Prof.dr. L.E.M. Vet Person

Prof.dr. L.E.M. Vet

Expertise Ecology; Evolutionary ecology of multitrophic interactions; Behavioural ecology; Chemical ecology; Entomology; Sustainability; Ecogenomics
Expertise (NL) Ecologie; Evolutionaire ecologie van multitrofe interacties; Gedragsecologie; Chemische ecologie; Entomologie; Duurzaamheid; Ecogenomica
Digital Author ID info:eu-repo/dai/nl/070030812
KNAW member Science Division
Addition Directeur Nederlands Instituut voor Ecologie (NIOO-KNAW)
Lid gebiedsbestuur ALW-NWO;
Lid Biologische Raad KNAW

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Active as

Extraordinary professor
Organisation Laboratory of Entomology (WUR)
Chair (EN) Evolutionary ecology
Chair (NL) Evolutionaire ecologie
Phone +31-294-239312
Email l. vet -at- nioo. knaw. nl
Organisation Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW) (KNAW)
Email l. vet -at- nioo. knaw. nl


Enhanced publications

Current research

Completed research projects


A90000 Fundamental research
D21300 Biochemistry
D21700 Physiology
D22400 Ecology
D22600 Zoology

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