Prof.dr. A.J. Mooij

Prof.dr. A.J. Mooij

Expertise Multilevel educational research, education and ICT-development and pupil effects, monitor and intervention research
Expertise (NL) Multiniveau onderwijsonderzoek, onderwijs- en ICT-ontwikkeling en leerlingeffecten, monitor- en interventieresearch,
Addition Bijzonder hoogleraar vanwege het ITS (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen)

Active as

Organisation ITS (RU)
Phone +31-24-3653558
Email t. mooij -at- its. ru. nl
Extraordinary professor
Organisation Welten institute (OU)
Chair (EN) Educational Technology, in particular with respect to the influence of learning tasks on learning in primary and secondary education
Chair (NL) Onderwijstechnologie, i.h.b. de invloed van leertaken op leren in primair en secundair onderwijs
Phone +31-45-5762640
Email ton. mooij -at- ou. nl

Completed research projects


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