Prof.dr. M.H.P. Kole

Expertise Electrophysiology, subcellular membrane analysis, ion channels, axons, neuron-glia interactions, computational modelling, myelination
Expertise (NL) Elektrofysiologie, subcellulaire membraan analyse, ion kanalen, neuron-glia interacties, neuron computer modellen, myelinisatie

Active as

Programme leader / Group leader
Organisation Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience (KNAW)
Phone +31-20-5664594
Email m. kole -at- nin. knaw. nl
Extraordinary professor
Organisation Department of Cell Biology (UU)
Chair (NL) Biofysica van complexe cellulaire systemen
Email m. kole -at- nin. knaw. nl

Current research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Project leader Axonal Signalling

Completed research projects


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