Dr. W. Sluiter

Expertise Experimental animal research (rat, mouse); Isolation and culture of primary cells (leukocytes, endothelial cells, smooth muscle cells); Cytokine assays; Detection and signal transduction of cell adhesion receptor molecules; Photodynamic therapy (tumors, bloodvessels)
Expertise (NL) Proefdieronderzoek (rat, muis); Isolatie en kweek van primaire cellen (leukocyten, endotheel, gladde spiercellen); Detectie van cytokinen; Detectie en signaaltransductie van cel adhesie receptoren; Fotodynamische therapie (tumoren, bloedvaten)
Digital Author ID info:eu-repo/dai/nl/298681706

Active as

Assistant professor
Organisation Department of Biochemistry (EUR)
Chair (EN) Pathophysiology of biomembranes; Biochemistry
Chair (NL) Pathofysiologie van biomembranen; Biochemie
Phone +31-10-4087331
Email w. sluiter -at- erasmusmc. nl


Completed research projects


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