Prof.dr. A.A. Koelmans Person

Prof.dr. A.A. Koelmans

Expertise Environmental chemistry, Water and sediment quality, Environmental toxicology, Sorption, Speciation
Expertise (NL) Milieuchemie, Water- en sedimentkwaliteit, Milieutoxicologie, Sorptie, Speciatie
Digital Author ID info:eu-repo/dai/nl/115652744
Addition Persoonlijk hoogleraar
Chairman of the Environmental Chemistry Section of the Royal Dutch Association of Chemistry (KNCV)
Vice-chairman of the Specialist Group on Contaminated Aquatic Sediments of The International Association of Water Quality (IAWQ)

Publicaties uit WAY zijn beschikbaar via deze link

Active as

Organisation Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management Group (WUR)
Chair (EN) Water- and Sediment Quality
Chair (NL) Water- en Sedimentkwaliteit
Phone +31-317-483201
Email Bart. Koelmans -at- wur. nl
Part-time professor
Organisation IMARES Wageningen UR (WUR)
Chair (EN) Water and Sediment Quality
Chair (NL) Water- en Sedimentkwaliteit
Email Bart. Koelmans -at- wur. nl


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