Prof.dr. J.C. (Jaco) van de Pol

Prof.dr. J.C. (Jaco) van de Pol

Expertise Model checking; Informatics; Reliability analysis; communication protocols; computer science; Dependability; Embedded systems; Formal methods; Programming languages; Game Theory; Mathematical programming; Model-based performance-analysis; Real-time embedded control systems; Software engineering; System verification; Algorithmic Game Theory; Formal languages theory
Expertise (NL) Model checking; Informatica; Betrouwbaarheidsanalyse; Communicatieprotocollen; Computer Science; Dependability; Embedded systemen; Formele methoden; Programmeertalen; Game Theory; Mathematisch programmeren; Model-gebaseerde prestatie-analyse; Real-time embedded regelsystemen; Software engineering; Systeemverificatie; Algorithmic Game Theory; Formele talen theorie
Digital Author ID info:eu-repo/dai/nl/109716922

Active as

Organisation Chair Formal Methods and Tools (UT)
Chair (EN) Formal Methods and Tools
Chair (NL) Formal Methods and Tools
Phone +31-53-4893017
Email jaco. vandepol -at- utwente. nl


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