Prof.dr. P.J. van den Elsen

Expertise Transcription regulation; Antigen presentation; T cell development; Molecular biology; Major histocompatibility complex (MHC)
Expertise (NL) Transcriptie regulatie; Antigen presentatie; T cel ontwikkeling; Moleculaire biologie; Major histocompatibility complex (MHC)

Active as

Organisation Department of Pathology (VU)
Chair (EN) Experimental pathology, in particular molecular immuno-pathology
Chair (NL) Experimentele pathologie, in het bijzonder de moleculaire immunopathologie
Phone +31-20-4442898
Email pj. vdelsen -at- vumc. nl
Associate professor
Organisation Department of Immunohematology and Blood Transfusion (UL)
Chair (EN) Molecular biology of antigen presentation and T cell development
Chair (NL) Moleculaire biologie van antigen presentatie en T cel ontwikkeling
Phone +31-71-5263831
Email p. j. van_den_elsen -at- lumc. nl

Completed research projects


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