Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging


Afgesloten onderzoek

(het meest recente onderzoek is bovenaan geplaatst)
Samenwerking BrainGain
Samenwerking De cognitieve basis van Joint Action in Science and Technology (JAST)
Samenwerking Contextueel geheugen en binding
Penvoerder Neuronal communication in the synchronized brain. Investigating the functional role of visually-induced gamma-band activity
Penvoerder Flexible control and training of posterior alpha-band oscillations
Penvoerder Linking structure to function in the primate medial temporal lobe
Penvoerder Cortical oscillatory activity during memory formation
Penvoerder The nature of effective neuronal communication: How selective attention determines neuronal interactions to shape our perceptual skills.
Penvoerder De werking van ruimtelijke oriƫntatie
Penvoerder How our brains attend to what we want
Penvoerder Novel methodologies for functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging incorporating multiple refocusing pulses and parallel data acquisition
Penvoerder Synchronization between primary and secondary somatosensory areas during a working memory task studied by magnetoencephalography
Penvoerder The development of phonological and orthographic information processing in relation to reading in children with cerebral palsy with no or little functional speech: a neural perspective.
Penvoerder Predicting Alzheimer's disease: Is compensatory mnemonic activity related to the risk to develop dementia
Penvoerder Memory consolidation and reconsolidation in humans: the role of the amygdala and stress hormones on emotional memories
Penvoerder Cognitieve modulatie van neuronale dynamieken bij menselijke actie controle
Penvoerder Perturbations of gait and balance: A new experimental set-up applied to patients with CMT type 1a
Penvoerder On the relation between oscillatory EEG activity and the BOLD signal
Penvoerder Integrering van gedistribueerde hersenprocessen
Penvoerder Neurale dynamieken van bewegings representaties
Penvoerder Corticale plasticiteit in de representatie van taal bij het brein van volwassenen
Penvoerder Taalverwerking in het autistische brein
Penvoerder The influence of ongoing oscillatory brain activity on evoked responses and behaviour
Penvoerder De zinsopbouw en het verloop van het gesprek
Penvoerder Neural reflections of meaning in gesture, language and action
Penvoerder The binding problem for language: oscillatory neuronal dynamics during language comprehension

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