Prof.dr. M.G.M. Olde Rikkert

Prof.dr. M.G.M. Olde Rikkert

Expertise Dehydration; Fluid balance; Nutritional interventions; Research ethics; Research methods; Feeding problems in the elderly; Education in Geriatrics; Health services research in geriatrics; Elderly people
Expertise (NL) Dehydratie; Vochtbalans; Voedingsinterventies; Onderzoeksethiek; Onderzoeksmethoden; Voedingsproblemen bij ouderen; Onderwijs in de geriatrie; Gezondheidsdiensten in de geriatrie; Ouderen
Digital Author ID info:eu-repo/dai/nl/167212737
ISNI ISNI 0000 0000 7347 4179
Addition Chair working group of science and education of Dutch Geriatric Society; Member of working group on Health Services Research in Geriatrics of British Geriatrics Society

Active as

Organisation Donders Centre for Neuroscience (RU)
Chair (EN) Geriatrics
Chair (NL) Geriatrie
Phone +31-24-3616772
Email marcel. olderikkert -at- radboudumc. nl
Organisation Department of Geriatrics (RU)
Chair (EN) Research and development in geriatrics
Chair (NL) Onderzoek en ontwikkeling geriatrie
Phone +31-24-3616778
Email marcel. olderikkert -at- radboudumc. nl
Organisation Radboud Alzheimer Centre
Email marcel. olderikkert -at- radboudumc. nl


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