Prof.dr. R.A. Bernards

Prof.dr. R.A. Bernards

Expertise Cell cycle; Cancer; Oncogenes; Tumorsuppressor; Genes RNA interference
Expertise (NL) Celcylus; Kanker; Oncogenen; Tumorsuppressor; Genen RNA interferentie
Digital Author ID info:eu-repo/dai/nl/070416990
ISNI ISNI 0000 0003 9277 6801
KNAW member Science Division
Addition Akademiehoogleraar (KNAW)
Head, division of molecular carcinogenesis, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam
Grants/prizes NWO - Spinozapremie 2005

Active as

Programme leader / Group leader
Organisation The Netherlands Cancer Institute
Chair (EN) Molecular carcinogenesis
Chair (NL) Moleculaire carcinogenese
Phone +31-20-5121952
Email r. bernards -at- nki. nl
Part-time professor
Organisation Department of Molecular Cancer Research (UU)
Chair (EN) Molecular carcinogenesis
Chair (NL) Moleculaire Carcinogenese
Email r. bernards -at- nki. nl


Current research

Completed research projects


D21400 Genetics
D23120 Oncology

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