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Completed research

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Collaboration Responsibility of Hybrid Public-Private Bodies Under International Law: A Case Study of Global Health Public-Private Partnerships
Collaboration The transfer of sovereign powers to international organizations from a constitutional point of view
Collaboration An Institutional and Normative Analysis of the World Trade Organization
Collaboration The institutional veil in public international law: international organizations and the law of treaties
Collaboration The application of the Rewe/Comet rule in national laws of (administrative) procedure
Collaboration Justice and National Socialism crimes, collection German penal judgments for National Socialistic crimes 1945-...
Collaboration Decisions of International Organizations in the European and domestic legal orders of selected EU Member States
Secretariat Translating Guilt: Identifying Leadership Liability for Mass Atrocity Crimes
Secretariat State immunity and cultural objects on loan
Secretariat The Impact of the ECHR on Private International Law: An Analysis of Strasbourg and Selected National Case Law
Secretariat Challenges and Opportunities for Judicial Protection of Human Rights against Decisions of the United Nations Security Council
Secretariat The Role of Law in Armed Conflict and Peace Operations
Secretariat International Criminal Justice
Secretariat The International Rule of Law
Secretariat The emerging international constitutional order: the implications of hierarchy in international law for the coherence and legitimacy of international decision-making
Secretariat Just War and Human Rights: The Philosophy and Law of HumanitarianIntervention
Secretariat Mutual ratification of criminal decisions in the preliminary investigation
Secretariat The Responsibility of States in International Law for Wrongful Conduct of Parastatal and Private Organizations Exercising Governmental Functions
Secretariat Regulation of the international economy
Secretariat Foundations and basic concepts of international responsibility
Secretariat Jurisdictional conflicts in European and international tax law.
Secretariat Interactions between legal systems in the settlement of disputes
Secretariat Interactions between constitutional orders
Secretariat Diversity of legal systems and global order
Secretariat The internationalisation of national courts
Secretariat The role of national courts in reviewing Security Council resolutions
Secretariat National courts as international courts
Secretariat General Principles of Law in the Decisions of International Criminal Courts and Tribunals
Secretariat The emergence of international constitutional law
Secretariat Theoretical perspectives on the divide between international law and national law
Secretariat Terrorism and the Military: Legal Aspects of the Role of the Armed Forces in Fighting Terrorism
Secretariat The Interplay Between National and International Law in Investor-State Arbitration
Secretariat The symbiosis between public international law and national law
Secretariat Direct effect of international criminal law
Secretariat The principle of complementarity in the Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court and its implications for national implementation and enforcement of international criminal law
Secretariat The concurrence between individual responsibility and state responsibility
Secretariat Direct Effect, consistent interpretation and state liebility; the relationship between the mechanismes for enforcing European Community law

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