Prof.dr. M.L.J. Karskens

Prof.dr. M.L.J. Karskens

Expertise The idea of "a stranger"; Multiculturalism; Philosophy of difference and political theory, esp. conflict theory and concepts of civil society; History of the present; Michel Foucault
Expertise (NL) Recente Franse wijsbegeerte i.h.b. Michel Foucault; Theorieën over "het vreemde" en "de vreemdeling"; Multiculturalisme; Differentie-filosofie en politieke begripsvorming i.v.m. conflict, civil society, staat en overheid en openbaarheid
Digital Author ID info:eu-repo/dai/nl/072133724
ISNI ISNI 0000 0000 6119 4583
Addition Emeritus per 31-5-2010

Active as

Professor emeritus
Organisation Faculty of Arts (RU)
Chair (EN) Philosophy of history
Chair (NL) Filosofie van de geschiedenis
Phone +31-24-3612948
Email mkarskens -at- phil. ru. nl
Professor emeritus
Organisation Department of Practical Philosophy (RU)
Chair (EN) Social and Political Philosophy
Chair (NL) Sociale en politieke wijsbegeerte
Phone +31-24-3612948
Email mkarskens -at- phil. ru. nl


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