Prof.dr. Th.J. ten Cate

Expertise Development of undergraduate and postgraduate medical curricula; Learning processes; Training in medical problem solving and clinical reasoning; competency-based medical education
Expertise (NL) Vormgeving en ontwikkeling van het medisch onderwijs en opleiding; Curriculumontwikkeling; Leerprocessen; Onderwijs medisch probleemoplossen; competentiegericht medisch onderwijs
Digital Author ID info:eu-repo/dai/nl/068931204
Addition Adjunct professor of medicine, University of California San Francisco

Active as

Organisation Division of Education (UU)
Chair (EN) Medical Education
Chair (NL) Medische Onderwijskunde
Phone +31-88-7557010
Email t. j. tencate -at- umcutrecht. nl


Current research

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Supervisor The role of feedback in clinical education

Completed research projects


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