Prof.dr. J.D. Laman

Expertise Immunology; Autoimmunity; Mu;tiple sclerose (MS); EAE animal models; Mouse; Non-human primates; In situ analysis; Microbial infection; Peptidoglycan; Lymphoid organs; Costimulation
Expertise (NL) Immunologie; Autoimmuniteit; Multiple sclerose(MS); EAE diermodellen; Muis; Non-humane primaten; In situ analyse; Microbiele infectie; Peptodoglycaan; Lymfoide organen; Costimultie
Digital Author ID info:eu-repo/dai/nl/08959469X
Addition Bijzonder hoogleraar vanwege de Vereniging Trustfonds EUR, tevens uhd

Active as

Extraordinary professor
Organisation Department of Immunology (EUR)
Chair (EN) Immune regulation
Chair (NL) Immuunregulatie
Email j. laman -at- erasmusmc. nl


Completed research projects


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