Dr. A.H.P. America

Expertise Proteomics, Data Mining, Bioinformatics, Plant biotechnology, Protein expression analysis, Mass spectrometry
Expertise (NL) Proteomics, Data Mining, Bioinformatica, Plantenbiotechnologie, Eiwit expressie analyse, massa spectrometrie
Digital Author ID info:eu-repo/dai/nl/125023022
ISNI ISNI 0000 0003 9007 2042
Addition Publicaties uit WAY zijn beschikbaar via deze Link
Projectleider Proteomics Faciliteit

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Current research

Completed research projects

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Researcher EU-PEARLS
Researcher EU-PEARLS; EU-based Production and Exploitation of Alternative Rubber and Latex Sources
Project leader Quantitative proteomics
Project leader Protein complexes


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