Prof.dr. H.V. Westerhoff

Prof.dr. H.V. Westerhoff

Expertise Physical chemical and organisational principles underlying life at the level between molecules and cells; Quantitative biochemistry and cell biology; Metabolic and hierarchical control analysis; Cellular and integrative bioinformatics
Expertise (NL) Fysisch-chemische en organisatie principes die ten grondslag liggen aan het leven op het niveau tussen moleculen en levende cellen; Wiskundig modelleren; Niet evenwichtsthermodynamica van levensprocessen; Kwantitatieve biochemie en celbiologie; Metabole en hiërarchische controle analyse; Cellulaire en integratieve bioinformatica
Digital Author ID info:eu-repo/dai/nl/069748586
ISNI ISNI 0000 0001 1609 0627

Active as

Part-time professor
Organisation Department of Molecular Cell Physiology (VU)
Chair (EN) Microbial Cell Physiology
Chair (NL) Microbiële celfysiologie
Phone +31-20-5987228
Email h. v. westerhoff -at- vu. nl
Part-time professor
Organisation Institute for Molecular Biological Sciences (VU)
Chair (EN) Molecular Cell Physiology
Chair (NL) Moleculaire Celfysiologie
Phone +31-20-5987230
Email hans. westerhoff -at- falw. vu. nl
Part-time professor
Organisation Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences - SILS (UvA)
Chair (EN) Synthetic Systems Biology
Chair (NL) Synthetische Systeembiologie
Phone +31-20-5255150
Email H. V. Westerhoff -at- uva. nl


Completed research projects


D21300 Biochemistry

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