KNAW L.F.M. Marcelis Person L.F.M. Marcelis

Expertise Plant physiology; Horticulture; Crop production; Plant products; Models; Crop monitoring; Greenhouse horticulture; Ecophysiology; Energy saving; Water management; Modeling; Greenhouse technology; Closed systems; Nutrients; Cropping systems
Expertise (NL) Plantenfysiologie; Tuinbouw; Gewasproductie; Plantaardige productie; Modellen; Gewasmonitoring; Glastuinbouw; Ecofysiologie; Energiebesparing; Waterbeheer; Modelleren; Kastechniek; Gesloten systemen; Voedingsstoffen; Teeltsystemen
Digital Author ID info:eu-repo/dai/nl/073657018
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Active as

Organisation Horticultural Supply Chains Group (WUR)
Chair (EN) Horticulture and plant-product physiology
Chair (NL) Horticulture and plant-product physiology


Current research

Completed research projects


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