Prof.dr. Th.A.H. Doreleijers

Prof.dr. Th.A.H. Doreleijers

Expertise Children and adolescents; Juvenile delinquents; Disruptive behavior in youth; Court ordered reports; Juvenile sexdelinquents; Neurobiological factors in agressive adolescents
Expertise (NL) Kinderen en adolescenten; Jeugdige delinquenten; Gedragsgestoorde jeugdigen; Rapportage pro justitia; Jeugdige zedendelinquenten; Neurobiologische factoren van agressie
Digital Author ID info:eu-repo/dai/nl/135063027
Addition Emeritus per 14 juli 2013

Active as

Professor emeritus
Organisation Department of Pediatrics (VU)
Chair (EN) Child and youth psychiatry
Chair (NL) Kinder- en jeugdpsychiatrie
Phone +31-20-6982131
Email t. doreleijers -at- debascule. com
Programme leader / Group leader
Organisation AMC/VUmc/de Bascule
Email t. doreleijers -at- debascule. com
Professor emeritus
Organisation Department of Criminology (UL)
Chair (EN) Forensic psychiatry
Chair (NL) Forensische psychiatrie
Email t. a. h. doreleijers -at- law. leidenuniv. nl
Professor emeritus
Organisation EMGO Institute for Health & Care Research (EMGO+) (VU)


Current research

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