism on layers
Secretariat Feed and water quality on dairy farms
Secretariat AGRO BIOGAS
Secretariat Infrastructure exchange Processinformation in the chain
Secretariat Study club Ruinerwold Koekange
Secretariat Status 10
Secretariat Opti Cow Result
Secretariat Strict forward
Secretariat Antibiotics free dairy farming
Secretariat Private nature management Reiderswolde
Secretariat Sustainable market litter manure duck farming
Secretariat Transition transparant
Secretariat Techniques for far-reaching emssion reduction
Secretariat Far reaching reduction 2nd phase
Secretariat Strategic building
Secretariat Developing space for pig farms
Secretariat Perfect saw claw
Secretariat Gericht antibioticumgebruik in de varkenshouderij
Secretariat Result investments rabbit breeding
Secretariat Statistical Genomics
Secretariat Biological airfilter for air quality control of life support systems in manned spacecraft and other closed environments (ESA-Project)
Secretariat Management of the research theme
Secretariat Alternatives for interventions on poultry
Secretariat Claw health in dairy cattle
Secretariat Enrichment for farrowing sows
Secretariat Information exchange on pig housing and management to prevent tailbiting
Secretariat Management of the research theme Animal Welfare
Secretariat New methods for detection of boartaint in slaughterhouses andbreeding programmes
Secretariat Monitoring and evaluation of "Waardewerken"
Secretariat Comparing genomics animal - human
Secretariat Development of tools for monitoring, management and optimisation of co-digestion
Secretariat SIM Biobased Economy
Secretariat Umbrella animal feed stuf
Secretariat Bio based economy: effects on animal nutrition
Secretariat Automatic monitoring of broiler welfare parameters using video imaging
Secretariat SALDO (Structural Reduction of Administrative Burdens by Turning about Information processes in the Chain) and the connection with information
Secretariat Juridische eisen m.b.t. analyse- en bemonsteringsmethoden gebruikt inhet opsporingsonderzoek van diervoeders en diervoedergrondstoffen 2006
Secretariat To declare freedom of infection with regard to FMD and CS:diagnostics, sampling and communication
Secretariat Status and trends in crop and livestock diversity
Secretariat Protection against FMD by lama antibodies
Secretariat Inter-sectorial co-operation: Communication
Secretariat Packing green services
Secretariat Scenario-studies Inter-sectorial co-operation: Non-organic inputs (monogastrics)
Secretariat Grazing gait dairy cattle, black - white images
Secretariat Expansion dairy farming, an economical sustainable concept?
Secretariat BO-07-003 Transition dairy farming
Secretariat BO-07-004 Transition Animal husbandry
Secretariat Risk estimation alternative production manner and other styles of keeping pigs
Secretariat Study group Weststellingwerf
Secretariat Sustaiable watermanagement on farm level
Secretariat Volob
Secretariat Dairy cattle study group Tomorrow
Secretariat Study group Silvolde and environs
Secretariat Reduction Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae on pig farms
Secretariat Practically-oriented Information Dairy Farms (PIM) Study group
Secretariat Joint venture Oosterwolde
Secretariat Study group Oudenbosch and environs
Secretariat Mixed foodstuffs group Koudum
Secretariat Dairy farm as front (Cows and opportunities)
Secretariat Embedding natural grass on dairy farms
Secretariat High efficiency for a low excretion
Secretariat Happy cow and study group Oudenbosch and envrons
Secretariat Group housing sows with feed station on straw
Secretariat Group housing sows with feed station on concrete grid
Secretariat Group housing sows in stable groups
Secretariat Hold on the cycle
Secretariat Mixed ahead
Secretariat Study groups "Kuinre and environs" and "Geesteren"
Secretariat Cooperation Ecolana Holwerd
Secretariat Sustainable Koudum
Secretariat Study group Drouwenermond
Secretariat Study group animal health
Secretariat Bio fermentation
Secretariat Expert farms Province of Drenthe
Secretariat Labour productivity (cows & opportunities)
Secretariat Knowledge network multi-functional agriculture
Secretariat Knowledge country Flevoland
Secretariat Farmers and the Framework directive Water (KRW)
Secretariat Effects loss-making norms on soil phosphate
Secretariat Loss-making norms and environment
Secretariat Organic-pig - quality, service and logistic optimization
Secretariat Management plan Salmonella for the pork production chains
Secretariat Implementation layer concepts
Secretariat Organic broilers
Secretariat Organisation and management outlet organic layinghen farms
Secretariat Coherence physical- and psychological load
Secretariat Effects robot milking
Secretariat Deliberations and criteria for sustainable management in dairy farms
Secretariat Robot milking and grazing gait
Secretariat Robot milking and milk quality
Secretariat Effects of extreme water situations on the agricultural production
Secretariat Support to FAO and Asian region, preparing country reports and the global report 'State of the World's animal genetic resources' and 'Global Action Plan'
Secretariat DK-DLO-PO: 09 Sustainable dairy farming strategies
Secretariat Practical studies human-animal interactions
Secretariat Pathogens in farmdairy products
Secretariat DK-DLO-PO: 14 Welfare, animal health and food safety of products sold on-farm in sustainable and socially accepted animal husbandry systems
Secretariat Regional cooperation
Secretariat Animal health organic pigs
Secretariat Beef production
Secretariat Natural grass in dairy cattle ration
Secretariat Nature, landscape and water directed agricultural farm in practice
Secretariat BO-04-PO-34 Developing sustainable animal husbandry systems on biological farms
Secretariat BO-07-PO- 08 Sustainable poultry farming
Secretariat Soil parameters
Secretariat Reduction greenhouse gasses
Secretariat Grass/clover usage
Secretariat Economic evaluation
Secretariat Certification systems
Secretariat Integrated housing systems minks
Secretariat Integrated housing systems rabbits
Secretariat Integrated housing systems ducks
Secretariat Dairy cattle feeding
Secretariat Integrated housing system broiler breeders
Secretariat Integrated housing systems broilers
Secretariat Integrated housing systems laying hens
Secretariat Crop rotation
Secretariat Aver Heino biological II

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