KNAW M.A. Slingerland Person M.A. Slingerland

Expertise Africa, Agroecosystems, Animal Production Systems, Food Security, International Development Cooperation, Plant Production Systems, Indonesia, Brazil, smallholders
Expertise (NL) Afrika, Agro-ecosystemen, Dierlijke productiesystemen, Ontwikkelingssamenwerking, Plantaardige productiesystemen, Voedselzekerheid, Indonesië, Brazilië, kleine boeren
Digital Author ID info:eu-repo/dai/nl/314623035
Addition Participation in dissemination of research results through 10 local radio programmes in Burkina Faso Participation in TELEAC course 'De Groene Woestijn', broadcasted in spring 1999 and also full time available on internet Participation in radio programme 'Vroege Vogels', broadcasted in 1999.

Active as

Organisation Plant Production Systems Group (WUR)
Phone +31-317-483512
Email maja. slingerland -at- wur. nl


Current research

Completed research projects


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