Tilburg center for Cognition and Communication


Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration PoliticalMashup
Collaboration DutchSemCor : Dutch corpus tagged with the word senses from the Cornetto database
Collaboration Multidimensional Dialogue Modelling
Collaboration Recommender Systems for Social Bookmarking
Collaboration POSEIDON Protecting Information in Systems of Systems
Collaboration DAESO: Detecting And Exploiting Semantic Overlap
Collaboration Mining for Information in Texts from the Cultural Heritage - MITCH
Secretariat Digital analyses of discourse quality
Secretariat The production of referring expressions
Secretariat Prosodic markers of information status
Secretariat Verbal and Nonverbal cues for depression in Adolescents
Secretariat Structure and chaos in social interaction
Secretariat Alignment and task-performance
Secretariat Impact of diagram design on learning
Secretariat TTNWW: TST Tools voor het Nederlands als Webservices in een Workflow
Secretariat SoNaR: STEVIN Dutch Reference Corpus
Secretariat Quantifying Individual Player Differences
Secretariat Text-to-text generation by monolingual machine translation
Secretariat Statistical language models for alternative sequence selection
Secretariat AMICUS: Automated motif discovery in cultural heritage and scientific communication texts
Secretariat HITIME: Historical Timeline Mining and Extraction
Secretariat Exploring Infant Engagement, Language Socialization and Vocabulary Development: A Study of Rural and Urban Communities in Mozambique
Secretariat OpenBoek: Text Mining of Archaeological reports
Secretariat EPIFASA: Empirical Foundations and Applications of Semantic Annotation
Secretariat Making sense
Secretariat Use and effect of ICT-tools in language learning environments
Secretariat Vocabulary development in early first and second language proficiency
Secretariat Making representations work
Secretariat Multimodal information presentation for low literate audiences
Secretariat Persuasive effects of stylistic choices in document design
Secretariat Cognitive processing and representation of hyperlinked documents
Secretariat Language and interaction in institutional discourse
Secretariat Developing a Measure of Interethnic Rejection and Discrimination
Secretariat Social Interaction: Motives and Threats
Secretariat Motivational aspects of online consumer behavior and effective Web design
Secretariat Individual differences in crisis communications perception
Secretariat Decision Making in Strategic Interaction
Secretariat Crosslinguistic and cross-speaker comparisons of prosodic marking
Secretariat Fun & Face: Exploring non-verbal expressions of emotions during playful interactions
Secretariat Functions of audiovisual prosody
Secretariat The texture of discourse
Secretariat Linguistic adaptation in dialogue
Secretariat Literary autonomy according to Discourse theory
Secretariat Vague borderlines and fuzzy edges
Secretariat The role of connectives in processing causal relations
Secretariat Visual Metaphor, a psycholinguistic Perspective
Secretariat Bridging the gap between psycholinguistics and computational linguistics: The case of referring expressions

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